Murder At The Marina San Carlos

Murder At The Marina San Carlos


Murder San Carlos
Investigators on Scene

At around 5 p.m. this afternoon Miguel Roberto Araiza Galaz, a resident of Nogales Sonora, was murdered. It has been reported that  4 men from two vehicles, a Stratus and Altimus, were waiting for the subject to step off of his boat named El Amigo. He was then shot at least three times and at least once in the head. The subjects immediately fled.

There have been a rash of violence in the area over the last few months with at least one person murdered in Empalme last April.


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  1. I went down to the Marina to cover the fishing tournament and it turned into a murder scene. I was at the marina just before this event happened. I am glad actually that I missed it!

  2. Why did George on Viva delete your story posted by someone trying to discuss this tragic event?

  3. I have no idea, George doesn’t like me or my website for some reason. For example the video expose I did on David Walker. He thought some how I was unfair to this crazy sociopath who likes to dress up and call himself a doctor. I did a 60 minutes style expose on him yet he sided with Walker. He especially does not like it when any truthful information is posted about how the Ordza family has cheated and lied over the years. I don’t use the viva board anymore since they banned me from posting there. George doesn’t like information that he believes is negative posted on viva. I believe that all information should be allowed to be posted and discussed. Especially when a person lies cheats and or steals. These are the white collar criminals that have been getting away with, no pun intended, murder all these years. I started this site because I realized that the Vivaboard and WhatsUp San Carlos would never post any information that was true if that information deviated from the utopian ideal of San Carlos as a paradise.

    San Carlos is a paradise for some and nothing more than a place to live for others. San Carlos is simply San Carlos and those who live here have the right to know what is really going on. The non sugar coated version is the version I like to talk about.

  4. Thankfully I don’t think there was any cross fire Cindy, this was obviously a targeted killing and the guy who got hit most likely had no idea what was coming and don’t think any body shot back. It has been reported that up to 8 shots were fired but I spoke to guys down there who only heard three shots. Been busy working on conservation articles but I might get down there tomorrow and chat with some of the guys who were on the dock at the time but there is really not much to report on and it is of course not a good idea to report on drug killing’s down here other than the simply when and where stuff.

  5. Vince, I am the one that posted your news on the murder in San Carlos Marina. I made sure to mention it was your copyright. But the moderator shows to delete that information. If I did something wrong by posting your information to Vivaboard I am sorry it was an innocent action.
    Note: I just assumed your information was more accurate than what was posted on there forum.

  6. Did George delete any other threads about the murder or just the one you posted? You didn’t do anything wrong that I can see.


  7. I love that you put the real thing out there , I would get calls for David Walker all the time some would be quack quack walker your no doctor! It was amazing how many people got taken and I guess he is still around, it’s a good thing he didn’t get my money I would never stop until he went to jail . Thank you for all you report on you also have beautiful things.
    Next time Iam in town I would love to meet you!

  8. Is Walker still running his quack “cancer” clinic? I feel so bad for the people who gave him thousands of dollars believing that he said he could cure them. Heard he had re-opened a clinic in Orange County, California??

  9. I have seen him in town and I have seen activity at his BIO RES MED office at the pemex station. So I would have to say yes it does indeed appear that he is back in town playing doctor once again.

  10. I wish someone would get him arrested and thrown out of the Country.
    Which doctor is he using now? Wonder where he is advertising now?

  11. Password protected—–I’m confused. I’m logged in and can’t use the last password?

  12. From El Vigia:
    GUAYMAS, Sonora / June 20, 2013
    Paulina A. Velasco

    The Procurator of Justice of Sonora, Carlos Navarro Sugich, met Wednesday morning with members of the Office of conventions and visitor and tourism entrepreneurs of San Carlos, in order to exchange ideas and proposals of interest to San Carlos on security.

    Navarro Sugich listened with attention the problems that have arisen in the tourist destination, particularly in events that have seriously harmed the image and perception that the tourists have of it.

    Ramiro Páez Cruz entrepreneur mentioned the urgent need to install a security booth at the scenic Boulevard at the height of the entrance of the Dolphinarium and where is the base of the investigating State police and Municipal police, with the intention that the criminals had no chance to escape.

    “What matters is the coordination between the police forces so that an immediate and second reaction can first capture these” Paez Cruz said.

    The request, made it in urgent since the last executions that have occurred in this tourist destination have generated a climate of uneasiness, impacting negatively on the sale of real estate and the fall of national and foreign visitors.

    The proposal of the tourists about the installation of the guardhouse, with the aim of supporting for the control of inputs and outputs of San Carlos, even of drivers under the influence of alcohol and where to work in the City Council, State Assembly and needed the Federation.

    The Attorney General pledged to study the design of the installation of the guardhouse without giving a definite yes, committing to entrepreneurs that if possible they run with the construction of the building.

    Navarro Sugich stressed that the possible operation of the work of this House would be under the slogan not to use criteria in the implementation of the law, equal treatment for each case that arises in anticipation, making it clear there would be no special considerations only by being a tourist or business people.

    “The Sonora, Mexico, we are lovers of the approach. We are equivocadisimos, terribly wrong,”said Carlos Navarro with firmness.

    Let me clarify that this form of law enforcement does nothing but confuse the police officers in charge of a checkpoint which is intended to and ends up losing the purpose for which was created, giving the fret with the effort of the institutions involved.

    The attempted concluded the issue, saying that there are no more easy to apply rule, it is the one that knows no exception; He said that the idea presented by employers and service providers like warning that he will be a full control, without discrimination.

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