The Road

Ok so here is a poll. There are only a few questions and what everyone needs to know is that the city did not put up matching funds dollar for dollar. The viva San Carlos thread is completely erroneous on this subject and I believe that is were much of the confusion comes from. The city put up labor and materials for this job and never intended to put in 200,000 thousand pesos of money into this road. They simply don’t have the money and never did. The viva board should never had inferred that matching monetary funds would have been put in by the city of Guaymas.


I understood from the beginning that this was a road repair project?

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I expected a new road not a repaired road?

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My expectations for the repaired road were met?

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What do you think of the new stop sign in San Carlos?

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29 Responses to The Road

  1. What is interesting is that from the beginning of the Viva Forum the first sentence in the first thread on the subject it is specifically called a road repair. Thanks to all who answered the questions!!

  2. If someone had told us about 2 months back that Guaymas had not given any money to the project what has been done was not a bad trick for the buck—–but that was not how it was presented to us, it was stated that Guaymas would match funds- so people expected more.
    It would have been a trick for even the trickiest of the politicians to have stolen a paso from that road job.

  3. Thanks for that comment Bob. It was presented to you guys that Guaymas would match funds but how was that presented? Via the Viva forum or did you actually go to the march 7th meeting at El Mar Restaurant over by the Posada?

  4. June 24th.

    How’s the report coming? Did you follow the money? Did you talk to Otto like you said you would?

  5. Otto has refused to be interviewed, The translator Rodolfo that was at the meeting has refused to be interviewed, Ariel has refused to be interviewed. The city council man who was at the meeting has refused to talk. The story is written and I will be publishing it shortly.

    Very interesting your choice of words, “like you said you would”. Are you for real Gadspy? Follow the money? How exactly are you going to “follow the money”? It was all done off the books as a hand shake deal, no money was deposited in anything, money was handed to you and then it was handed to Loma del Mar and then it was handed to the comisario. There you have it, the money was just followed. Or of course you could get of your ass and try to “follow the money”, oh what a second I just remembered, you don’t really do any work, you get people to do the work.

    Guaymas politicians do not give a rats ass about any of this and you got what you paid for a repaired road. If you were promised anything more than that then you got a broken promise.

  6. ?
    ?It seems as though the money trail stopped at the Comisario, You claim to be an investigative reporter. So when do your investigative powers show up? A good IR would get to the facts and work around those that refuse to be interviewed. Perhaps they have heard how you start with an opinion and then look for matching facts. Perhaps the Comisario has you more than a little intimidated? Interesting that the buck seems to end at the Comisario.

    I offered to be interviewed providing we taped it. You refused to interview me on the record. Interesting that the others are being uncooperative. Maybe they are afraid of the powers?

    We I didn’t expect much to begin with so it looks like I won’t be disappointed.

  7. Blah Blah Blah….. George. From the beginning of this I posted on the forum at that I would write an article on this not do an investigative report but there you go again, spinning things. That is in fact what I have done I wrote an article. It will be published in the OP/ED section of this web site. I spent plenty of time getting blown off by plenty of people who don’t want to talk about this. Maybe you should go to the press in Guaymas if you have such a hard on for the subject and the comisario and get a real journalist to work on this?

    And if you think the comisario has me intimidated you are a fool. If you had any idea of what my work has encompassed over the years you would actually know I have pissed off fare more powerful people than the comisario and I am in fact better connected politically than the comisario. He in no way shape or form could intimidate me and your pompous ignorance shins brightly in your last comment.

    And in regards to interviewing you.

    First off so people will have the facts and not your spin, you refused to be interviewed unless it was videotaped, by me, and then I had to produce a copy for you, so in fact it was you who refused to be interviewed. I spoke with many people on the phone who had no problem with a phone interview but obviously this was an easy way for you to get out of being interviewed by putting ridiculous restrictions on the format.

    Secondly you have already said plenty on the forum. Remember all you did was be a cheerleader on your forum. You didn’t have any real responsibility for any of this other than that. You convinced people to donate money, based on nothing more than a hand shake deal with the comisario. I guess you learned a lesson in Civics.


    The facts are Lost In your Pissin Contest!!!Two Rams Buttin Heads, ignorant that the rest of the World exists!!!GIVE US A BREAK,,, PLEASE!

    The Road Project was a Typical-“Screw the Gringo, or anyone for that matter, with money to be Conned out of”. Typical Mexican Business Deal!

    Sounds like Vince is not going to be able to find out anything except that a “Shit Job” was done and the money is all gone….Shit, I could have told you that!

    My Advice”””” Gringo, don’t bend over… A Mexican, right next to you, with a Hard-on is going to stick it to you!

    Mexican Culture is corrupt. From Top to Bottom. There is hardly an Honest breath drawn in Mexico.

    Gringos Beware!! The Natives Know!

  9. So, What Vince Sez….. “They said F You Gringo. You got what you paid for/DESERVE”!


    That is what I heard you say Vince/ between the lines?? Or was it Clearly said?

