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Dan & Jim three perfect days of summer sailing!

The beauty of sailing in summer is the warm water of the Sea of Cortez. So with that in mind Dan from Colorado and Jim from Alaska, who now lives in Yuma had three perfect days of 8 – 10 knot winds and 80 degree water.

I will get the pictures posted shortly. I am actually doing mt first blog post with an Android smart phone and the WordPress app!

What do Lorenzo DeCima Mayor of Guaymas and Pena Nieto President of Mexico have in common? Incompetence and inability to lead comes to mind!

There are a few parallels between what is going on in Guaymas municipal government and what is going in the federal government in Mexico City. Even though Lorenzo DeCima is a PAN political hack he has a few things in common with Pena Nieto, Mexico’s worst president in modern history. Number one on the list is very low approval ratings, I have yet to find anyone in Guaymas that thinks Lorezno is doing a good job. Ask anyone on the street about Pena Nieto and there you will have it.  Now the other thing that is pissing a lot of people off, yours truly included, is that Lorenzo has a complete lack of respect for San Carlos. San Carlos is not even mentioned in the most recent state of the city report by Guaymas. We don’t exist in any other form except when it is time to pay property taxes! Now this is nothing new really since most all Mayors of Guaymas have disrespected San Carlos and it’s huge financial contributions to Guaymas in one form or another from refusing to fund development projects to an out right falsification of the San Carlos Comisiaria budget to funnel pesos directly into their pockets. At least the last mayor of Guaymas had the balls to actually come here and listen to what people said. I actually had a chance to be there and got a bit of video on that meeting and there was at least one person at the meeting that literally tried to crawl up the ass of then mayor Otto Claussen. Now I don’t think that meeting stopped Otto for one second from raping the Comisaría budget to help build his white house in Marina Vista but HEY, he did show up! Lorenzo is awol!

I endlessly think about San Carlos financials and in my desire to inform locals I am starting to frame my speech on San Carlos financials in a different manor but before I get to the soap box I think it important to reveal what one of my good friends and advisor to the Comite Pro Municipio 73, Victor Parra Maldonado divulged to us in a meeting last week that really put some things into perspective “for all of us who have been on the; San Carlos needs to be it’s own city/Municipio band wagon for a few years now.”

And you can believe that this info is now firmly rooted in my speech. It goes something like this, and just to be clear Mexico has 2440 municipios or municipalities divided between 31 states, according to Wikipedia, and it is important to note that San Carlos is technically a Comisaría which  translates to Police Station in Spanish. So yes we all live in a police station here in San Carlos. Point being that San Carlos is not it’s own city.

I got my hair cut at Maru’s the other day so I had a chance to give my speech while sitting on the throne, it goes something like this.

me: Hey did you know we don’t have a comisario at the moment. Sometimes people know this many times they do not. I think Maru didn’t know that and I explained that he came in the back door and out the back door he went!

recipient of my speech: No I didn’t know that.

me: Ya that means that the ultimate authority in San Carlos is now none other than the Comandante. Comandante in Spanish directly translates to fucking corrupt chief of police. (Donal Trump is the master of few words so after I say that I usually say something like) NOT GOOD  NOT GOOD!

me: Take a guess at how much money San Carlos pays to Guaymas each year via tax revenues, alcohol permits, ect…..100 million pesos a year minimum, yep that is right residents of San Carlos pay 100 million pesos a year in taxes to Guaymas and do you know how much San Carlos gets back from that?

recipient of my speech: No……..

me: We get back around 8.5 million pesos depending on how much money Guaymas steals from our budget. Now lets count to 10, that is easy right. In ten years San Carlos has paid $1,000,000,000 that is billion with a capital B mind you pesos to Guaymas. Now look around you and tell me if you see $1,000,000,000 pesos worth of investment in San Carlos? (At this point you can usually start to see a range of emotions in the eyes and or facial expressions of the speech recipient. I have seen rage, disgust, indignation, cynicism and anger, sometimes all at the same time)

Now what is new in my speech is what Victor uncovered just a couple of weeks ago while he was doing research on comisarías in Mexico. And this is truly interesting. San Carlos is the only comisaría in the whole country, yes in all 31 states and 2440 municipalities San Carlos is the ONLY Comisaría Touristica in the whole damn country!

San Carlos is the only comisaría in the whole country, yes in all 31 states and 2440 municipalities San Carlos is the ONLY Comisaría Touristica in the whole damn country!

Now I have yet to find out how many comisarías there are in Mexico but the fact that we are the only one that has a tourist designation means that we, San Carlos are the most important comisaría in the whole nation. What that also means is that ever other tourist designated area in Mexico is it’s own city. Which means they keep their taxes and they administrate their area with no meddling from other areas. In my speech on municipios I always include this little tid bit about the Valley of Orizaba down in the great and unfortunately very violent state of Vera Cruz. I have a good friend down there who lives in Orizaba, a town that is located at the base of North Americas third largest peak, a mountain well worth the climb! The valley is spectacular and is about 25 kilometers long. About the distance between San Carlos and Guaymas. Now get this, within these 25 kilometers there are 18 different municipios! That is hard to imagine really, from here to Guaymas you would travel through 18 distinct cities, each with it’s own police force, court house ect.

Which leads me to finally say what the hell is San Carlos waiting for. Then I get the standard reply from at least 50% of my speech recipients which is.

Guaymas will never allow San Carlos to be it’s own city!

