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Update on Maria Ines Orozco Candidacy for Comisario

Update on Maria Ines Orozco Candidacy for Comisario

Ines, Liliana & Horacio being interviewed by media after delivery of paperwork to Guaymas


The city of Guaymas has refused to acknowledge the residents of San Carlos once again. This is of course absolutely nothing new. You can see the abandonment of San Carlos all over town, it is not hard to find if you should decide to look. From the garbage all over the streets and beaches that local residents clean up themselves to the unfinished side walk with huge holes in it (next to Thrifty Ice Cream), to the SBPA that has spayed and neutered almost 10,000 animals, to the endless pot holes on the road

David pictured left works for tips filling pot holes

to Loma del Mar. The Loma del Mar road is particularly interesting of late. A local unemployed almost entrepreneurial resident named David, originally from Chiapas, has decided to give himself a job. He has been working for tips and filling pot holes on the Loma del Mar road. Whether you like his work or not you have to admire his effort. He created a job for himself based on the absence of municipal responsibility. Just another fine example of local residents having to fill the shoes and pot holes of an almost completely absent government.

In the fall of 2016 local San Carlos residents began what can be called a grand experiment in Mexican civics. It has been around 23 years since San Carlos residents actually participated in the process of choosing someone to represent the Comisaria of San Carlos in Guaymas. By the 2nd of November Maria Ines Orozco announced her candidacy for Comisario of San Carlos. She spent a great deal of time

November 18th 2016 Office of the Mayor

fulfilling the requirements to be a legitimate candidate for the office. In the third week of November the paper work was delivered to the Palacio in Guaymas. Actually the paper work was delivered to three offices. The office of the mayor, the secretary to the mayor and the office of the city council. The city of Guaymas did not respond. They did not even have the common decency to respond to a native local raised in Guaymas since the age of three and who’s family have been respected residents for decades. I guess she and her family simply don’t have enough money to be paid attention to in the normal fashion. It is sad to report these facts but it is non the less necessary that residents of San Carlos understand that local politicians in Guaymas are so completely used to abusing the rights of citizens that they continue to shit all over their own constitution and deny even themselves what the Mexican constitution guaranteed them.

Click on image for PDF of document

So much blood lost over what is essentially an incredible document. My local friends have educated me greatly on the Mexican constitution. I have written a bit about this wonderful document. Especially the part on Article 39 of the Mexican Constitution. Article 39 states clearly that the power of the pueblo resides in the people and that the people can change their form of government anytime they wish to do so. On the second of November Maria Ines Orozco delivered a document to the city of Guaymas based on her inalienable right as a Mexican citizen. The document she delivered represented the blood and sacrifice of over one million Mexicans who died during the decade long battle of the Mexican Revolution. Out of all the officials from the city of Guaymas, the mayor Lorenzo DeCima, the secretary of the mayor Alan Jaramillo Perez and the entire 22 city councilman and women of Guaymas, not one official responded to the paper work that was delivered. This is how little Guaymas cares about San Carlos, the cash cow that just keeps on giving. Once again the city is in violation of the law but in a country where 95% of crime goes unsolved what is the difference? On the 9th of December (document pictured at left) a formal Denuncia was delivered to the office of “Organo de Control y Evaluacion Gubernamental” located at the palacio in Guaymas. On the 13th of December this same document was also delivered to the “Secretaria de La Contraloria General” in Hermosillo. Ines will eventually speak with Susana Corella, our local federal diputado in Guaymas. It is very likely she will also speak directly to the Governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich. This is a political issue and it is clear that the PAN mayor of Guaymas is in violation of the law. The PRI Governor of Sonora has jailed the last PAN Governor for massive money laundering of federal funds and thus she has established herself as one of  Mexico’s ultimate anti corruption governors. I don’t recall the exact amount of money Sonora ex PAN governor Guillermo Padres stole but it is surely in the 10’s of millions of dollars. It is certainly not unreasonable to believe that the current PRI government in Hermosillo will find it very interesting that a PAN mayor, with no past political experience, is denying citizens their constitutionally guaranteed right to self governance of great interest. Maria Ines belongs to no political party and this citizens movement has been completely apolitical up until now but that is gonna change. It seems inevitable that there will be a fight between the two strongest political parties in Mexico over this little bitty Comisaria called San Carlos.

Thus begins what will undoubtedly be a long legal battle that local residents have begun. One local activist is currently in Mexico City consulting constitutional lawyers and preparing the way for the legal battle that lies ahead. It is not hard to imagine that this case could end up in front of the Supreme Court of Mexico. It is fundamental in it’s simplicity regarding Article 39. As I mentioned before it has been decades since residents in San Carlos got politically active. What is clear to me is that this movement will not go away just because the political powers that reside in Guaymas refuse to acknowledge the rights of San Carlos residents. There is a core group of activists that will not let this go and that group is growing. It will take time but I believe eventually a judge will have no other choice but to rule in favor of local residents. If they should refuse that menas modern Mexican politicians from Guaymas continue to deny the blood shed of the revolution itself and what a decade of fighting was really for.

Here is a link to the to the interview Ines, Liliana and Juan Carlos gave to Mega Cable   on the 18th of November. It is interesting to note the questions that were asked of the group by the journalist conducting the interview. It was rather clear who this bullshit MegaCable news network bows down to. Guaymas media is perhaps the yellowest in the country. So many Mexicans from San Carlos and Guaymas have lost site over what their revolution really stood for. Some of them are slowly waking up.

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