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    What are the costs involved in making a mexican will?  Is there a set price by the mexican government? Or is it up to the individual Notaria Publica  to charge what ever they like?



    I believe there is a set price that a Notary can charge by law. We will look into that tomorrow for you, thanks for the question!!



    I heard by law, they are to charge only 1/2 price for wills during month of September.  1/2 of what is the question, I guess.



    September is called “el mes del Testamento” because you can get your will up to 50% discount.  Any other month a will cost around $1800 pesos depending on the notary you choose to go with. I spoke with a notary, an accountant and the federal goverment and got two different answers about if there is a “set fee” or not in wills. The local notary in Guaymas said that it is a “set fee” of $1850.00. The accountant and the federal official said that every notary charges whatever they want.  As so many things in Mexico there is a contradiction, but again the price in Guaymas is around $1800 pesos. We have been told that there are Real Estate agencies here in San Carlos that are asking up to $500 dollars to take a will to get notarized. That’s a pretty gook mark up for a realtor.

    One more thing, when you get a bank trust, you name  a “beneficiary” on the trust, so if you should die the beneficiary get your house. Now, what is not cover in the trust is car and furniture. So if you want to make sure that your wishes are follow in regards to your belongings inside your home, then a will is a good idea. I think realtors should explain their clients how much they are charging for their fees and how much is the notary charging, just to be clear.


    Thanks for your question, Ines


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