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    This has been going on for the last 4 years, we go complain to San Carlos Com.
    But nothing happens, the problem is we have 2 boats that dock in the Bahia and run
    a business taking people out on day trips twice a day, the people come in cars buses
    Trucks vans,you name it carring ice chests food beer all kinds of stuff, they seem to
    Recruite them from the San Carlos Marina. They block our garages drive ways and leave for their trips. I’m sure there must be laws permits taxes to be paid? As far as we
    know they were thrown out of San Carlos Marina and came over to us? We are in a residential neighbor hood, we can’t run a business here? This dock had been used
    For neighbors to wash their boats and come back from their boats to tie their dingus
    Up the previous owner died and before we could find out anything we had these new people running their boat rides here every day we are tired of complaining there must be some rules regulations and permits you need to apply for plus the right location with the proper parking lot safe dock for loading people and rest room needs trash cans and a legal address there isn’t any thing there to run a business in between our
    Homes we complain and they tell call us when they put theirs cars in our way, they will come and make them move, but it’s gotten to be more than its like we are living in A fish bowl. We need help.



    Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this. So this is the dock over on the west side of the bay that Vicente Castro from El Bravo has been using then correct? Well who ever is using that dock must have a permit from Semarnap and I can tell you also that the company that has the concession for the whole bay just recently called me into their office to harass me over my mooring buoys. The entity that has the concession over that part of the bay is partly owned by the state and partly owned by the municipio of Guaymas. APIM is the name of the organization and their office is located just past Las Playitas but well before the Navy Boat Yard. You will see the large commercial docks off to the left and the gated entrance. Those are the guys that have the concession and I can almost guarantee that who ever is using that dock or who ever owned it did not have the proper permits. I guess the first thing you can do is start there. I would also after speaking with APIM go directly to the mayors office with a letter that is signed by all of the neighbors in the area and see if you can get some traction on it. Here is what I think. Guaymas is so broke right now they might see this as an opportunity to write some tickets and make some money off of this so that is the angle I would take with the Guaymas.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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