Update on Pepito the Sea Lion & How Many San Carlos residents would support a boycott of the soon to open Deliphinarium

Update on Pepito the Sea Lion & How Many San Carlos residents would support a boycott of the soon to open Deliphinarium

It was two weeks ago that Pepito the Sea Lion self released herself back into the wild. Read that sentence again because I used the pronoun her on purpose and it is time to let the public know that Pepito was really not a male. There was a really good reason to keep that little tidbit of information private and we will explain that shortly. Suffice to say that I want thank everyone who helped out Marisol and Alicia and Elsa the Veterinarian with all the donations. As you can see by the embedded video I posted below, Pepito was swimming very well on her own. Elsa and Alicia were preparing Pepito’s lunch when she simply jumped out of her pool, walked down to the beach and swam off into the deep blue Sea of Cortes. Good job Pepito and especially a good job by everyone who took the time out of their lives to help out.

Now for the broader subject of why no body wanted to level with the authorities on the true sex of the sea lion. And if you guessed that it has something to do with the deadly dolphinarium of San Carlos then you are right on the money. You see the dolphinarium is set to reopen pretty soon and if history be our guide it is highly likely that more dolphins are gonna die in that facility. Even though there have been no dolphins here for several years now there have been two male sea lions living at the facility. And of course the powers that be would just love to have a female added to the collection to round out the two poor male’s who live there. That is were Pepito would have come in. If CEDES, the state agency in charge of the place had found out that Pepito was really a Pepita then they might very well have tried to pressure PROFEPA into letting them have her for the dolphinarium. And that was simply not acceptable to those who really took up the slack and rehabilitated the animal. One good lie certainly deserves another and the white lie told by the biologists is pretty understandable when you have a good understanding of the culture of lies that has been cultivated by the state agency CEDES over the last few years in regards to the Estuary Zip Lines and then the fiasco of trying to steal wild dolphins from our population in the bay and enslave them in the deadly dolphinarium of San Carlos!

With all that we now know about this facility, it’s horrible record for taking care of dolphins as well as the release of the very informative documentary Blackfish on SeaWorlds captive Orca program,  coupled with the fact that there is little or no peer reviewed scientific studies that prove captive dolphins are a beneficial treatment for disabled children how can anyone in San Carlos possibly support this facility anymore. Lets not even talk  about how much money the state of Sonora is going to pay these “dolphin trainers” each month, which will run in the 10’s of thousands of dollars for sure. I could support an aquarium at that facility, but I simply can’t support the dolphin program nor any more sea lions either.

Could it be time for San Carlos residents to let the state know that we do not support this facility? Perhaps it is time for a small protest to let the new governor of Sonora realize that she is simply perpetuating the mistakes of her predecessors.

Here is a quick poll on the subject, what do you all think?

What should be done with the dolphinarium in San Carlos and should residents protest its reopening ?

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