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What do Lorenzo DeCima Mayor of Guaymas and Pena Nieto President of Mexico have in common? Incompetence and inability to lead comes to mind!

There are a few parallels between what is going on in Guaymas municipal government and what is going in the federal government in Mexico City. Even though Lorenzo DeCima is a PAN political hack he has a few things in common with Pena Nieto, Mexico’s worst president in modern history. Number one on the list is very low approval ratings, I have yet to find anyone in Guaymas that thinks Lorezno is doing a good job. Ask anyone on the street about Pena Nieto and there you will have it.  Now the other thing that is pissing a lot of people off, yours truly included, is that Lorenzo has a complete lack of respect for San Carlos. San Carlos is not even mentioned in the most recent state of the city report by Guaymas. We don’t exist in any other form except when it is time to pay property taxes! Now this is nothing new really since most all Mayors of Guaymas have disrespected San Carlos and it’s huge financial contributions to Guaymas in one form or another from refusing to fund development projects to an out right falsification of the San Carlos Comisiaria budget to funnel pesos directly into their pockets. At least the last mayor of Guaymas had the balls to actually come here and listen to what people said. I actually had a chance to be there and got a bit of video on that meeting and there was at least one person at the meeting that literally tried to crawl up the ass of then mayor Otto Claussen. Now I don’t think that meeting stopped Otto for one second from raping the Comisaría budget to help build his white house in Marina Vista but HEY, he did show up! Lorenzo is awol!

I endlessly think about San Carlos financials and in my desire to inform locals I am starting to frame my speech on San Carlos financials in a different manor but before I get to the soap box I think it important to reveal what one of my good friends and advisor to the Comite Pro Municipio 73, Victor Parra Maldonado divulged to us in a meeting last week that really put some things into perspective “for all of us who have been on the; San Carlos needs to be it’s own city/Municipio band wagon for a few years now.”

And you can believe that this info is now firmly rooted in my speech. It goes something like this, and just to be clear Mexico has 2440 municipios or municipalities divided between 31 states, according to Wikipedia, and it is important to note that San Carlos is technically a Comisaría which  translates to Police Station in Spanish. So yes we all live in a police station here in San Carlos. Point being that San Carlos is not it’s own city.

I got my hair cut at Maru’s the other day so I had a chance to give my speech while sitting on the throne, it goes something like this.

me: Hey did you know we don’t have a comisario at the moment. Sometimes people know this many times they do not. I think Maru didn’t know that and I explained that he came in the back door and out the back door he went!

recipient of my speech: No I didn’t know that.

me: Ya that means that the ultimate authority in San Carlos is now none other than the Comandante. Comandante in Spanish directly translates to fucking corrupt chief of police. (Donal Trump is the master of few words so after I say that I usually say something like) NOT GOOD  NOT GOOD!

me: Take a guess at how much money San Carlos pays to Guaymas each year via tax revenues, alcohol permits, ect…..100 million pesos a year minimum, yep that is right residents of San Carlos pay 100 million pesos a year in taxes to Guaymas and do you know how much San Carlos gets back from that?

recipient of my speech: No……..

me: We get back around 8.5 million pesos depending on how much money Guaymas steals from our budget. Now lets count to 10, that is easy right. In ten years San Carlos has paid $1,000,000,000 that is billion with a capital B mind you pesos to Guaymas. Now look around you and tell me if you see $1,000,000,000 pesos worth of investment in San Carlos? (At this point you can usually start to see a range of emotions in the eyes and or facial expressions of the speech recipient. I have seen rage, disgust, indignation, cynicism and anger, sometimes all at the same time)

Now what is new in my speech is what Victor uncovered just a couple of weeks ago while he was doing research on comisarías in Mexico. And this is truly interesting. San Carlos is the only comisaría in the whole country, yes in all 31 states and 2440 municipalities San Carlos is the ONLY Comisaría Touristica in the whole damn country!

San Carlos is the only comisaría in the whole country, yes in all 31 states and 2440 municipalities San Carlos is the ONLY Comisaría Touristica in the whole damn country!

Now I have yet to find out how many comisarías there are in Mexico but the fact that we are the only one that has a tourist designation means that we, San Carlos are the most important comisaría in the whole nation. What that also means is that ever other tourist designated area in Mexico is it’s own city. Which means they keep their taxes and they administrate their area with no meddling from other areas. In my speech on municipios I always include this little tid bit about the Valley of Orizaba down in the great and unfortunately very violent state of Vera Cruz. I have a good friend down there who lives in Orizaba, a town that is located at the base of North Americas third largest peak, a mountain well worth the climb! The valley is spectacular and is about 25 kilometers long. About the distance between San Carlos and Guaymas. Now get this, within these 25 kilometers there are 18 different municipios! That is hard to imagine really, from here to Guaymas you would travel through 18 distinct cities, each with it’s own police force, court house ect.

Which leads me to finally say what the hell is San Carlos waiting for. Then I get the standard reply from at least 50% of my speech recipients which is.

Guaymas will never allow San Carlos to be it’s own city!

My reply is simple when I am told that. Read Article 39 of the Mexican Constitution. It is enlightening. It states pretty much that any pueblo or small town can say fuck you to who ever is repressing them and change their form of government when ever they decide. It is an inalienable right. I have yet to have a speech recipient disagree with me.

Lorenzo DeCima and all the crooked city council members in Guaymas may not understand this yet but there is a perfect storm brewing in San Carlos and there is a call for a new comisiario. One who is choosen by the people of San Carlos for the people of San Carlos, a comisario who will represent the people of San Carlos and one who will actually have a reasonable budget proposal that aims to accomplish some modest improvements to the town. If these activists and the people of San Carlos get blown off yet again by Guaymas there might soon be a visit to the Governors office. Our Governor is PRI and Lorenzo is PAN.

It is not a far stretch to think that San Carlos, the most important Comisaría Touristica in the whole damn country might, just get a little more respect if it takes it’s case directly to the Governor. The Comite Pro Municipio 73 has a rather large file of all the things Guaymas is supposed to do legally for San Carlos yet refuses to do. The file grows each month and with each addition of information or abuse committed by Guaymas against San Carlos the legal justification for San Carlos becoming it’s own Municipio will become harder to deny.

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