Shoot out at El Lucerito Restaurant leaves one dead and four injured

Shoot out at El Lucerito Restaurant leaves one dead and four injured

Last month a friend of ours was gunned down in Guaymas while leaving a church in broad daylight. This week a friend of ours witnesses a scene right out of Hollywood movie play out in front of their eyes

A very close personal friend of mine was preparing to enjoy a torta from one of the oldest restaurants in Guaymas on Wednesday night at around 8:30 in the evening. Before Lucerito Balacerathe tortas had even arrived at the table of the iconic El Lucerito restaurant, dinner was abruptly interrupted when three guys carrying assault riffles calmly walked through the front door. My friend thought at first that the riffles were just toy guns. She was soon to realize that she was sadly mistaken when the gunmen opened fire on 4 people sitting at a table about 20 feet away from them. It has been reported that at least 49 bullet casings were collected off the floor. At least one innocent bystander was shot in the legs and apparently had a bullet graze her face.

As usual if you read several articles in the Mexican media you will have several different accounts. One account says that the gun men fired from their Stretcher Luceritovehicle into the restaurant.  Fortunately for us here at San Carlos TV a friend of ours watched the events unfold thus we can give a more accurate report of the events.

Now here is the really disturbing part that has not been reported in any of the media accounts I have seen online so far. After the gunmen opened fire they calmly got in their truck and then drove around the block, parked in the same spot were they were just moments earlier. Got out of the truck walked into the restaurant double checked the scene and then left once again. What those actions suggest is that the gunmen were in no real hurry, as if they knew that they had a certain amount of time before the police would show up. It’s makes one wonder if these shooting are prearranged with local police ahead of time.

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