Chad Willis Gabriel Conde World Energy Research Scam

Well this video came about after I realized how many people have been scammed by a guy who passed through San Carlos in the summer and fall of 2007. He rolled into town in a Black Escalade Suv which actually turned out to be owned by his ex wife who he abandoned along with his daughter to continue his psychopathic crime wave throughout Mexico and Central America with a woman named Blanca Elizabeth Salvatierra Ruiz. We are quite sure Chad is a nut case since Blanca told us many things about him during their brief stay in San Carlos. Back then we suspect Blanca had no idea of the life she was in for. Now I would have to conclude she is an accessory to the crime spree.     My knowledge of Chad Willis comes from my direct dealings with him while he was here and speaking with several people, including his brother on line and via phone conversations after he skipped town with 30 thousand dollars of a local Realtors hard earned money. Apparently Chad is good at forging signatures on checks. After he left town I started a thread on the san carlos Forum about him and posted the picture on this post of Chad and Blanca. The thread actually helped chase Chad out of Mexico since many people identified him through the information I posted. That is until a lawyer working for Chad who goes by the name of Arron Kelly out of Scottsdale Arizona intimidated the owner of the forum to the point of the owner taking the post down. The reason Chad hired the lawyer was because a man named Mark Van Bohem found out that the Man he knew by the name of Gabriel Conde was in fact Chad Willis. Van Bohem has invested his lifes saving in a bogus company called World Energy Research. When it became obvious that the company had scammed him he started to investigate. World Energy Resources has offices listed in New Zealand, London and Guatemala. Chad actually lives in Guatemala at the moment but I suspect he is on his way out soon and looking for a new identity, maybe some Liposuction as well as a little plastic surgery. Here is the site created by Van Boehm about Chad. Word Energy Research Scam.

Chad old buddy I am waiting for your lawyers to call me and start harassing me over this video. By the way I forgot to mention Chad is wanted for violation of his parole. Since he was convicted of Mortgage Fraud in Michigan he violated parole by coming to Mexico. Authorities in Michigan say they do not have the resourses to pick him up in Guatemala.

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  1. Great video. This Chad Willis \Gabriel Conde and his gang of thieves namely Jorge Vizcarra, Mike Kitto and John Holmes have scammed me out of my money as well. It has been estimated that these pricks have scammed over 250 people and now this wanted criminal is trying to construct a share market scam on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. I am determined to track these guys down and make their live’s hell.

  2. You did a really nice job Vince. I really like your straight-shooting style and even though it is a very serious matter you managed to inject a little humour in there too. It’s great to have a decent, honest, hardworking person like yourself stand up and be prepared to selflessly put themself “on the firing line” the way you have done for no other reason than to stop others from being scammed too. I have had nothing but great respect and admiration for you ever since we first “met”. I hope to meet you in person one day and say a proper thank you for all your efforts in uncovering the truth.
    There are a lot of people out there that know a lot but unfortunately they are not coming forward because WER’s/WEHR’s lawyers are intimidating the “hell out of them”. They are good people too but just a little afraid. What really annoys me about all of this is that Chad is using the investor’s money to pay the lawyers to suppress the truth from coming out. Not one of them has demonstrated they have any interest in the truth whatsoever. I think I am probably a bit naive saying this but it’s real disappointing. I suppose that’s just how it works though; they don’t really care as long as they get paid.
    Thanks again Vince. I am very grateful. I know WER’s lawyers probably really got stuck into him but it’s a real shame Bart can’t find some of the same as what you have.

  3. To Mark, This Chad Willis character looks almost identical to another greedy and deceitful rouge I have encountered who is now in the process of becoming a better man, for his own sake, as well as for his family and for others.
    I would like to assist you Mark in you endeavor. I have the means, ability and the will to help you. Contact me at your leisure.

  4. What I think truly sad about his whole deal is the fact that a lot of this would have come to an end if the first person Chad ripped off in San Carlos had pressed charges. The other thing that really pisses me off is that Chad could easily be picked up for violation of his probation. But no one in the States has any money to go get him. How sad is that, they leave a wanton criminal on the streets because they don’t have a few thousand bucks for a plane ticket. Keep me informed please on what is going on and if there is anything else I can do let me know.

  5. I would also like to praise the creator of the video for a job well done. Keep up the good work. The circle will always return to where it started.

  6. Very Interesting, While In San Carlos Chad tried to sell the boat “Deal Maker” to a friend of mine.problem was Chad did not own the boat ,another friend of mine did I wish I would of blown the whistel on him then..I had no idea he was a Scam Artisit

  7. Hi Steve that’s very interesting. Let me get this right, this is definitely a different boat you are talking about to the one that Vince makes reference to in the video (the Dakota) that he rented out a few times?

  8. Deal Maker is another boat entirely, I had not heard about that one either. You just gotta love this guy. I wonder if Chad is looking into plastic surgery soon!

  9. Ok thanks Vince for clearing that up. At least he is consistent I suppose. You know he is always going to try to do the wrong thing by other folk.

  10. You guys might be interested that this bunch are being investigated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in the UK.
    It looks as though I’ve also lost money but I made the first approach to them as it was quoted in one of our broadsheet papers are yielding good returns. Their phone calls (i was rung by Lance somebody from NZ and then he moved to Guatemala) are quite pressured into investing more than I wanted to – or even had to spare.

    The name behind the organisation seems to be Jorge Vizcarra who is the director.

  11. Belinda, you mention that the FSA are investigating. why? FSA investigations are strictly confidential ! You may have now hindered or prejudiced any investigation underway. Not a good move!

  12. I wonder where our favourite scammer Chadbriel is these days? Belize? Costa Rica? Panama? Ecuador? He sure seems to be keeping a low profile. Maybe he got that plastic surgery afterall and noone recognizes him any more? Sure hope you got that tummy tuck done at the same time fat boy!

    Then again maybe he’s simply holed up somewhere shooting up crystal meth between his toes like he use to – don’t forget to buy some lamasil Chad! Yes one of your old flat mates told me all about it Chad.

  13. Its disgusting what damage this guy has caused to other peoples lives for his own greed. An evil man, beware.

  14. Mac he is a fully blown sociopath who cares for noone but himself. He is also a very heavy drug user and now is completely delusional considering himself one step away from being a God if not a God already! He believes he can never be caught as he is totally invincible. He’s probably right too judging by the lack of unity from the WEHR scam victims; we could have put him away (in jail) but atlas he has once again slipped away.

  15. hi i got call from somebody that they will give money for share, did anybody got call just want to know

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