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Guaymas gets locals to do its work for them once again

Guaymas gets locals to do its work for them once again

Reason number 101 why San Carlos needs to break away from Guaymas and form its own city!!!!

In some of the blogs in Guaymas and here on face book there have been some shots of local volunteers filling the pot holes on the road to Nacapuli. Yesterday I interviewed this group of local Americans who donated labor and a Mexican gentleman from Guaymas named Antonio pictured below in blue shirt who is a contractor in Guaymas. Antonio supplied the asphalt and the machines and tools and plenty of his own labor.

Here is the issue, San Carlos has plenty of money to repair the roads. The problem is that Guaymas does not give San Carlos back any money to fix infrastructure. This road work is the responsibility of Guaymas not local volunteers with good hearts.

The other interesting thing is when I mentioned to Antonio that this was a good example of why San Carlos should form its own municipio Antonio mistakenly explained to me San Carlos was not big enough. This is simply not the case and I quickly corrected him. More mis information by the powers that be in Guaymas who tell people that San Carlos is to small to be it’s own municpio.


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