David Walker Cancer Fraud Exposed

With out a doubt the most difficult work I have ever produced. It has been over a year since I decided to take on this project. A tremendous amount of energy has gone into this work by not just myself but several others. Getting at the truth has always been the most important part of the story and the script has changed many times over the course of a year when more information came to light or when another person stepped up for an interview.

Part one in this two part exposé is based on the very extensive investigation the federal trade commission, FTC, investigator Scott Pancoast did regarding David Walker. Since Walker has from the beginning based the advertising of his cancer therapy program around the audacious claim that he cured his own cancer I thought it very important to immediately show this claim to be an utter fabrication. So part one is essentially a regurgitated revision of the State of Washington and Federal Trade Commission injunction against Walker.

David Walker makes many claims regarding the FTC investigation and how it was unfair.  Many web sites quote Walker regarding how it was big pharma coming after the poor researcher, outraged oncologists loosing money to his miracle cure or even how the State was simply using his specific case to get federal funding to investigate internet fraud. No matter how Walker spins it he always comes out the victim. So that is why I took the time to read all of the court documents that are readily available on line at the following link and then take it to the next step by interviewing those I could find who were directly involved in the case.

When you read the FTC court documents it becomes clear that this was a simple case of false advertising. The picture posted on this page is actually a wonderful example of that. You will notice the graphic states Dr. David Walker. David Walker is not nor has he ever been a doctor. The question remains why would he allow that graphic to be posted on his promotional you tube video?  Walker made tremendous numbers of claims that he knew to be false and that is exactly what the FTC decided. The most disturbing part of this whole story though is the fact that David Walker has continued to give false hope to late stage cancer victims while at the same time taking tens of thousands of dollars from them and their families while leading a charmed life here in San Carlos Mexico. You see he can no longer sell products in the United States of America or consult anyone in any way about cancer due to the FTC decision against him. I suspect that is why he moved to Mexico, south of the border land of disorder.

Part one of our two part exposé is obviously free to watch, simply click the video player above and check it out. If anyone would like to make a donation via pay pal for the amount of time and energy that went into this production we have included a pay pal donate button at the bottom of this page.

I am considering making part two of our story a pay per view. If you found part one informative then I can assure you that part two is even better.

Thanks for watching.

I have decided to put part two of the David Walker cancer fraud story here at the end of this post.

Part Two Expose on David Walker Cancer Fraud from Vince Radice on Vimeo.

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