    SI O NO???

  10. I don’t believe I have lost my objectivity Jimmy but you can read the article when I publish it in a few days and decide for yourself. If GG and who ever else was involved thought that this whole project was totally corrupted and the money was stolen then they are completely free to go to the Authorities in Guaymas and file a denuncio and go to the press there.

    Now it is kind of disingenuous of you Jimmy to edit and post the comments from this section on the viva forum with out putting a link to here so that the people can read for themselves the exchange between my self and GG. Who by the way is in no way shape or form objective in his critic of myself.


  12. Jimmy, Vince is correct. Can’t lose what you don’t have. I have read and watched many of his reports and there is no sign of objectivity in any of them. What we will get is PAP and there will be no direct quotes in his report. The report will be full of “he said”… “he told me”… blah, blah, blah. I wouldn’t trust an interview with Vince without a video. Looks like no one else trusts his objectivity either. As to going to Guaymas it would be like pissing in the wind. The best we were hoping for was an objective and comprehensive report from our intrepid, self proclaimed, muck raking investigative reporter. I really hoped Vince would get it. Wonder why Otto refused to discuss it? Probably because he never heard of the road project? Wonder why the City Councilman refused to discuss it? Probably because he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. I guess this was just a little too difficult for Vince to crack.

  13. You are incorrect once again George there are quotes in this one and if you really wanted this cracked why don’t you crack it yourself? Why didn’t the city councilman want to talk. Probably because he doesn’t care. Doesn’t have to care.

    Now when I para phrase people in an article it is because they were not interviewed with a voice recorder. I have yet to have been sued for slander so that says quite a bit.

    There is really very little to crack here because of the piss pour job you all did in setting this thing up. I know the truth hurts but the realty is you cheer-leaded for a project that had no mechanism for transparency and now some how you spin this into how horrible and bad a job I have done to get to the bottom of your poorly planned project.

  14. Actually I now use a voice recorder on all interviews but when you are translating from Spanish to English it is usually far easier to para phrase someone than to do a direct translation and then a quote. The voice recorded interview is always archived no matter what. The fact that you don’t trust me Gadspy is actually a complement! LOL. As I recall you trusted me pretty good when I gave you the info regarding the guy who was impersonating you on my blog. Or have you forgotten that incident? Was I not truthful then? Did I not try to expose someone who was impersonating you? Do you remember what you said to me regarding that?

  15. ?
    ?A bit off the subject Vince but if your lead had panned out there would be one less hacker in San Carlos. At a minimum he would have had both hands in casts for six months. It’s been close to six years so I must confess I don’t remember your lead. If you want to refresh my memory please resend it via PM. I’d love to see it again.

    Glad to hear you have started recording your interviews. Although a paraphrase is hardly a direct quote. Too much work to translate?

    I am still waiting for my call.

    It’s no compliment that I don’t trust you. I am a very trusting person. That’s how we got into this pickle in the 1st place.

    I am probably one of the most trusting people in San Carlos. Much to my current chagrin.


  16. If my lead had panned out? Wow their you go again. I did you a real solid. Someone was impersonating you on my blog, i provide you with the I.P. and put you in touch with the hosting company yet again it was my lead that didn’t pan out. Well that really isn’t the full story or an accurate description of events.

    How convenient that you don’t remember, why don’t you search your emails and refresh your own memory, oh wait, I remember, you get other people to do that kind of work for you.

    I will never PM you again, trust is a two way road and I have none in you anymore and you won’t be getting a call from me in the near future. Any exchange I have with you will be public.

    In the end you could have pressured the company that had the info on your imposter. In the end it was you not me who didn’t take the info that was given to you and use it to your fullest extent. But again there is the Gadspy spin at work.

    You have removed threads when called by lawyers have you not? I know Bart removed the thread on Chad E. Willis the imposter that scammed a lot of cash from locals here after he was called by a lawyer. It was a cowardly thing to do, remove that post, but he removed it non the less. Didn’t you or Alex remove a thread about Chad E. Willis as well from the viva forum or was it just Bart?

    Oh ya that reminds me of a story about Chad E. Willis. I also once got a call from a lawyer representing Chad E. Willis. He threatened me with legal action if I did not remove the post on him. I told the lawyer he should begin legal action against me since I stood behind the video and post.

    Funny how I never heard back from the lawyer. How many scam artists and cancer quacks have you posted on here in San Carlos?

  17. ?Chad was come and gone before I started helping Alecs. I remember the story. I remember who he took for a lot of money but my memories are from being told about him. He was a nasty character. I don’t know what Alecs did if anything. Your lead went through several proxy servers now that you mention it and they are bound not to provide information. I don’t know if I went any further than to get to the proxy. I also think I remember having that conversation with you and the fact that you were much better on the computer than I. But we digress. When will your road story be published. I can’t wait to see what you got out of an hour and a half interview with the comisario.

  18. Wow you mean I actually got the story right on Chad? A nasty character who got exposed by one of my videos and posts.

