Zip Line Towers finally removed from Estero del Soldado: Dolphins soon to come to the dolphinarium

Workers installing Zip Line during inspection

You win some and you lose some here in San Carlos. You take three steps forward and then two back but you have at le

Scaffolding built on archaeological site
Scaffolding built on archaeological site

ast moved forward non the less. After years of controversy the zip line towers that were installed by the last state Governor, and one of the most corrupt in decades we might add, Guillermo Padres have finally been brought down once and for all. With the help of the CF

E, Comision Federal de Electicidad and their crane the towers came down with remarkable speed, gracias CFE!

Unfortunately the good news kind of ends right there in certain respects. Just down the coast a few kilometers the dolphinarium that has been closed for years is slated to open soon with new dolphins and right across from the

estuary anyone who has driven the road out there will know that there is a huge industrial construction site that has leveled a large swath of land for non other than a convention P1510705_6_7_8_9_fusedcenter. It is a convention center that will have a killer view of San Carlos and the estuary that is for sure.

There is another disturbing rumor about the estuary that we are currently looking into. A very good source tells me that someone from Guaymas has some how obtained a liquor license that would allow them to sell alcohol inside the estuary at one of the two palapas that was constructed inside the estuary by the last state administration. Ya I know it sounds bat shit crazy but that is what we have heard and we will be looking into that as time goes on.


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