Dolphin Discovery Arrives with 4 new Dolphins in San Carlos

Dolphin Discovery Arrives with 4 new Dolphins in San Carlos



Dolphin Discovery, the largest dolphin in captivity operator in Mexico has returned to San Carlos today with four new dolphins. The original press release named the dolphins to be Romulo, Ariel, Triton and Belle but apparently the press release was in correct and Ariel was replaced by Ninfa. Here is what I could gather on the new dolphins and their origins.


  1. Romulo: Male dolphin who was live captured in 2002 in Mexico and has spend at least some of his life at Six Flags in Mexico City. 
  2. Triton: Male dolphin who was live captured from Cuba on July 19th 1998
  3. Ninfa: Female dolphin was live captured from Cuba on October 25th, 2002
  4. Belle: Female dolphin live captured from Cuba on September 3rd, 2003


Considering that we just published a rather extensive expose on the facility we certainly will be keeping a close eye on these dolphins and we will have an awful lot of questions for Dolphin Discovery over the following weeks as to why they decided to return to San Carlos.

We wish these dolphins all the best and hope that the facility will be properly maintained and that all life support systems will be working up to standards. I am going to repost our report from several years ago when CEDES kidnapped Chirris and Ketsi from Alex Gomez Rubio.

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  1. My basic question is why would anybody with some sense of sanity try, want, attemt, to do any business in Mexico ????? Why ???? Why sunject these animals to this kind of treatment ??? To make money of course, how’s it working out so far for you ???? These animals are most likely not feeling very well and quite possibly could catch some sort of infectious disease, (anyone out there been swimming around in their own excrements lately), and that will be that….. Disgusting as usual…

  2. It is a well known fact that dolphins do not do well in captivity. And, why would they? These animals need lots of space with room to play and race around after sardines or whatever happens to be swimming around for their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Why do humans insist on caging up all kinds of animals causing misery, illness and death. It’s, as usual, all about money. Why in the world can’t we just leave things alone?
    These creatures are beautiful and wonderful. I watch them all the time from San Francisco Beach. I have absolutely no desire to lock them up. The people who want to do the locking up should think about how they would feel if they lost their freedom and were locked up in a cage.
    I hope these new dolphins are cared for as they should be. I’m so sorry that when a person such as Marisol works for the good of the animals she gets fired. From past experience I think it is highly doubtful that the new set of circumstances will be any better than they have been in the past. We shall see.

  3. I’m utterly SICKENED WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE DOLPHINARIO IN SAN CARLOS, MX, WHY WON’T PEOPLE SPEAK UP! Where are the World Marine life activist to step in and make this kind of corruption and abuse known world wide?? I bet if this was San Diego, CA, This crap was going on at sea world, none of this would be happening.
    After following years the cruel handling of the dolphins, the GOVERNMENT corruption, and the upper management governing the San Carlos dolphinario, I cant even imagine that people would not be outraged by the mere thought of reopening this facility and housing dolphins!! JUST HOW MANY MORE HAVE TO DIE?
    The BEST predictor of future behavior is PAST BEHAVIOR!!!
    Tear the place down! Leave the dolphins free in the sea of Cortez!
    I’m so saddened, prayer’s go out to any dolphins that are being held captive there! Those people are criminals in my opinion!
    And a final closing note: My hats off to a very courageous lady who fought a very long fight to keep the dolphinario closed for these past few years! Mucho, Mucho Gracias Marisol :O)

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