How did this man end up paying 80 pesos a month for water?

How did this man end up paying 80 pesos a month for water?

Juan Carlos Gonzales points out some deficient infrastructure in Ranchitos

That’s right, the title to this post stands. Pictured left is Juan Carlos Gonzalez. A man who moved from Mexico City to San Carlos in 2002.  Eventually he built a nice little house in the ranchitos district of San Carlos. For years he has paid 80 pesos a month for his water service in the Ranchitos. Now if that amount sounds cheap for San Carlos you are correct and the story behind it enlightening. One of our focuses this month is CEA, which as you all know stands for Comision Estatal de Aqua.

So this month we are researching.  Anything and everything in regards to CEA is on our minds here. I ask help from all of you in the San Carlos community on this story. If anyone would like to discuss on or off the record any issues you have had with CEA over the years please contact me.

Aqua Luz leak

  • I am especially interested if you found your water bill starting to rise and then told you should install a new meter.
  • Do you even have a meter?
  • Seen any leaks around town? I have documented various leaks in the San Carlos infra structure that continue to astound me and always on the search for more please drop me a line if you have a chronic leak in the area!


Aqua Luz leak reflection




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