George Gadspy Almost Blows An Ass Gasket at Cheques Hot Dogs

George Gadspy Almost Blows An Ass Gasket at Cheques Hot Dogs

George GadspyOn the 29th of December I was at Cheques hot dogs ordering some tostadas de carne. By the way if you have not had Cheques tostadas they are some of the best in town and anyway George Gadspy (Moderator of a local forum here in San Carlos) showed up to order some hot dogs while I was there waiting patiently for my tostadas to arrive. When I noticed George there I decided, (not wanting to be confrontational since I know GG really does hates my guts although he has publicly stated he does not) I would wait for my tostadas back at my shop. He was talking to one of the owners of MG computers, who by the way are really nice guys and located right next to Cheques hot dogs, if you need your computer worked on go talk to those guys!  As I started walking back to my shop Gadspy calls me back and says he wants to have talk with me so I am like ok well this should be interesting so it goes something along the lines of this…..

Gadspy: I want to ask you a favor, I want you to take down a comment Lenny made on your site.

Me: Well when was the last time you did a favor for me? I think you should talk to Lenny about the comment.

At that point Gasdspy pretty much realized he was not going to get what he wanted and consequently lost it right then and there. It was reminiscent of a child having a temper tantrum while being administered a good dose of vitamin N, “no you don’t get your way”. He delivered this temper tantrum right in front of at least 10 poor souls who were sitting at Cheques minding their own business and having lunch. He started verbally insulting me and then he started to insult my wife as well and actually called her a cock sucker (why he called her that will become more relevant as you read this post). He was really trying to get me pissed off but it was all I could do to help from busting a gut laughing, I never once raised my voice. He really was threatening to punch me, it was incredible, I felt bad for the ten people at Cheques watching and listening to this guy go off on me.
Of course I did have to get in Georges face just a bit and I said in a very very calm voice something along the lines of “go for it George you get to take the first punch bunch you should realize what is going to happen after that”. Damn shame no body had cell phone video taping all this! I swear that I thought he was gonna bust an ass gasket right there and then. So the waitress brings me my tostadas and he finally goes over and hugs a women he knows who just walked into Cheques, as he walked away he told me I had better watch my back!! I am not sure what he meant by that but if I turn up missing it is my hope that San Carlos’s finest will start the investigation into my disappearance at the house of Geroge Gadspy!
I thought this soap operatic scene that has just played out had  finally ended but oh no the final curtain had not yet dropped. GG was not content to simple verbal abuse of me. His machismo would not allow it. So as I am putting salsa on my recently delivered and might add finest carne tostadas in San Carlos Gadfly sneaks up behind me and knocks the plate of tostadas out of my hands. As tostadas are flying through the air  he is making his exit stage right. One of the customer who knows George tells him as he is making his getaway that he should at least apologize to Cheque for the mess he just made. I went one step further and told him something along the lines of, if he had any balls he would clean up the mess himself.
He did make what seemed to me a half-assed apology to Cheque and stomped off to his car. As he was driving away from the soap opera he just created I could hear more unintelligible comments being thrown in my direction and can only assume they were more threats. With that GG’s little chest pounding tirade was over.
George likes to put on a show, he has clearly stated to people that controversy over at the forum he moderates is good for business and gets more hits for the advertisers. I am not so sure that is true and I have been told that the Viva forum just lost another sponsor (La Palapa Griega) because of GG’s heavy handed editing of posts.
This was the comment he disliked from Lenny and which if you read closely and as far as I am concerned is not an insult on Georges wife but an insult to the way in which George treats her.
Vince and to all others…
George has again tried to muster up someone to side with him.
George: it will never happen, you lost all credibility in this community long ago. You are a lucky man to still have a wife, and be thankful for the dogs too. You showed me your true colors when you opened your mouth(in public) to demonstrate how successful you are, and how you are such a great husband!!!!! George, you have cheated the Mexican Gov’t out of needed taxes, and you display your wife as a “Juice making cock-sucking slave for your Glory”.. This George makes me distrust you and you should be ashamed of your actions.

Now George has stated that he does not really care what people say about him so I wonder why he had to create the scene he created over at Cheques. I contacted Lenny and asked him if he would like to have the comment removed from San Carlos TV and this was his reply.

