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Surf ‘n Turf Telemax T.V. show


Surf & Turf En La Riviera de Mar de Cortes

was a t.v. show that we produced for broadcast on TELEMAX, the state run T.V. channel broadcast out of Hermosillo.  Our shows aired on Sunday’s. The problem with trying to produce a high quality T.V. show in Sonora or in Mexico in general is that the Mexican model for productions is very different than an American model for example. Even though TELEMAX loved our show they refused to purchase the episodes. So what that means is that we would have to purchase air time directly from Telemax and then find sponsors to pay us back with advertising dollars. I decided in the end that we had to spend more energy on finding advertisers than on the actual quality of the production. Even though Telemax told us we had one of the best new shows they ever broadcast they still refused to purchase our productions out right. So we discontinued the show and are now going to devote our time to completely independent media in San Carlos. We are beholding to nothing now except the concepts of truth and justice and accuracy in reporting. Below are the four episodes that were produced for Telemax. Our third show was our “El Oro de Cortes” documentary on the illegal dorado fishery that exists to this day in Guaymas.


Show 1 Isla San Pedro Martir Bioshpere Reserve

Show 2 Kiteboarding en San Carlos: Ines learns to Kite in 4 sessions!

Show 3 Documentary Oro de Coretz: exposing illegal fishing in Gulf of California

Semana Santa & Sons of Freedom Motor Bike Rally from Vince Radice on Vimeo.

Show 4 Semana Santa & Sons of Freedom Motorcycle Rally

You can watch the show streaming live below below

TeleMax TV РHermosillo РM̩xico

TeleMax TV - Hermosillo - México

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Oro de Cortes from Vince Radice on Vimeo.

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