Two more bodies found in San Carlos

Two more bodies found in San Carlos

The body count just keeps rising. Last Thursday around mid afternoon in San Carlos at an arroyo called el Baviso, the where about of this arroyo I am not exactly sure of, two bodies were found stripped of their clothing. The bodies and clothing had been burned and were found in two separate areas that were close in proximity to one another . All of these corpses turning up in San Carlos are starting to make a guy wonder. Why San Carlos? Is it just that they know the police here never patrol much out in the desert and it is safe and easy to simply dump the bodies here or could it be something more sinister than that? Could it be that the killers are simply lazy and dumping them close to home? Let’s face the reality. There are many narco houses in San Carlos and it is not a far stretch of the imagination to think that after a hard day of kidnapping, killing and disposing of bodies, sometimes the best place to hide is very close to home. It makes the daily commute from work to home less stressful. The two latest victims have yet to be identified but it is speculated that these two bodies belong to two of three young adults who were disappeared/kidnapped from Guaymas on the 10th of June.

From what one can gather, if one should decide to read about disappearances in Mexico, it might be considered strange that those who are charged with the local disposal of corpses have not resorted to the traditional means of disappearing someone from the face of the planet that have been used by other cartels in Mexico. Namely a 55 gallon drum and about 20 liters of diesel and a few matches. With that minimum amount of supplies and several hours a person simply vanishes from the planet.

Perhaps here in the area of San Carlos, Guaymas and Empalme it is not to terribly important that all traces of those who are kidnapped and murdered are completely disappeared. Perhaps the perpetrators of these crimes want the bodies to be found. Maybe it is a message to others that they need to keep in line. It is all speculation of course on my part. The only thing that seems for certain though is that there really does not seem to be no end in site to this. At the beginning of the drug wars in Mexico sleepy San Carlos seemed to be off the radar screen. Our area certainly is not off the radar anymore.

Back in November of 2013 we made a post to the blog titled; The Drug Cartels of Mexico: Where They Came From And Where Are They Going. The current PRI administration of Pena Nieto has not really seen any changes in drug policy to date. And in Response to that several auto-defensas have been set up in states such as Michoacan. These so called self defense units were established by local vigilantes who realized that the only way to give the people of the area true security was to do it themselves. There is a new documentary just out now that deals extensively with that subject called Cartel Land by german film maker Mathiew Heinemen. Hienemen gained unprecedented access to auto defensa groups in Michoacan and the film has received a lot of buzz!

Here is a link from IMDB to some of the more recent works on Mexico’s drug war.




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