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Who nabbed Paco?

Who nabbed Paco?

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-10-16-48-amAs all of us locals know there are an awful lot of dog lovers in San Carlos. And as many of us also know dog napping is a harsh reality here. That is why I couldn’t let this one go and decided to write a brief story about Paco. On a Friday night, the 9th of December to be exact Paco was frightened by a rather large fire works display over in the Sector Creston. Not far from the new restaurant Chihuahua’s. As many dogs do during fireworks displays Paco bolted. His owners spent the better part of two and half days looking for him. All over San Carlos. They even spoke to a local police officer and gave him a description of Paco. The local cop mentioned that he had heard a guy in Santa Clara had a dog matching Paco’s description last seen in the back of his truck. So my wife Ines actually did a little digging and found the person the police officer was talking about in San Clara. He didn’t have Paco. He was a bit amazed that someone from San Carlos had even gone all the way to Santa Clara to hunt him down to ask. Dog lovers will all understand this, when a friends dog is missing there is little a real friend won’t do to hunt down a missing dog. There is no doubt that Paco ran away of his own free volition. Why it took so long to find him, two and a half days, and where he was found adds quite a bit of doubt as to what was really going on here.

Official dog-napping stats seem a bit hard to find but there are plenty of web sites out there that discuss the issue and how to prevent it. Dog-napping in the U.S. became against the law officially with the passage of The Animal Welfare Act of 1966. Prior to that a great majority of dog-napping cases seem to have been perpetuated by the medical research field. Apparently it is against the law in Mexico as well. Paco certainly wouldn’t be the first dog to be napped in San Carlos. Many will remember the case of Lucky, who was stolen from his owners car that was parked on the east side of the condominums Pilar over by the Estero El Soldado. Lucky’s owner spent a great deal of time and money to get the dog back. The people that had Lucky made a cool two grand on the deal,  no questions asked. I have to wonder if Paco was being held for a reward as well.

After two and half days of frantic searching, face book posts and hundreds of flyers Paco was found via a facebook tip off. Where he was found is what makes me think there was something nefarious going on. Paco was found in an non occupied house on a back street in Via’s de San Carlos. The house had a high fence around it. Paco could have never gotten into the yard of this house by himself. He had to be purposely put there. There was also no other way for him to get out unless someone unlocked the gate, or someone actually picked him up and handed him over to someone on the other side of the gate. That is actually how Paco got out. His owner had to jump the gate pick him up and hand him over to someone on the other side. Remember this house has no one living in it and the gate was locked. As of the printing of this article we don’t know the name of the owner of the house. It is rumored that the owner is a local cop. We are looking into who is the owner of the house on paper via the office of the Catastral in Guaymas.

I think it is pretty clear that who ever found Paco was interested in either stealing him or waiting for the posting of a reward. Was it the cops? Just for giggles I am gonna spend a little more time on this, but bottom line is watch your dog! It might not be a bad idea to invest in one of those GPS tracking collars. That is probably more cost effective and far less stressful than posting flyers all over town and of course in Facebook in hopes of finding him, and then possibly paying a “reward” that is really better called a ransom. Dog nappers are out there!



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