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Otto Claussen Guaymas Mayor Speaks in San Carlos

Otto Claussen Guaymas Mayor Speaks in San Carlos

For perhaps the first time in the history of San Carlos a presiding mayor of Guaymas actually showed up to speak with local business men and women. Apparently the mayor showed up at the request of Mauricio Monreal, manager of the Marina Terra hotel and current president of the OCV, (Oficina de Convenciones y Visitantes). I put Mauricio in the video below since he clearly starts laughing when Catalina Ordaz gets the mic in her hands. The mayor came to San Carlos supposedly to hear complaints local business owners had in regards to issues such as semana santa and the recent controversy over certain signs that had been taken down by the city.

In the end this event was essentially a press conference to announce what was really the biggest news of the day and supposedly the real reason why so many business signs were cut down. It appears that San Carlos will finally be getting rid of all the electrical and phone posts. All of this stuff is going to go under ground. We are going to get real side walks on both sides of the main boulevard. That is what we are being told anyway and you can be assured we will continue to report on all of this.

Many people spoke. Many expressed their joy over the new lights as well as a more organized semana santa this year. The biggest difference was the outlawing of beer sales on the street as well as how Guaymas tried to regulate street vendors this year. Street vendors where told they could only sell on the beach not on the street. I actually witnessed a Guaymas official give vendors a lift to the beach in a wonderful and kind display of generosity. There is no doubt that this administration in Guaymas is far better than anything we have seen in years.

Several people took the opportunity to voice questions or concerns as the mayor listened on. There were many who spoke.

  1. Laura Garcia the manager of Solimar condos, up by the country club, expressed her concern over a construction project that in her opinion was blocking an arroyo and could cause a flooding problem this summer during the rainy season.
  2. Martin Ruelas of Evies Cafe wanted to know about the new blue signs all over town and why only some business’s got them and most did not.
  3. Silvia Espinosa brought up the subject of the faltering sewer system in Sector Bahia and how the residents of this sector pitched in 40,000 dollars to have it fixed and yet it is still leaking sewage into the bay. Which is a serious issue that we will be reporting on shortly.
  4. Blackie Alcantar from Blackies restaurant was in agreement that local signs that were to close to the road should have been removed but the way in which they were removed is what bothered him.
  5. Ramiro Paez, the president of the non profit corporation  Pro-conservación y Mantenimiento del Boulevard Escénico de San Carlos, the guy in charge of over seeing the maintenance of our wonderful boulevard in San Carlos, expressed his thanks to the mayor for help with the boulevard.

Last but not least we need to mention how Carmelita and Catalina Ordaz displayed the most gratuitous case of ASS KISSING to a politician that has ever been caught on tape. As the meeting began and Carmelita Ordaz decided it was time to sit down it seems many seats were available but those seats were in the back.  She made quite a big stink about that.  For some inexplicable  reason city officials invited her to sit in front.  You can clearly hear in the video below how she is invited to sit up front with city officials. That is simply amazing to me since the Ordaz family has been involved in possibly more law suits in this town than everyone else put together. Why would city officials invite her to sit up front? City officials can not be unaware of what the Ordaz family has done to the reputation of San Carlos.  In a crazed speech that made little sense she screamed into the microphone almost at the top of her lungs at the audience instructing all present how they had to respect the mayor. She also thanked the mayor for having a private meeting with her at his office in Guaymas.

At the beginning of the video below Catalina Ordaz can clearly be heard complaining about the mayor and was very upset that the mayor had put up a sign, pictured at right, informing the community that there was a meeting Otto signbut yet had just recently cut down many business signs. She claims this sign was just a public relations campaign for the mayor. Later on in the video when Catalina Ordaz had the microphone she has nothing but praise for Otto Claussen.  Thus watch closely  at the beginning of the video she is clearly disgusted with how the city treated San Carlos and clearly is disgusted with the Mayor and his team. As soon as she gets a hold of the microphone she miraculously turns into a happy supporter of the mayor.



Check out the video below it is in spanish and I have not bothered to put sub titles in it. But it does show you how incredibly insane the Ordaz sisters are and how in public the ass kissing that they give to local politicians for some reason gets returned. One can only imagine what the mayor truly thinks of these women. I think Otto is a good man and perhaps the best Mayor Guaymas has ever had. I have to admit that I have known Otto Claussen for well over 20 years now so I am not as objective as I perhaps should be.  I actually taught him how to scuba dive and I understand fully that in public he has to play nice to everyone. In private I suspect he shares the same views as myself and others who have seen first hand how the Ordaz’s have cheated and stolen over the years.  After one of the sisters rants City officials familiar with the family were overheard explaining to city officials unfamiliar with the family that this was pretty much standard behavior from the local Ordaz clan. They love to try to steal the show just like so many properties they have stolen over the years from unsuspecting gringos.



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