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    I know that the laws and rules change in Mexico like the weather, but I recently brought my trailer across the border for the 5th time and went through a lot of supposed rules to bring my trailer across loaded with sailboards and a paddle board. I had been told by a friend that one only need pay a $350.00 US deposit at the Kilometer 21 check point to get a pass for the trailer and my truck now….which BTW the truck doesn’t need a pass for Sonora Only. My neighbor in SC told me that he was told to pay about $45.00 US for a 10 year permit. What happened to me was… re-register my trailer for this country an pay $390.00 US to now make my trailer legal to tow across the border anytime. What I would like to know is what are the requirements for towing a trailer across the border. We are totally at a loss in more then one respect.

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    Ok will check that out. I have heard recently that things had changed for trailers. It is just a small trailer with one axel? and what kind of visa do you have? Tourist or temporary resident?



    On the trailer issue, we have a single axle trailer that in Utah is not even required to be licensed. Since the border incident the trailer is now registered in Mexico and can have Sonora license plates. We also only get the 180 day temporary visa’s each time we visit San Carlos which is about 3 times a year. I know that the laws changes from time to time down here but even that change is not clear as to whether you need to just pay a deposit and get it back when you leave or if you can get a 10 year permit like the one I have for my boat.

    Still confused

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