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Dead Body Found in Container in Guaymas with Drug Cartel Message Written on It

narcotambo-en-guaymasOn Thursday the 29th of September a “Narcotambo” or 55 gallon sealed container was found left on 9th street in Guaymas. The duct taped sealed container was left by a drug cartel and had a message taped to the outside of it. There was a body inside. This would be the second time in two weeks that a drug cartel has left a message on the streets of Guaymas. Last week there was two Narcomantas found in Guaymas. On was left on the bridge to Mira Mar narcomanta-guaymasand it is unclear where the other was found. There seem to be few media reports of these incidents and it is sometimes very hard to find a report on the exact words that were written in these messages. Things seem to be getting worse in Guaymas at the moment and that means things are probably worse here in San Carlos as well.

Screen Shot below is from Uniobregon a web site with more info on the name of the victim who was found inside the container. It is reported below that the victim was tortured before he was shot and then dismembered. The message on the container is reported to say that if local authorities do not stop their operations in the region someone will be executed everyday.



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