Well, as far as I am concerned you could delete the item…….on  2 conditions :
1) George makes a public apology and asks Margaret to forgive him.
2) show 5 years amended tax returns for both US and Mexico both claiming $7000-10,000.
If GG does this then erase the statement I posted….. Since it is Christmas and a New Year ahead it would be great to have a clean slate ….So GG went into  a Hot Dog stand to buy Hot-Dogs….because his wife no longer wants to cook for him?..
Vince…have a Happy Holiday and thanks for being involved in the community and country!
                      .”LIFE is Just A TIRESWING:”    LENNY
PROUD SPONSORS of   2011  and 2012     TROP-ROCK Music Awards :

           La PALAPA RESTURANT…..SAN CARLOS,MEXICO                                           

                              KEEP ON TROPIN’

The reason I have even decided to write about this ridiculous temper tantrum GG acted out in public is that people should know who their moderator is. This is the kind of man who says one thing then does another. I was told personally by GG years ago that he did not care what was said about him in public. If that was so why all the drama and chest pumping in my face? If I were the owner of the forum I would expect slightly better behavior in public from a moderator. I believe moderators have a responsibility to the community to be honest and consistent about who they are, what they say and especially in how they moderate a forum. I don’t believe the moderator of the forum over at Viva is any of the above. Perhaps at one time he was but he clearly is no longer.

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  1. What is wrong with Vince…He,s not a softy or a good guy to many people…

    Tell you what folks…If my Mexican wife was called the name that G.G. called Vince,s Mexican wife…

    He would have been in front of a M.P. office in Guaymas “WITH” the INM office lawyer there…

    I only used the 4 letter work to a Mexican help in the J.C,s kitchen , was brought up on charges here in Guaymas Mexico…If it was not for me being married to a Mexican , having a Mexican daughter…It would have been a deportation for me that day…

    G.G. has left a long paper trail behind him as in PM,s and email to many people on viva.. I can,t be leave the letter,s I have been shown of G.G.,s writing to Ladys…

    George … You should watch your “P,s & Q,s” = Pint and Quarts of beer maybe…How does a past President of The San Carlos R.Club be allowed to carry on like a school yard bully in GSC…

    This is only the }}}wee little tip of the ice burg{{{ of what I could write about this VERY smart man , who has let viva go to his head…

    Most of us people that were on viva for years…viva B.B. & the P.B…Know who Zorro was and the viva hacker…Lies on top of lies , loosing it with to many people late at night…2+2+2+2+2 = 10 …

    One of G.G. saying,s is…”””I don,t care what people think of me or say about me…I now who I am”””

    Ya, Your so big in the GSC business world …You were the money maker for the owner of viva and have lost about $35,000P in ad,s and monthly Pesos for him in 2014…

  2. I will comment further, when I stop laughing. That is absolutely the funniest thing I’ve read lately. Other than when GG crashed a party that he was not invited to, and Steve L. had to kick GG’s fat ass out of, well, your account ranks right up there Vince…..

  3. After some thought I think the real reason GG wanted the comment taken off the site has to do with the fact that Lenny is insinuating that he is making money here in San Carlos and not paying taxes on any of it. Which technically could get you tossed out of country.

  4. Have Lenny send Hacienda on over. I would be happy to talk to them anytime. Maybe he could come along. I’m sure they would be happy to talk to him after they see my documents.

    PS: I know this will never see the light of day since you are anything but honest.

    Just thought you might want to know Lenny is wrong on all counts.

    Watch your back.

  5. Perhaps you would like to explain what “watch your back means” is this some kind of personal threat against me? Just wondering

  6. Nope. You and I will work out our differences one way or another. I’m warning you against Lenny.

  7. George Gadsby is a figment of his own liking… He states on Face-Book he is :”Self-Taught” not exactly what I would want others to know…but, be as it may…we see the true reality of a person who states” I don’t do anything,…I get others to do it for me”.. I learned this 3 years ago when G.G.went North for 2 weeks, asked me to feed his animals..3-dogs,1 cat,1 turtle, and several chickens, collect eggs, water and guess what…when he returned, he never even sait”Thanks”…He was too busy being G.G. self-taught..and this is the same guy who refuses to pick up mail for those who bring his…Then I am asked to join ROTARY….I would refuse…ever read the Pledge George…Vince please post Rotary Pledge

  8. Truths should not be confused with threats… threaths are the response of some one who is wrong and has no other option. I have no desire to bring anyone into this discussion other than those who are already involved…George ..I am only stating what you have said,related or demonstrated in our community….your boasting has created a world in which you have lost control…. if you desire these posts to be erased…sensored? or eliminated you must first commit to the 2 demands for removal…1)Public Apology…and 2)ask forgiveness from your wife !!

