Traffic Accident Fatality Thursday Night Just East of Fountain

A single vehicle traffic accident left one person dead around 11 p.m. last night. I happened to be driving by the scene of the accident around midnight. The accident occurred while the driver was traveling east and lost control of his vehicle just past the fountain and slammed into the mesquite tree. I have unconfirmed reports that the driver was at hammerheads bar prior to the accident and was a teacher at the Colegio Americano in Miramar.

This is second fatal traffic accident at this Glorieta in less than a year and the speed of the vehicle was certainly a contributing factor. Perhaps it is time for a speed bump over there to slow traffic down.

2 Responses to Traffic Accident Fatality Thursday Night Just East of Fountain

  1. Speed bumps only slow people down for a few seconds. It is time for the police to start doing their job and ticket the speeders and those who do not stop at stop signs. This is the number one problem in this town. People even speed past the police on the service road and they don’t even look up from their hot dog lunch. It is also time for the bars to start cutting people off when they appear to be over the limit. In Canada any establishment or personal party host can be sued if they allow someone to leave and drive if they have had too much to drink. I have personally witnessed people who were too drunk to drive, leaving local bars. I do not want to intervene, as some people who have had too much to drink get a little testy, if you suggest that they not drive. As there is limited taxi service here, we cannot even suggest that they take one. Bottom line is that the police need to step up and do their job. Not just extort money from the people they stop and check for drinking.

  2. Yep I agree that is the problem and since the police refuse to do their job what other alternative is there? The speed bump works because is slows people down at that very dangerous intersection, two dead in less than one year. I am sure there are contributing factors to this last accident but even if the person driving the car was drinking, everyone remembers to slow down for the damn Tope.

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