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Do you need a custom video to promote your business? If so please contact us, we charge a fraction of what most other production companies in Sonora do!!!! Call us you will not be disappointed.

We specialize in nature and environmental issues but we also produce news story´s and mini documentaries. If anyone has knowledge of an interesting story, whether it be a social injustice or simple a human interest story please feel free to contact us. We just might be able to do a story on it and raise social awareness. We started our production company because we saw a great need for independent media not only in Mexico but everywhere. So Join with us and give us ideas. We are still looking for Sponsors for our T.V. show Surf & Turf En La Rivera Mar de Cortes, so if you are interested in sponsoring our show please contact me at

or call toll free from the states 686-866-7352

or in Mexico call 622-226-0929 or 226-0508

Sincerely Vince Radice

Dolphin Kidnapping, here is the original Story I did about a year ago when this all started to go down. It is still not over and now two dolphins have died in the last several months. Looks like the state of Sonora does not seem to know how to run the place. The update is coming soon.

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  1. A new swim with dolphin center just opened in San Jose del Cabo. There are six dolphins in a VERY small tank, located in a marina surrounded by rusted bardges, tractors, and large petroleum guzzling yachts. The tide fluctuates 1.5 – 2.5 m leaving a extremely shallow pool for the dolhins. They are also swimmming in an area saturated in oil, dissolved solids, and no shade. Dolphins can get sunburn! It is disqusting – PLEASE HELP come make a video!

  2. Stephanie can you find out the name of the company who own the dolphins? Is it a company by the name of dolphin discovery by any chance?

  3. Vince,
    Im tired of all the gossip and innuendos being thrown around San Carlos about my other forum South-of-the
    I need you to do an in-depth interview with me and then I can prove I am not the criminal they say. I had a couple of fraud cases when Maggy and I ran our real Estate company in Alameda and the child sex charges were dropped because the parents didn’t want the boys to be public spectacle.
    I never been in jail and always pay my way if you know what I mean?

    So when can we get together and make me a TV star?

  4. I am pretty busy right now working on the Javier Ordaz Case. I will have some time next week but not sure when I will be able to do an interview. I am interested in interviewing you though.

  5. George did not hack his own web site, the guy that most likely did hack it was traced to an IP address in Canada. This guy in Canada was also hosting the south of the border forum that was taken off line. Forum Motion refused to tell us the identity of the jerk but I can assure you that George did not hack his own web site and did not own or moderate the south of the border forum.

  6. Also to let people know the post above that says George Gadspy was not posted by George. It was posted by someone with an IP address from Canada and the south of the border forum has been taken off line. George did not own the south of the border forum and never had any control over it. I spoke directly to Forum Motion over this issue and they have refused to say who was the owner of the forum but it was not George.

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