Word on the Street is more dolphins are coming to the dolphinarium

Word on the Street is more dolphins are coming to the dolphinarium

The word on the street is that what I have called the Deadly Dolphinarium of San Carlos is set to reopen in a few months with more dolphins. It seem that the dolphins are most likely going to come from the recently closed down dolphin exhibit called Atlantis that used to operate in Mexico City. In June of last summer the federal agency PROFEPA finally decommissioned the aging and poorly maintained dolphin enclosure known as Atlantis in Mexico City. The building and structures of the area that was formerly known as Atlantis will be completely torn down and that area of Chapultepec will be reforested and brought back to a more natural state. I hope that this is a trend that continues in the world of marine park exploitation of marine mammals. The remaining dolphins that were located in Atlantis got shipped out to other enclosures in Guadalajara and Guanajuato. Here is a video report on that.


The laws in Mexico are now structured so that it is almost impossible to get a permit to collect dolphins from the wild and dolphins can not be imported or exported from Mexico. What that means is that the only dolphins that are bred in captivity can supply Mexico’s dolphin enclosure industry. Now we have reported extensively on what has gone on over at the dolphinarium of San Carlos so if you want to understand the very jaded history of that facility here then you certainly need to read our exclusive expose on the matter. I am not bragging when I say that we were the only media outlet to truthfully report what the state agency CEDES was going to do over there. The sad truth of the matter is that all of the local Guaymas and Hermosillo outlets were simply not allowed to print the truth of what happened out there. I was also lucky in the fact that since I have lived here for so many years I just happened to know a few of the key individuals who were involved with the dolphinarium and they were very happy to tell us at San Carlos TV the truth. Unfortunately no other journalists had the cajones to print what was really going on out there. And I implore everyone to start watching the media as the state gears up to re open this facility. I suspect you will not hear about the 40% mortality and I almost guarantee that no journalists, other than citizen journalists and or bloggers, will question the ability’s of the people in charge.

“No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin who inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marine lands can be considered normal.”

Cousteau really had it right when he uttered the above quote and with the recent revelations on Sea Worlds captive Orca program via the well produced documentary “Black Fish” the public should understand that when ever someone tells you that “putting a mammal in a marine park is a good thing so that we can educate the public” – well that is just a complete crock of shit. And this idea dolphin therapy actually being beneficial to children with disabilities. Well there is simply no scientific study that I am aware of that shows a dolphin is any better than a puppy in that respect. I am sorry but you can not justify the enslavement of a marine mammal under the guise of child therapy anymore. It don’t fly in this day and age.

If history be our guide expect more death out there at the dolphinarium and I for one will not be giving it any of my support, no benefit of the doubt, actually it will be to the contrary. Until the new staff can prove they are competent, I will simply assume that they are not. I just wonder if they will give us the chance to interview them on the subject?

Wouldn’t it just be better to make that facility into an Aquarium?


Below is the first video or report I ever did on the Deadly Dolphinarium of San Carlos back in 2010 when the facility was being professionally run by Alex Gomez Rubio with only two dolphins in the facility at that time. Alex’s company was the second company to take over the facility after the first company bailed when two of their dolphins died. My how time fly’s.

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