  19. You insecurities are showing Vince.

    But back to the road.

    I would be happy to introduce you to the bird if you would like to interview him.

    As you know personal ID information is confidential on Viva as it is on Bart’s Board.

  20. George, You stepped in dog chit and you’re trackin’ it all over the house! As Vince stated.
    “There is really very little to crack here because of the piss pour job you all did in setting this thing up. I know the truth hurts but the realty is you cheer-leaded for a project that had no mechanism for transparency and now some how you spin this into how horrible and bad a job I have done to get to the bottom of your poorly planned project.”
    You got clipped George, Plain and Simple. Your future as a “community organizer” will be surely questioned based on your performance and of late, your incessant snivelling for accountability after the fact, when you yourself should have made proper preparations for the project prior to announcement and fundraising. In so many words, you went into this with eyes wide shut. Let it go George, you have your own forum. I like this venue that Vince has provided as I trust that I won’t have my IP blocked as has happened on another site

  21. You are correct and I have already admitted and apologized for the above. Now where did the money go? Last anyone knew it went into the hands of the comisario.

    Fool me once……….

  22. Wow you mean I actually got the story right on Chad? A nasty character who got exposed by one of my videos and posts.

    Unfortunately after the fact. 🙂

  23. Jimmy let me tell you something. I did not say fuck the gringos. Those are your words, please don’t start making posts like George. Just out of curiosity Jimmy do you know how many people are happy with the road repair? Do you have any idea?

    If this project was truly initiated by TheBird, who I think I actually know who that is by the way, and cheer-leaded by GG and they didn’t get what they were promised then those guys should be ashamed of themselves.

    Georges apology to the community makes absolutely no sense unless he was way more involved than he says he was. He said he was only involved in fund raising right? So what has he got to apologize for?

    I think it would be very interesting for all those who donated to weigh in on the subject of whether they are happy or not with the road. GG has all of their emails and contact info, why doesn’t he just ask them, the donors and find out the real numbers of those who think they were wronged and those who think they got what the paid for.

    It is always the complainers who make the most noise, those who are content with what they got are never heard from. Now look at the poll above. Only 32 votes out of all the donors. But it is telling that the expectations of the road repair were not met.

    So if it was really the TheBird who started this thing then he failed to put into the project even the most minimal of safe guards to make sure the donors got what they paid for. And come on, lets face it. When you hold the cash in this country you hold all the cards.

    This project could have easily had safe guards built into it. There were none. But I still honestly don’t know, and I don’t think anyone does, how many people out of all those who donated are happy with the repair. George certainly wants to paint it in such a manner that everyone hates the job that was done and everyone got screwed. That is his take on it.

    I can tell you that the biggest donor of the project thinks they got what they paid for and they will be quoted in the article.

    So no Jimmy, I don’t think all the gringos got fucked and that they deserved to be screwed. I do how ever clearly think some gringos were lazy and did a shitty job on what should have been a unifying project for the community, not a divisive project. But when I look at all the players (both nationalities) involved it is understandable why it has turned out this way.

  24. My last post seems to have mysteriously disappeared. I know Vince didn’t do it since he abhors censorship of any kind.

    Vince claims “George certainly wants to paint it in such a manner that everyone hates the job that was done and everyone got screwed. That is his take on it.”

    Hardly. Several people have expressed their dissatisfaction but have just shrugged it off saying it’s better than it was .. or .. it’s an improvement. Very few thought they got what they were told they were going to get and they do feel they were ripped off. But again they just shrug. Vince failed us. He failed to interview the principals. He failed to get from the people at the meeting what they heard at the meeting. He failed to interview the originator of the idea and he refuses to interview me.

    He followed the money all the way to the comisario’s pocket and then stopped. He was unable to even get the Mayor to comment on the promised 200,000 matching. He did not interview the contractor. He was unable to get a statement from the contractor / engineer.

    The only safeguards we had was a public meeting with the details laid out for 60 people. The only safeguard we had was the “Word” of the comisario.

    Fool me once shame on you. Never again.

    That goes both for the comisario and Vince.


  25. Lets see in your last post that I deleted from this site you accused me of taking a bribe from the comisario. Yep I deleted it!

    You are worse than a broken record Gadspy. I promised to write a story on this subject and I have. The rest of your B.S. spin is simply that. I failed you? I don’t recall making any promises to you or anyone else on anything but then again we have entered the Gadspy spin zone.

    By the way you had no safe guards for anything. If you would have recorded the public meeting or put something in writing…….

    Why don’t you quantify your claims of how many people are satisfied and how many aren’t?

    Why don’t you give us some direct quotes of the people who you have spoken with?

  26. Yep just deleted another post from George. If George wants to post something based on a fact or some research by all means post it but if he is gonna simply accuse me of taking a bribe from the comisario he can post that over on his site.

    Mr. Gadspy post something based on research not on your hate for me.

  27. I hate no one. Please don’t try to pin that one on me.
    I, like you, just want the truth to be told.