  9. George that is a bunch of bullshit, first off I have no differences with you so there is nothing to “work out” there and I certainly didn’t go over to your place and try to bait you into a fist fight.

    You knew exactly what you were doing over at cheques. You were not warning me about who Lenny is, this was not on your list of things you wished to discuss with me.

    If you truly don’t care what people say about you then why all the chest pounding and the threats against me? You have stated to me and apparently to others that you do not care what people say about you so explain why you tried to bait me into a fist fight based on a comment someone made about you that you supposedly don’t care about?

    Doesn’t make much sense to me, unless of course Lenny may be on to something about your tax scene. Do you make money off your property here in Mexico? Do you pay taxes on any of that?

    Actually you know what, I don’t really give a shit, don’t bother answering, as if you would answer honestly anyway. It is not worth listening to more of your bullshit.

    You should also go over and really apologize to Cheque, not that half ass bullshit of an apology you rendered after an American client of his mentioned you should.

  10. Well Vince.. GG has sent me 2 E-mails..Inviting me ,along with Hacienda , to come visit him at his house. I don’t feel that it would be in anyone’s Best Interest to have a sparing match, taking into consideration that GG has already expressed his ability to communicate(or lack of)…Re: El Cheque’s ….I also have no desire to “Report” anyone to authorities…just had a hope that conscience would prevail and GG would clean his household of bad habits..all of which he has bragged about publicly, exercised on Viva, and demonstrated in full view of the public. examples: Dog Pound/SBPA/ Pay-Pal/invasion of privacy-Viva’s PM’s/and the list goes on….No GG I will not be coming to your house unless you clean it up !! OH..i forgot . you don’t do anything, you get others to do it for you…PS how is Rotary viewing your actions…6 months off???

  11. What a joke that is. Obviously GG does care what is said about him which makes him completely disingenuous and any thing that comes out of his month is suspect. He knows if he has rented out his place and not paid taxes on it. He has actually never denied that on any post here. He simply said he was good with Hacienda. What does that mean? “Good with Hacienda” just means he probably fixed his little tax evasion situation with the locals in power. Kind of like everyone else does.

    I wrote this post simply because people should know what kind of a person he is. His temper tantrum was incredibly childish, he can not take any of that back. It showed me first hand who he is.

  12. Don’t you all find it interesting, that when GG cannot control the dialog, or the content and context of posts, he runs and hides. Not long ago he was an active poster, attempting to defend himself and his ineptness. Not having the power to delete, he doesn’t want to play. Egg shell all over Viva, and all tread lightly. Where the heck is Alex in that mess, GG is at his keyboard all day. Did Alex leave town, has he been usurped? Get back with us G, give us a clue.

  13. I did delete a post from GG but the reason I deleted it is simply because he as usual tried to change the dialog and of course it was all about “killing the messenger since you didn’t like the message”. His bullshit post was all about how Lenny was just a big dope fiend and of course how I was just a small man with a chip on my shoulder bullshit. So of course I deleted the comment. Alex is frankly a very strange man who is afraid of his own shadow and easily manipulated. GG always gets to cop out with the “Alex is the owner he has control” bullshit argument. Larry hit the nail on the head with his first post when he mentions how much money GG has cost the forum. When you have people and advertisers who leave a forum because of poor moderation then anyone with any real business sense would most likely apologize to the clients and try to get them back. Alex clearly does not get that.

    GG’s machismo is we don’t need those losers who left the forum. Of course they are losers now since they left. I wonder how he feels about the people who still use viva. I suppose all the current users of the forum are potential losers who, when they finally realize what a douche GG is and then leave the forum will then realize their potential and become true losers in the eyes of the king.

  14. Just want to correct you Vince…Larry did not hit the nail on the head, I missed and made a spark…But it lite the wimp up…

    “”””””””””””””””” By G.G….Alecs has 85 paid subscribers with all the money going into his pocket to pay his bills. He no longer has to spend time and energy chasing dead beats and restaurant owners who put him off and make him beg for 600 pesos per month to run ads.”””””””””””””””””””””””

