The Sidewalk they could still do it right but will they?

The Sidewalk they could still do it right but will they?

So after watching the sidewalk under construction for all these months now and then just recently watching the destruction of my parking lot over at Sonoran Sport Center and then  after discussing the repair of our parking lot with the sidewalk engineers and then with the refusal of the engineer to fix my parking lot; I reckon it is time to examine the work and to look a little bit closer at what they (the city with federal money that is) have done and why it is getting clearer to me that they are not going to finish the job on this round of funding, of that I am getting quite sure.

There is no doubt that the areas of the boulevard in San Carlos that did not have any building or development on it came out looking far nicer than before the project. The area from the Marina San Carlos glorieta to the country club for the most part looks pretty decent. But if you take a closer look at the side walk on the north side of the boulevard going west from the Extra towards the Pemex gas station a whole other story emerges. I am not going into detail here much since we are trying to set up some interviews for an in depth look on the sidewalk but clearly what has happened is this.

Sonoran Sport Center Parking Lot

The federal government has paid x amount of pesos for the upgrades to the boulevard. The dancing colored fountain, side walks etc. Remember when the city cut down all the signs in town that they said were violating their side walk space? Well when you look at the areas around San Carlos were the city has clearly decided not to put in a side walk the reasons start to become clear. It would cost them a lot of money to fix everyone’s drive ways and private property which would cut into the amount of money the city can or already has stolen from the project. Ezequiel (Cheques Hot Dogs) and myself are experiencing this first hand over at the Edificio Marosa. After the city tore up our respective areas and installed the side walk they just abandoned the damage they did to our private properties and expected to get away with it. I was told by local engineer Jorge Valenzuela that they would not repair the damage they did to our parking lot nor to Cheques hot dog stand/restaurant either.

Cheques Hot Dogs
Cheques Hot Dogs

What the city is clearly doing is to cutting corners on the sidewalk project. Finish as cheap as they can and then they would be able to keep the rest of the money that is let over for their own coffers through shady accounting practices. There is no doubt what so ever in my mind that is what is happening; just look at the pictures of all the places that did not get a side walk. In retrospect we over at the Edificio Marosa should have insisted they not touch our already completed areas which had no need for any upgrades what so ever. So there are still in many places on the north side of the road no real sidewalk and then on the south side of the road you actually get two sidewalks to choose from. Viva Mexico Cabrones!!

We are working on a more in depth story on the subject to be published at a later date! Hopefully we will be able to force the city to repair our destroyed parking lot and put a side walk in at all the businesses on the north side of the road. If they want to the town to look uniform then that is what they must do.

I can say this much, at least you can actually still park at our bike shop, if you have a four wheel drive vehicle that is!

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