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Transvista 2013 @ Soggy Peso

Transvista 2013 @ Soggy Peso

Transvista 2013

It has been going on for 10 years now and has raised a boat load of money for projects at La Manga. The parade started at Costa del Mar and then ended up for some drinking and debauchery at Soggy Peso and finished the night at Bonnafacios.

Scott chip
Scott started the event 10 years ago

I chatted with Scott last night and he gave me the skinny. I had actually never made it to one of these parties out there and hadn’t realized it has been ten years since they started raising dinero for the kids of La Manga. Scott believes they have raised around 40,000 dollars over the years. Not bad when you consider how it all started, which deserves some mention.


Scott told me that the idea came about while he was driving around Guaymas one day with some friends and saw a sign in front of a local bar downtown that mentioned there was a transvestite show the following evening. So the next day they showed up, in full costume, for the show but no transvestites showed up to perform so Scott and his friends picked up the slack.  I knew well the bar he was talking about. The name of the bar was called Charley Babies, it was located on the Malecon just past 21st street and sadly no longer exists. But they did indeed have a really great transvestite show there. The show was quite popular back in the day and I have to admit that Ines and I went on our first date to the famous transvestite show at Charley Babies.


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  1. Charly baby was a disco not a bar, and it is still on 25th. st. not 21st., and serdan(main) with a diferent name, now it´s Van Gogh, it´s a nice place, it has no longer the trasvestis show, they had great performances there.

  2. I stand corrected, your are totally right it really was a disco!! But I never went in there when it was a disco since I came from the time of “If you don’t Rock and Roll then Disco to hell”

    Thanks for the correction!!!!

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