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Movimiento Ciudadano moves forward in San Carlos: Maria Ines Orozco announces her candidacy for Comisaria

Lets start this post off with some simple numbers! San Carlos pays no less than 100 million pesos a year to Guaymas in the form of property and other taxes. Actually I have been told that it is probably closer to 150 million pesos annually. San Carlos got back this year 8.5 million pesos. Anyone who thinks this is fair needs to have their head examined! San Carlos is a designated Comisiaria Turistica but you would hardly know that if you looked at the quantity of garbage that is left to rot on our beaches and streets. A lot of people have had enough, grass roots are growing here.

San Carlos has been with out a comisario now for most of the term of Lorenzo DeCima. We did have a comisario for a few months. My self and other local residents had a conversation with him that I wrote about back in June. The conversation went badly for a number of reasons but mostly because the gentleman we spoke to was unclear on what his job was. Lets be clear on what the job of the comisario is first off.

The job of the comisario is to represent the interests of the residents of San Carlos. All residents, Mexican, American, Canadian, etc.

Was our last comisario doing that? Representing all residents of San Carlos? I can tell you that he was not and I would venture to say that many of the past comisarios with exceptions have not really represented the interest of San Carlos. Instead comisarios usually represent the interests of the mayor and the city council. Which often leads to negative out comes for San Carlos. The majority of comisarios in the past have not even been elected in the proper manner and have been “chosen” by the mayor of Guaymas in a manner that is completely illegitimate. Let me be clear. Guaymas does not want a comisario that represents the residents of San Carlos because; Guaymas, usually the mayor, wants and chooses along with the blessing of the 22 city council members a comisario who will shut up and do what they are told.

The comisario of San Carlos is never allowed by the city of Guaymas to petition the state or federal government for the funding of infrastructure. Of course this is precisely what the job of the comisiario is. Guaymas wants none of that! That is why we do not have a comisario at the moment and why local activists have taken it upon themselves to get the ball rolling. This is completely within the rights of all Mexicans. I refer back to Article 39 of the Mexican Constitution for anyone who doubts that local residents have the authority to choose candidates for comisario.

Several weeks ago members of various action committee’s publicly posted what is called a “Convocatorio” or public announcement in spots all over San Carlos. This public announcement calls upon anyone interested in being a prospective candidate to please submit for review their “work plan” among other requirements. A list of the requirements to be a candidate for comisario can be found here.

My wife Maria Ines Orozco Ontiveros has decided to be a candidate. Considering the fact that I am not going to be terribly objective on my opinion, I will go ahead and say it anyway. I don’t know if there is a more honest person in this town for the job than her. If anyone would like to sign her letter of support you can find a copy of this letter at the Athletic Club San Carlos!

Good luck honey I am very proud of you indeed!!

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