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What do Lorenzo DeCima Mayor of Guaymas and Pena Nieto President of Mexico have in common? Incompetence and inability to lead comes to mind!

There are a few parallels between what is going on in Guaymas municipal government and what is going in the federal government in Mexico City. Even though Lorenzo DeCima is a PAN political hack he has a few things in common with Pena Nieto, Mexico’s worst president in modern history. Number one on the list… Continue Reading

A Dog Named Oso Needs to be Adopted

This year Mexican lawmakers finally enacted cruelty to animals legislation. Anyone who is familiar with recent events in Ayotzinapa realize that in Mexico it is hard to enforce laws that are supposed to protect the human rights of people let alone animals but traditionally under worked and over paid Mexican legislators non the less have… Continue Reading

Carnaval 2012 Guaymas Parade

Well I found some time away from working on the Pi#@chi sail boat to go to watch the parade with Ines and the kids. Although I heard on the radio that many people were very disappointed with  this years Carnival the day we went was pretty good and there was plenty of colorful floats, dancing and forgive the pun,… Continue Reading