Murder Suicide in Ranchitos

Murder Suicide in Ranchitos

This was reported in el vigia, this is the second murder suicide in the ranchitos in recent memory since there was another event like this around 5 years ago.  I a quick google tranlastion on it, Very sad story

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After holding a discussion with her husband a woman blinded by jealousy, murdered him using a special 38 caliber gun and then shot suicide with a shot to the chin

After murdering his girlfriend with three shots, a woman quitoó life, shooting himself in the chin, after starring in a fit of jealousy, of events occurring in the sector Ccomisaríia Rebirth of San Carlos, the morning of Saturday.


This happened at 08:00 am on Saturday, housing marked with lot 10 sector “Renaissance” of the police station in San Carlos.

In that place was killed by three bullets count, Methuselah Felix Camacho, 46 ??years old, and Maria del Rosario Ochoa Aguilar, 58 years old, residing in Lot 10, Renaissance sector.

The incident occurred when Felix Methuselah was to breakfast mamadre aen your house, who lived near the home of Rosario Ochoa, then Passes to the house of his ex-wife, with whom he lived 11 years, but insanely jealous of the now deceased caused the separation of the couple from a month ago.

The fight was witnessed by the daughter of the aggressor Ochoa named Guadalupe Aguilar, 20 years old, who lived in the same house with her two children aged 3 and 5 years old, who witnessed the bloody event.

The young woman told local police she witnessed a heated discussion with his mother and his girlfriend, tried to intervene, but noted that his mamadre had a gun in his hands, and tried to take it off, take it off forcejeóando with her, but was impossible.

and this lLe disparoó three times to Felix Camacho with special .38 caliber pistol UNLA unao ellosfue impacts to the chest, one in the right hip and one on his right hand, which killed him instantly.

In desperation the girl again into his mother intentoó take the gun again, but realized quesin however this had no bullets, was at that time that helps solicitoó C-4 via their cell, unaware that his mother had gone to the bedroom to load the gun.

When she realized the call when her mother heard another disparoó, was his mother who had been shot in the chin, same went for his head, witnesses of these unfortunate events were also two granddaughters of Rosario.

The place llegoó Ambulance Rescue San Carlos, but the two bodies were lifeless, man outside the home and women in recáamara.

From the facts testified the prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction who ordered the transfer of bodies Municipal Amphitheatre for legal purposes.


Great pain must feel the Methuselah mamadre Felix Camacho, who was killed by his girlfriend on Saturday, to revive the bloody history of the October 22, 2008, when his son alive Santos was named after Felix Camacho, murdered his girlfriend name Noriega Ramos Concepción in San Carlos Ssector Ranchito.

A 22 October 2008, the bodies were found at 09:30 am, the bodies were found inside the house located on 3rd Street between sector 1 and 2 Ranchitos, San Carlos.

The couple presentóo shots in her mouth, causing bursting of the skull base and exposing it and part of his face.

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  1. Was this the same family that had the previous murder/suicide?

    Really sad.

    And in a country that has some of the toughest gun laws.

  2. I do not believe it is the same family but almost the exact same scenario. Except this time there were witnesses. Last time was a shot gun, this time a 38 caliber pistol. This is actually the 3rd suicide in around 7 years. A younger man in the ranchitos, I think in his 20’s hung himself.

  3. There are 3 brothers in this family. About 13-14 years ago, this man who died this weekend (Methuselah) shot and killed another man who had been having an affair with his wife. He left town and was never caught or punished…they say the police don’t care that much about that kind of killing (???) Evidently, Methuselah came back to town. His brother, Santos, who was really a wonderful guy to be around – is the one who shot his girlfriend (Noriega family) and then himself about 5 years ago. There is one more brother in town.

  4. Wow, and I didn’t think there was a connection. I seems white collar crime is not the only crime going around town completely unpunished these days. So my question to you Becki is do you believe that this latest incident was reported accurately in the press? Or was this more of a revenge homicide suicide instead of a Jealousy homicide suicide as has been reported by El Vigia.

  5. I believe the stories were unrelated – other than the people in each of them
    being related…or even being the same person. Makes me sad for the families involved. Heartache all the way around. I also feel sad for the weight that brother #3 has to bear. The paper says that the man killed this weekend was Santos’ father. I was told they were brothers – by a person who should know.

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