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    Pobre Burro

    I don’t know about the others, but Fox News has been playing up all of the sob stories by employees complaining about working on thanksgiving. In times where jobs are tough enough to get somebody has to realize that that many, many professions require being open on holidays. Yes, even retail which has been down. I spent many a holiday working as an employee and owner.

    I did close this year but also because it has been slow anyway. If business was booming in San Carlos we would be open trying to make up for the losses during the summer, which all employees were paid.



    laughable bs, burro – especially to those of us that work every day..monday-sunday, huh?

    what i found really entertaining (not just fox) today is the footage about shoppers…wow guys and even ladies getting into fist fights over video consoles and other such junk?

    give thanks i have NEVER participated in this particular thanksgiving day tradition



    I have traditionally worked during the holidays for the last 20 years so ya in this tough economy it sure doesn’t make much sense to run stories about that. Did you guys see any of the stories about the demonstrations all over the country at Wal Mart stores?

    Something that has been reported lately is that every Wal Mart store in the country costs the government around 900,000 dollars in entitlements to each state. I think this story will start to get more traction as Christmas approaches.


    Pobre Burro

    How in the world does EVERY WalMart store in the country costs the government around 900,000 dollars in entitlements to each state. If so, do the state revenues collected and taxes paid outweigh such claims. I don’t think that this story will get much traction, and “being reported” are just weasel words which gives false credit to any hopeful thought or cause. I am sure the anti-walmart folks will take it hook, line and sinker.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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