Espisode 1 Grand Theft San Carlos


Ok so here is my first Podcast ever Que emocion! There is no flashy cool music in this first one, and I haven’t even got the art work done for this very first podcast but I think I have related some interesting stories on my personal experience with crime here in San Carlos over the years.

I am very interested in hearing about others experience’s over the years here in San Carlos so please feel free to leave comments below in the comments section of this blog!


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  1. Had our older model motor home broken into at La Posada in the middle of the day. Cleaned us out and we were only gone 45 minutes. They got my purse, all my ID, cash, computer, running shoes, GPS and cell phones. Last time I’ll leave my wallet in the car, under the seat, under the mat. Local police were useless. Took a report on a typewriter with 3 carbon copies (yes, they used carbon paper.) Who would have thought?

  2. Excellent report Vincent about the happenings here!!
    I feel very lucky so fare, 16 years living here , never got robbed, cheated and nobody broke in my home ever . Have made many friends over the years here and love this place where I am feeling secure and can call today my home !

  3. vince, you do such a good job reporting.
    but you are taking inez away from the athletic club, i hope you two stay for a while. the violence in san carlos starts getting bad i don’t think many people will wont to come down. most people in the U.S dont wont to come now !!!!

  4. Good Job Vince! We’ve been hit several times over the years from our Trimaran “TORU”. The most recent though, was from a ‘beater’ car I thought wouldn’t be a target. They broke in and took the Blaupunckt stereo. They dropped a cellphone but the police said it was untraceable. I guess I’m lucky they left the tires! Keep up the good work! peace, Tom

  5. Ya I saw that car Tom, Queta your neighbor in front of you told us how one night very late she had a kid knock on her door and ask if he could wash her car. Obviously he was just checking to see if anyone was home and if the coast was clear to rob the place. Probably the same ones who stole the car stereo from your place.

  6. As a person looking in, I found the podast fascinating. Especially the “game changer” incidents. Can’t wait to hear follow-up episode!

  7. Hi Vince,
    Thanks for your summary on the first Pod Cast. I found it very ammusing.
    I want to talk about the “Inside Job” or “Be careful what you teach and show”. This is also a very common occurance of theft in gated communities.
    I was recently the victim of a house robbery. After 10 years it was my first experience. I live year-round in a gated community with friendly security guards who have direct eye sight of my house.

    Five years ago, I bought a 50″ Sanyo Plasma flat screen TV. It was the most unreliable thing I have ever owned. Every 8 months it would blow a fuse (bad design), and I would have to take it down from the wall, remove 20+ screws to get the back off and replace the fuse. Next day hang it on the wall again. I employed anyone (for 5 minutes) ….in the neighborhood I could find gardeners, guards, etc.,(took two people to lift/carry it) to help me lift it off the wall and the next day get the same guy to help me put it back on the wall mount.
    I went through this process five times over four years and taught various people (my local ‘trusted’ helpers) how to detach it from the wall.

    My robbery consisted of taking only one thing…..the 50″ plasma. There were more valuable things available but they only wanted the TV. They broke a window, entered the house, removed the plasma from the wall, and escaped with it through the patio door.

    How does this happen in a gated community? Simple…just show them what you have and how to steal it. They will figure out a way for guards to look the other way. After all, the guards know when you are here and when you are not. No outsider knows what you have and would most likely take something easier and of greater value. This was targeted because they knew it was there and nothing else mattered.

  8. Thanks for sharing that Jay!! It is so often an inside job. Was this the case where they actually kind of cleaned up the broken window as well and put all the glass in a pile?

  9. Been here just over 6 years now. Lived in my 5th wheel on my property while house was being built. Only one incident during that time, and it was an “inside” job. Worker was allowed in the “garage” portion of my 5th wheel toy hauler to get some supplies. My wife had a little office area set up in the corner with her laptop, printer, etc. Worker must have unlocked the window above the laptop when putting supplies away. At 3:00 a.m. felt the 5th wheel shake and dog was barking. Got up and looked out the door to see a man running away with wife’s laptop. He left good fingerprints on the window, which upon our insistence the investigators came and took them. Also gave police the name of the guy. But nothing ever became of it. Then this recent Semana Santa police officers were stopping people during the day (I was headed to Santa Rosa’s grocery) for no helmet. They were stopping everyone (quads, motorcycles, etc.) with about 8 cops writing tickets. Again, six years here in San Carlos with no helmet and never being told I needed one. Riding in the parades with SOF with the police and no helmets. For some reason they decided that day was a day to give out tickets for no helmets. No warnings, no notifications, nothing. Went and got Rosa Meza from Impulso (who has been a terrific help to us on all our paperwork, etc.) and she came to the police department with us and to make a long story short, we did not have to pay our ticket. (Thanks Rosa). But then, when I went back to my place in Arizona about two years ago to check on things, I had been robbed blind. So it happens! We love living in San Carlos.

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