The Last Saturday of Semana Santa 2014 in pictures

The Last Saturday of Semana Santa 2014 in pictures

Well another Semana Santa has come and gone and now the posturing will begin. Did the

Teta Kawi illuminated
Teta Kawi illuminated

city do a good job? Was it well organized? What a great idea to illuminate the Teta Kawi or was it? Actually I think the city did do a good job overall and I would like to know how much it cost to illuminate the Teta Kawi. It was a company from Obregon that did the deed and we will see if we can find out what the end cost was on that one. The idea of not allowing beer sales on the streets has been and continues to be the best thing the City of Guaymas has ever done in regards to Semana Santa.

The Teta Kawi remembering its volcanic past@
The Teta Kawi remembering its volcanic past!

As I thumbed through the newspaper El Vigia today to see how much ass kissing the city was going to get from them I came across another fine example of journalism paid to order in Guaymas. In today’s in-print edition of El Vigia it stated that hikers had to be rescued from the Teta Kawi after night fall. Well I know this to be completely false since it was myself and my son who were the hikers. Dante and I on Saturday afternoon planned to hike to the top of the Teta Kawi before sunset. The mission was to stay there until well after sunset so as we could capture images of the highway filling up with traffic. Saturday is the busiest day of the year in San Carlos and the images are great and I will post them at a latter date.

Perhaps the definitive traffic shot from Saturday Night!
The definitive San Carlos traffic shot from Saturday Night!

As we were hiking down I noticed a very bright spot light shinning at us from the trail head that is located on the beach. I had a strange sinking suspicion that the lights were for us and they were indeed. Some beach goers saw our flash lights as we descended and decided that we were in need  of a rescue and called the police and fire department. As we neared the trail head the spot light was so intense it blinded us and made it very difficult to even walk the last 100 meters to our truck. There were like 50 people in the parking lot just waiting to see who were the crazy people out hiking at night. The fireman took our names and our ages and wrote it down in their log book. I gave them lots of information and told them I have been a tourist guide in San Carlos for 24 years. I also mentioned I was an experienced rock climber and that the trail up there is well marked. It was my sincere hope that if the story got reported that at least who ever did the reporting could, if they wanted to, give an accurate description of the event. There was no need for a rescue and we were in fact not rescued.

Traffic in San Carlos on Thursday
Traffic in San Carlos on Thursday

Well, El Vigia spun it into a rescue, and our names were not mentioned for obvious reasons. El Vigia also reported that 250,000 people visited San Carlos and Mira Mar this Semana Santa. Are those numbers accurate? I would say it is impossible to know without really looking into how the numbers were taken. Mostly El Vigia reporters take what ever information they are given and print it up with a positive spin for the city. That is what they get paid to do!!

Below are some pics, all were taken on Saturday except the clean up shots. One thing that did amaze me was with all the people in San Carlos that day we saw not one person hiking on the mountain.

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  1. What’s happening in the Estuary???

    There is now a commercial KAYAK business that has over 22 kayaks on the banks of the back Estuary. Seems to be some sort or school.

    What’s with the ZIP LINE that’s being erected in the Estuary???
    There are fewer and fewer birds every year, now it seems that GREEDY folks are planning to eliminate any migrating birds from enjoying one of the few natural resources in Mexico.

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