Chad E. Willis alias Gabriel Conde World Energy Research Scam

Well this video came about after I realized how many people have been scammed by a guy who passed through San Carlos in the summer and fall of 2007. He rolled into town in a Black Escalade Suv which actually turned out to be owned by his ex wife who he abandoned along with his daughter to continue his psychopathic crime wave throughout Mexico and Central America with a woman named Blanca Elizabeth Salvatierra Ruiz. We are quite sure Chad is a nut case since Blanca told us many things about him during their brief stay in San Carlos. Back then we suspect Blanca had no idea of the life she was in for. Now I would have to conclude she is an accessory to the crime spree.     My knowledge of Chad Willis comes from my direct dealings with him while he was here and speaking with several people, including his brother on line and via phone conversations after he skipped town with 30 thousand dollars of a local Realtors hard earned money. Apparently Chad is good at forging signatures on checks. After he left town I started a thread on the san carlos Forum about him and posted the picture on this post of Chad and Blanca. The thread actually helped chase Chad out of Mexico since many people identified him through the information I posted. That is until a lawyer working for Chad who goes by the name of Arron Kelly out of Scottsdale Arizona intimidated the owner of the forum to the point of the owner taking the post down. The reason Chad hired the lawyer was because a man named Mark Van Bohem found out that the Man he knew by the name of Gabriel Conde was in fact Chad Willis. Van Bohem has invested his lifes saving in a bogus company called World Energy Research. When it became obvious that the company had scammed him he started to investigate. World Energy Resources has offices listed in New Zealand, London and Guatemala. Chad actually lives in Guatemala at the moment but I suspect he is on his way out soon and looking for a new identity, maybe some Liposuction as well as a little plastic surgery. Here is the site created by Van Boehm about Chad. Word Energy Research Scam.

Chad old buddy I am waiting for your lawyers to call me and start harassing me over this video. By the way I forgot to mention Chad is wanted for violation of his parole. Since he was convicted of Mortgage Fraud in Michigan he violated parole by coming to Mexico. Authorities in Michigan say they do not have the resourses to pick him up in Guatemala.

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  1. hi i am the one investor in wer company, i got call from someone that they will buy a company share from us. any one got call as of 7 june,2016

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