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    for weeks now republicans were reluctant to talk about anything but aca…afraid any distraction from the faulty website might help get democrats off the hook, it was 24 hour bash obamacares

    now that the site is up, and more glitches are being ironed out, a large number of people are starting to sign up and are just now discovering the savings and added coverage

    …time to change the subject, eh GOP?

    btw, exactly WHAT is being covered up? nobody seems to know …

    preparation H

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    The signup process is, and never was the problem with Obama Care. It is the end result. The stealing from those that have worked, labored and paid their way for years, only to have there efforts rewarded by the stealing and redistributed of their monies, to noncontributory, useless, individuals.



    don’t favor spending our tax money on overpriced, useless weaponry and hardware we don’t need and that makes ultra-wealthy arms producers wealthiER..year in and year out our largest budget expense, and the pentagon won’t allow audits….corporate welfare – is that the socialist redistribution you’re referring to?

    ….useless, uncontributory individuals? i resemble your remark 🙂 lol, but inevitably, the question jumps out at us: useless? by WHOSE standards? who gets to be the judge? …his almighty holiness, money?

    question: how would YOUR perfect society handle them? do you support medicare? social security? welfare? make it sound as if ALL people in need are sub human derelicts..silly dex, they’re veterans, senior citizens, kids, handicapped, all KINDS of good people….”there, but for the grace of god go i” …or you…quick solution, just classify them as “useless” …gawd, maybe we should just start lining up the cattle cars…tattoo a number on their arms, get the “special” shower rooms and ovens ready?

    this culture created the society we are in today…everything you see today is a reaction to something, didn’t just spring out of thin air ….and it took centuries, it’s not your or my fault but it is our problem and our kids’ problem

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    I believe in the concept of “a safety net”, not an across the board……Handout!
    I have no problem with the don’t haves, that can’t, I have a problem with the cans, that won’t!



    well there you go, dex…

    so you DO favor “redistributing of their monies”, you just want to qualify and quantify who said monies should go to…the don’t haves that can’t get insured, right? you’re fiscally responsible

    could not agree more, that’s why i’m amazed that you have no comment on wasteful spending and non-accountability by the dod…where the BIG “monies” are…

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