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We specialize in nature and environmental issues but we also produce news story´s and mini documentaries. If anyone has knowledge of an interesting story, whether it be a social injustice or simple a human interest story please feel free to contact us. We just might be able to do a story on it and raise social awareness. We started our production company because we saw a great need for independent media not only in Mexico but everywhere. So Join with us and give us ideas. We are still looking for Sponsors for our new T.V. show Surf & Turf En La Rivera Mar de Cortes, so if you are interested in sponsoring our show please contact me at

Sincerely Vince Radice

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Did we find any moutain lions @ Las Barajitas Canyon & Orca update

Megayacht Octopus shows up anchored in San Carlos: How about some boat envy!!

Searching for Pumas @ Cañyon Las Barajitas & observing Orcas feeding on Manta Rays on the return to San Carlos, another spectacular San Carlos day!

Festival de la Calaca & Halloween in San Carlos a spooky time was had by all

Kite Boarding in San Carlos: October is here and that means wind and that means Kite Boarding.

Marine Park in Cabo Pulmo Southern Baja & France3 Thalassa T.V. network doing story on our Documentary Oro de Cortez

Wreck diving Poseidons Mistress: An incredible dive site & story of survival on the coast of Sonora

Video of the Week: Mexican Independence and Revolution day in Guaymas

Isla San Pedro Martir Biosphere Reserve

Isla Pastel Video of the Week

Punta Cuevas Video of the Week

Isla Tortuga video of the week

A curious Bullseye Puffer Pals around with me at Lalo Cove

A great way to cook your favorite reef fish, Pescado Sarandeado

A quick Flight around San Carlos on an Ultralight!!! Enjoy…………….:)

Here are some images from Carnival 2010. One of the better parades I have seen in years so for those of you who did not get a chance to go to carnival this year check it out!!!