Fernando the mobile knife sharpener from Tijuana.

Fernando the mobile knife sharpener from Tijuana.

Michoan Honey Vendor
                               Honey Vendor from Michoacan

The thing about Mexico that continues to intrigue me after all these years are the mobile vendors who traverse the country side selling their goods. Whether it be the honey vendors from Michoacan or Alamos or the Mennonites from Chihuahua selling their cheese. Sooner or later they end up in the Guaymas San Carlos area. Just last week I purchased a bottle of honey for 50 pesos from a gentleman from Alamos(bottle pictured with bubble & Teta Kawi)who claims the guys from Michoacan actually water their honey down. I guess his message is buy local! Honey Bubble Teta Kawi

So when yesterday Fernando the mobile knife sharpener from Tijuana rolled by the shop with his mobile knife sharpening machine that is custom made in Guadalajara, I just had to have a knife sharpened, after all it only costs 30 pesos. I ran over to my neighbor Ezequiel from Cheques Hot Dogs and begged him to give me a knife that I could borrow and have sharpened. Fernando is originally from Guadalajara but moved to Tijuana several years ago. Most knife sharpeners in Tijuana I am told carry around an electric grinding wheel to sharpen knifes. Fernando is the only guy in Tijuana with the low carbon imprint bike wheel grinding stone. On this trip Fernanado traveled all the way from Tijuana to Culiacan Sinaloa sharpening knifes. He tells me in Guadalajara there are still numerous bike wheel sharpening mobile vendors.

Flying Sparks Knife sharpener


I don’t think I would let Fernando sharpen my really fine cutlery but for the cheap stuff in the draw I think his services are well worth the 30 pesos!





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  1. So….. did he do a good job sharpening the knife? If so, how do you find him?
    Another comment….. look at the trash in the background of the photo….. sad!

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