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The Beach Volley Ball Tournament was awesome: Destroying the Sand Dunes for the Event was a huge mistake!

The Beach Volley Ball Tournament was awesome: Destroying the Sand Dunes for the Event was a huge mistake!


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Lets face it, anyone who went to watch the beach volley ball tournament the last weekend of Semana Santa over on San Francisco beach had to be impressed. Even though I was teaching a sailing course and only got out to see the finals on Sunday I thought the players

USA Canada 2
Brandy prepares a set

were top notch and the event seemed well run. The only complaint that I could find was the announcer. He seemed a bit annoying to me in the way he called the matches. On Saturday, the day that I missed I was told by Ines and several others that the announcer was essentially in love with one of the Canandian players. La Brandy. Actually on Sunday the girls in our group started yelling out the name

Gonzales spikes on Team U.S.A.

of one of the men players from the Cuban team, Gonzalez, to counter act the announcers love for Brandy! It

was all in good fun but really a bit unprofessional on the announcer but all in all this event was great for San Carlos.


Now here is the not so great stuff. While I was sitting there listening to the announcer and several vociferous men in the crowd declare their undying love for the Canadian Brandy and the girls in our section screaming their support for the Cuban Gonzales, I thought to myself as I sipped a 20 peso tecate light:

I don’t remember the beach being so perfectly flat over here.

And guess what; it wasn’t, the sand dune area were they had the event was bull dozed. The city of Guaymas has now been formally charged by PROFEPA, Mexico’s version of the EPA for destroying the Sand Dune. It actually is worse than that since a confidential source of ours tells me that PROFEPA knew in advance that the City of Guaymas was preparing to bull doze the sand dune for the event. Because of a bribe PROFEPA agreed to look the other way while the bulldozer flattened the area with the full knowledge that the city would have a law suit filed against it for doing what they did after the event was completed. Who paid the bribe is a good question. Was it the city or the event organizers both or neither? That is something we will probably never know but we will continue to follow the law suit and find out how it ends. It will certainly end with the City of Guaymas paying some kind of fine.


Why didn’t Lorenzo De Cima, the mayor of Guaymas simply have the event over at Algodones Beach where there was already plenty of flat sand and no need to bring in a bulldozer and destroy a perfectly stabilized sand dune full of native plants? Only Lorenzo can answer that question and I don’t think anyone in the local Mex Media will be asking that soon but Megacable Noticias have reported that the city is planning on putting the sand back in place. Pushing a bunch of sand around will be relatively easy. What will not be so easy is replacing the native plants and bushes that stabilized that sand dune.


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