    ALEX NEVER HAD TO BEG ME FOR HIS AD MONEY…Some months I was a week late and other months I paid a week early…March 26th 2013 I paid Alex for the month of April 1st.,…You George…So gun hoooooooo for money deleted my ad on April 26th….Larry was giving Alex moneys long before you every came to our little GSC town…

    “””G>G>…All in all I think Alecs is doing well.”””

    “””G>G>…If you would like to take your ad dollars elsewhere why not try Vince’s little rag.”””

    “””I will give Alecs the piddling amount you give Viva and be glad you’re gone.”””

    George, Hope you are picking up all the ad,s for the last year for your boss that you have pushed off viva…Any other boss would have fired you long ago…

    YES, Alex is scared to death of George…

    G.G.”””Not beating Vince to a bloody pulp at El Cheques was the wise advice I got from a friend”””May he RIP…

    Your friend should had told you not to come UN-glud in front of people at The Hot Dog stand…YOU LOST IT…

    George that is 2 times now that I know, you have used a dead mans name to back you up…Not good…

    George…I doubt that a man who says he never worked, Having others do your work for you and a business man in an office …That you have never been in a fight other then a pussy slapping with some pushing…

    GOT the bloody pulp… punched & kicked out of me a few times …
    Needed the needle and third to my beaten body…

    Now Vince would act and look like a monkey trying to F*** a foot ball with you…Up and down your useless 6 foot old tired body…Really, what could you do to a hot headed man in great shape like Vince…NOTHING…OH YES…You would be SUCKING UP OXYGEN to try and stay alive…Your a funny man with a poor/bad ego about your self….

    I just bet Vince could/CAN hold his breath for almost 2 mins in a fight,

    It would be nice if some of George,s good friends would stick up for him some times…Old Ja here use to stick up for G.G. on the viva,s B.B. & P.B…I was a horses ass and be leaved in George…


  15. You should have seen GG just shaking with rage, fist clenched, trying to decide if he should hit me. It had to be on of the most ridiculous, yet in retrospect, saddest things I have seen in a long long time. When we were having a little war or words over on Bart’s forum GG stated that he didn’t hate me but what I saw first hand was complete and utter hatred. This guy is certainly not a man of his word, he will say anything in public that makes him look good, clearly in private his true colors come out, and of course sometimes, in public, like at Cheques he slips and allows people to see what kind of a person he really is.

  16. Vince….. after reading the post and the one you e-mailed me, I appreciate the privacy but I have nothing to hide …It is okay with me if you want to post GG’s comment . I believe it will show others how wrong GG can be, and how he chooses to listen and believe others that will tell lies and try to make them selves a better person by mis-representing the truth.


  17. Understood Lenny but Georgypoo doesn’t get to make posts that have nothing to do with the thread and insulate me or others purposely on my own forum. He doesn’t seem to understand what a moderator’s job is. If he stays on topic with out purposely insulting people I allow the posts.

  18. Vince, Please post all that gg posts. If you do not want to post what he addresses to you, redact of omit those posts. Thanks.

  19. Vince, be advised the Ordaz stooge, gg, is on a mission to protect the good name…lol. Now he is taking on Susann Canale, and others on his site, because they questioned certain conditions at the former Fiesta Hotel. Here we go again. What an dick.

  20. The Ordaz cartel got the fiesta hotel back in a bogus labor law suit. I might be writing on that subject sometime but the incompetent, corrupt Mexican judicial system was once again used to allow white collar criminals to get away with yet another white collar crime.

    A new Mexican revolution is coming soon with any luck. The Greeks figured it out and with any luck the Mexicans will go down the same path!

  21. This just in from Gadfly, I guess it is some kind of threat or something of that nature. I am actually flattered that GG would take time away from moderating his precious forum over at viva to send me this picture in an email!! It is an honor to know that GG despises me so!!!

    Gadspy's latest attempt at attention

  22. Not really sure anyone really cares but I figured I would post the email exchange with the local psychopath who apparently will be stalking me now.

