Stolen Bike from Sonoran Sport Center

Stolen Bike from Sonoran Sport Center

Picture 10Last night some very determined thieves pried open my iron gate then failed at prying open my main door and smashed the Window to get into the shop and steal a very nice one of a kind fairly rare in Sonora Specialized mountain bike. The bike was a Specialized Epic 29er Comp Carbon Fibre bike. The Shifter for the front derailleur doesn’t work, missing the internal coil return spring and the bike had hydraulic brakes.

We found the tools they used to get into the shop in the garbage can just outside the shop front door. Will post those pictures if the cops give them to me. Of course I showed up the shop this morning with no camera.

The guy most likely responsible was in our shop last week, he specifically asked about that bike and asked me how much it was worth. He was most likely casing the place looking for something to steel.

The police actually arrested a guy this morning right by our shop (next to Rescate). A homeless guy was sleeping in the bushes last night and the police have brought him in for questioning. I already told them that this guy does not really look like the guy who was casing the place but they ran his name and found he has a criminal record in Tijuana so they took him in for questioning to the Ministerio Publico.

A few weeks back a buddy of mine had mutiple things stolen from his house in San Carlos. He found some of the items at the Tiagnis in Emplame and via that he was able to recuperate much of the other items stolen. So Keep your eyes open everyone, there are plenty of petty thieves out there looking to break into houses and rob ya. Tis the season, lots of gringos are in town and there are lots of targets out there!!

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  1. Sorry to hear that Vince, good luck on finding that bike. Had my house broken into this last summer, coudn’t see the reason to call the cops….

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