Two Dead in Two Days in San Carlos

Two Dead in Two Days in San Carlos

Yesterday Paola Villavicencio Soto, the mother of a 6 year old daughter and waitress at Pancho Villas restaurant, was run down by atropellada-sc1Martiza Yolanda Astiazarán Piña. As far as the details go it was reported in El Portal de La Noticia that the driver who is only 17 years old was speeding. It was also reported that she was not detained but allowed to leave the scene of the crime with her parents. Considering she is the daughter of the owners of the San Carlos Plaza it is not hard to believe that she was not arrested because of her family’s last name. I can’t confirm any of this except that sad fact of a young woman who died around 5:15 yesterday afternoon. Now for the reality of why she is dead. San Carlos has a completely and absent police force that does nothing and I mean absolutely nothing about the tremendous number of vehicles that are speeding through town at any given moment, especially around that time. Last Sunday, right before the Benito Juarez Holiday the traffic in San Carlos was not unlike a typical Semana Santa Easter week, which as we all know is coming up soon. I watched traffic rage through San Carlos for hours that day and then into the night with absolutely no presence from local police to slow it down or write some tickets. Why don’t the police come out during the day when traffic is that bad and that obviously out of control. Well for one thing they don’t give a shit of that I am sure, no one is trying to make this town safer from accidents such as this and the other reason is economics. They the cops prefer to bust people at night when they can extort more money out of them. This is yet another fine example of why San Carlos should be it’s own Municipio and get rid of Guaymas. I have been here now 24 years watching this go on and on and on and nothing has changed and no one is going to do anything what so ever about traffic in San Carlos. When San Carlos is in control of its own image and it’s own resources then there might be a chance to make this town into something everyone can be proud of.


Estero Dead GuyThe second death is a great reminder of why you can not trust the Police to give you straight information on what is going on here. On Tuesday afternoon I was contacted by Ricardo Lopez, a journalist in Guaymas who informed me of the body that was found on the Condominos Pilar side of the Estuary Tuesday morning. Now get this story and see if you can believe it. The facts that have been reported are sketchy and a bit difficult to swallow. Here is what has been reported online via uniradionoticias. The article mentions that the person appears to be an elderly North American, a gun was found at the scene of the crime reportedly in his hands and get this, it appears to deadmanbe a suicide. The body was difficult to recover because of the muddy conditions. The last time Police told us someone had committed suicide it turned out they were murdered, does anyone remember Maria Jesus Coronado? The story of Maria Jesus is our lead story in the March edition of the paper and this suicide ruling sounds remarkably familiar. Lets see how long it takes for this suicide to turn into a homicide?

Here is another link to the story from Diario Del Yaqui.

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  1. The Astiazarán family does not own the San Carlos Hotel…The Astiazaran live next door to Debbie in V.C. GSC…So I know what I am saying…

    The rest of the story is that the girl that was killed was chasing the bus, just ran out across the road with out looking…

    Both girls were at fault for sure…One is not living and the other has to live with it…

  2. I spoke with the gas station attendants and they were of the opinion that the girl had gone across the street to the casa bonita to get change for the restaurant. What ever her motive was for crossing the street the reality remains that the police do not regularly enforce the speed limit here during those hours. At night it is a different story. Just last night I saw several cops out on the street busting people. Now when they do bust people they often take them directly to the ATM where they can pay their bribe and go about their business. This accident is a direct result of years and years of drivers knowing that they can willfully speed down the main boulevard at almost any time during the day and almost never get a ticket. It is time that speed bumps be put in strategic places all over town. Especially close to that intersection. People are allowed to build up speed from the Marina on that nice long straight away and then they have to negotiate that stupid glorieta. There should be a simple intersection with a four way stop sign but since they are not going to do that they need to put a big ass Tope in there and slow people down. Of course none of that will happen unless people in San Carlos start to demand it. I think it time people start demanding it.

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