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SC Wireless:”Information for those who want to be well informed…”

“Our mission”

Our fundamentals are simple. Residents and visitors of San Carlos have the right to truthful and accurate information about what is going on in town. As a resident of San Carlos for 23 years I am well aware of how difficult accurate information is to come by.  “San Carlos Wireless” will change all of that.

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Our number one goal is and will always be to promote tourism, and the incredible lifestyle living in San Carlos has to offer.  A free and independent press play a crucial role to citizens within any community and that is precisely why we created “San Carlos Wireless”, a monthly newspaper with content pertinent to the community that will strive to make San Carlos a more transparent community. We have called San Carlos our home for the last 23 years, it is a truly wonderful  place that we think we can make better.

“San Carlos Wireless” is committed to the following:

  • Objectivity, impartiality and honesty in reporting
  • Replacing rumors and speculation with facts.
  • We are apolitical and have no party affiliations 

Take the opportunity to support independent media and promote your business advertising with us is very affordable. Choose the size of your ad and let us do the rest. Our content will be worth reading of that we can assure you. We appreciate your attention to this and hope to have your support


Vince & Ines Radice