WorldsAquarium is Raising funds for Marine Protected Area in San Carlos: Jim Brown 31 Sea Runner Trimaran Donated and for sale

WorldsAquarium is Raising funds for Marine Protected Area in San Carlos: Jim Brown 31 Sea Runner Trimaran Donated and for sale

Vela Lisa Sold

Vela Lisa has been sold for 8000 dollars!! Congratulations to the new owner

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The above image gallery are almost all interior pictures


Commercial fishing interest’s in Guaymas have pretty much had there way in the Sea of Cortes for the last 5 decades. It is time for that to come to an end. The tourism industry in San Carlos is certainly worth more money that the commercial fishing industry in Guaymas. Over the coming months WorldsAquarium will be putting together the necessary information to prove to the new governor of Sonora that the far more sustainable tourism industry in San Carlos desperately needs a marine protected area that is free from commercial fishing interests. There are still plenty of long time sport and commercial fisherman here who can tell you the stories of how incredibly alive and diverse the bay here in San Carlos, San Franciscito Bay once was. How back in the 50′, 60’s and 70’s you could catch an abundance of bill fish and or dorado without having to venture farther than Window Rock/Leon Echado.

Well I firmly believe it is time San Carlos flex its proverbial muscles on the issue of conservation in San Carlos. And I can tell you from experience that conservation is just conversation with out the funds to make things happen. So we are happy to announce that we have been donated a fantastic sail boat to sell to help fund the enormous amount of work that it will take to realize our dream of having an area set aside in San Carlos that will be free from commercial fishing. Just watch everyone’s property values go up after that happens! I will remind readers that the worlds most successful marine park, Cabo Pulmo,  located just a few hundred miles from San Carlos over in the Southern Baja. It is time the mainland and especially the state of Sonora realize how important a project like this would be for tourism.

Below are pictures of a Jim Brown Sea Runner 31 trimaran that is in excellent shape and with almost no work at all ready to be sailed into the sunset. Before this boat goes up for sale on Ebay and or Craig’s list I am going to offer readers of our blog and subscribers to our email the first shot at this great boat. Vela Lisa is currently sitting on it’s own custom trailer in the dry storage area of the Marina San Carlos. I am going to give locals till the end of the month to purchase this boat for the price of 9000 dollars. After that the price will go to 10,000 to buy now or perhaps even higher on an Ebay auction.

The boat has a 9.9 HP four-stroke Yamaha out board engine. Custom canvas over the center cockpit, a roller furling head sail, a full galley and head located in the bow. I only have exterior pictures for the moment but soon will upload pics of the interior of the boat and a fuller list of what is on the boat as well. The boat is tiller driven and I believe it does have a functioning auto pilot!

So want a great deal on a SailBoat and help fund a Marine Protected Area in San Carlos here is your chance. I am even going to throw in free sailing lessons, remember I am a sailing instructor, if someone purchases this boat by the end of the month!! How can you beat that!! Send me an email if you are interested,, or or give me a call on my cell phone, 622-126-0622.


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