    Just so we’re clear.
    San Carlos T.V.
    George Gadsby

    Jan 31 (1 day ago)

    to Vince
    Vince Radice

    12:24 AM (18 hours ago)

    to George
    I am flattered you spend so much time thinking of me!!!
    George Gadsby

    8:07 AM (10 hours ago)

    to Vince
    Just wanted you to know it is the only reason you are Stoll able to walk around.
    Vince Radice

    8:25 AM (10 hours ago)

    to George
    So you would put me in a wheel chair then? Is that what I should understand? The only reason you do not is because it is against the law to assault or kill some one then?

    Interesting indeed, and the reason you contemplate, or perhaps a better word, wish to commit a violent act against upon me is because someone insulted your precious pride on my web site?

    Hows about this then, come on over to the shop anytime, the local cops wont be involved. You wanna be a big man and beat me up I will be there waiting for ya. I have never taken shit from a bully. Not when I was a kid growing up in Chicago and you know what, not know from a washed up old man.

    Come on by anytime.

    George Gadsby

    9:38 AM (9 hours ago)

    to Vince

    Not a threat. More of a promise. Not a bully. More of an avenger. When it happens you will see it coming and it won’t be a surprise. On this you can count.
    Vince Radice

    2:41 PM (4 hours ago)

    to George
    And you are avenging what exactly?
    George Gadsby

    2:50 PM (3 hours ago)

    to Vince
    Lenny made the post. I will deal with him separately . I think his post probably hurt him more than it did my wife. I made a simple request of you to remove it. You chose to get in my face. I lost my temper… a thing I rarely do. The request still stands. Your animosity towards me nor mine towards you should not extend to our family members. My request was honorable. I actually thought you might honor it. It’s a thing gentlemen would do. That kind of post would not last 10 minutes on Viva or on Bart’s Board. Simple Vince. Do the right thing.
    Vince Radice

    3:13 PM (3 hours ago)

    to George
    Here is were you are of course confused. My site is not a forum. Lenny’s comment is not an insult to your wife nor was it intended to be. It is an insult to you. What you did not like is the fact that you did not get your way.

    You asked me to do you a favor, I asked when was the last time you did a favor for me. That was not the answer you wanted. You where the one who wanted to get in my face and you got what you wanted. Then you pulled the chicken shit juvenile sneak up behind a guy and knock his plate of food all over the place. You are correct, when it comes to you I am definitely not a gentleman.

    Avenger my ass, you are nothing more than a bully, plain and simple. Exactly how old are you? You think you might have matured by now, sticks and stones and all that but clearly there are maturity issues here.
    George Gadsby

    3:24 PM (3 hours ago)

    to Vince
    Your true colors are showing Vince if you really think Lenny’s comment belongs on any public forum, blog, news site, newspaper or bathroom wall.

    I am no longer going to discuss this with you.

    Watch your back.
    Vince Radice

    4:11 PM (2 hours ago)

    to George
    Thank God!
    George Gadsby

    4:12 PM (2 hours ago)

    to Vince
    You’re welcome.. s/s god
    Vince Radice

    6:42 PM (1 minute ago)

    to George
    I have to admit I am confused, on one hand you say to “watch your back” on the other hand you tell me “when it happens I will see it coming”

    Are you psychotic? I mean could you please get your threats straight, now I don’t know whether to watch my back or watch it happen. LOL

  23. If this dialog and situation was not so sad, it would be extremely hilarious. Ah, screw it, it is hilarious…jajajaj!!!!! This egomaniacal, nutcase, AKA, kinky king George gadfly, suspected tax evader, north and south of the boarder, needs to pack up and leave the ordaz compound he lives on.

  24. Ya it is hilarious except for the fact that my wife was using my email the other day and she read his crazy threats against me and she was a bit concerned over the matter. So if he continues to threaten me he is gonna get a real taste of what it is like to live in Mexico estilo Ordaz.

  25. Then the hilarity ends with the possibility that spouses are negatively effected. Perhaps it is time for a truce, or at least the making of a conscious decision to avoid each other.

  26. I already was consciously avoiding him. If he continues down the road he started at Cheques and sends more threatening emails to me he will be in for a taste of how the Mexican Judicial system works here. Then he will understand why the Ordaz’s are hated in this town, perhaps almost as much as GG himself. If he wants to continue to be a bully he will certainly get a taste of his own medicine.

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