My reply is simple when I am told that. Read Article 39 of the Mexican Constitution. It is enlightening. It states pretty much that any pueblo or small town can say fuck you to who ever is repressing them and change their form of government when ever they decide. It is an inalienable right. I have yet to have a speech recipient disagree with me.

Lorenzo DeCima and all the crooked city council members in Guaymas may not understand this yet but there is a perfect storm brewing in San Carlos and there is a call for a new comisiario. One who is choosen by the people of San Carlos for the people of San Carlos, a comisario who will represent the people of San Carlos and one who will actually have a reasonable budget proposal that aims to accomplish some modest improvements to the town. If these activists and the people of San Carlos get blown off yet again by Guaymas there might soon be a visit to the Governors office. Our Governor is PRI and Lorenzo is PAN.

It is not a far stretch to think that San Carlos, the most important Comisaría Touristica in the whole damn country might, just get a little more respect if it takes it’s case directly to the Governor. The Comite Pro Municipio 73 has a rather large file of all the things Guaymas is supposed to do legally for San Carlos yet refuses to do. The file grows each month and with each addition of information or abuse committed by Guaymas against San Carlos the legal justification for San Carlos becoming it’s own Municipio will become harder to deny.

Seeking Volunteers to help Marisol with Pepito the injured sea lion

Seeking Volunteers to help Marisol with Pepito the injured sea lion

If anyone would like to volunteer their time and energy please check out the video below and send me an email, or call me on my cell phone, 622-126-0622 and I will put you in touch with Marisol. Just to let everyone know Marisol does have permission from the state agency of PROFEPA to be caring for this sea-lion and it is our hope that within a few weeks Pepito can be released back into the wild at San Pedro Nolasco Island.

Also if anyone would like to donate any of the following items would be of use.

  • Bleach
  • Towels
  • Sanitary Wipes



One Response to Seeking Volunteers to help Marisol with Pepito the injured sea lion

    The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior….
    Apparently there is plenty of evidence that this will be another disaster..
    I feel bad and will never support what they are doing out there!
    That place should be condemned for good!

    Were the heck are the WORLD MARINE MAMAL ACTIVIST? Is there some organization that can be contacted that serves the united nations regarding these issues!

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A Dog Named Oso Needs to be Adopted

This year Mexican lawmakers finally enacted cruelty to animals legislation. Anyone who is familiar with recent events in Ayotzinapa realize that in Mexico it is hard to enforce laws that are supposed to protect the human rights of people let alone animals but traditionally under worked and over paid Mexican legislators non the less have passed the new law. Much of the animal rights movement in Mexico got it start via the many Traveling Circus’s that still exist here and the subsequent abuse of animals. Especially the ones that actually traveled with marine mammals. At the moment there is a petition circulating on in Mexico relating to the Miami Circus in Tepic Nayarit and their dolphins in captivity.

Oso fence

Any way we have a family in our neighborhood who simply can not take care of Oso. He is a jumper and can easily jump the fence where he was living which meant he was pretty much living his life tied to the very same fence he easily jumps over. Until yesterday that is when Ines and I decided to try to find him a new home. Oso is now residing at our house until we find him a new home. He is two years old and I will doble check to see if he has his rabies shots, he is currently not spade but there is a free clinic coming up in less than two weeks via the SBPA.

So anyone interested in Oso please contact us,, I am giving everyone on our newsletter first shot at this wonderful dog before we put him up on facebook for adoption.

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Castaway Kids 2013 Beach Party Marshall Awards

Castaway Kids 2013 Beach Party Marshall Awards

This was one of the big fundraisers for Castaway Kids that was held on Sunday, March 24th at La Palapa Griega, this was the 3rd Annual Castaway Kids’ Beach Party that goes from noon until dusk, lots of bands & musicians, raffles, auctions & fun. The 3rd annual Doug Marshall Community Service Award was also be presented.




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Estero el Soldado: Interview Annette & Joy

Estero el Soldado: Interview Annette & Joy

Estero El Soldado

Public Forums on the Horizon?

I had the opportunity to interview two women who have been visiting San Carlos for around 50 years now. So thanks very much to

   Our resident dolphin are here because of the estero
Our resident dolphins
are here because of the estero

Annette Felix & Joy Chandler. Annette and Joy both own condos over at Pilar and have spent much energy picking up trash over the years. I was interested to speak with them on there experiences at the estuary. What disturbs me the most is that over the years the many different agencies and or individuals who have managed the estuary have never reached out to the community of residents here in San Carlos. This is a community of residents that could very easily help in managing the area in a more sustainable way and would be a great resource that the government has certainly not taken advantage of. That needs to change. I have been told that almost 1 million dollars has been spent since 2006 on conservation of the Estero yet I certainly don’t see where the money went. The visitor center certainly couldn’t have cost that much money. The cyclone fence that is falling down in the video didn’t cost that much money of that you can be sure.

So where did all the money go that was spent on conservation? I guess it went for salaries of biologists consulting fees and construction of the visitor center. For me the most difficult thing to fathom from this is; out of all the money that was spent out there no one ever came out with a management plan. A management plan is required by law since the Estero is a national park. It would seem that CEDES  took as much federal money as they could and tried to use it to develop a business plan on converting the Esturay into a theme park. So the state government did have a plan, a business plan not a conservation plan.  I hear through the grape vine that possibly Mauricio Cervantes, the local biologist who wrote the book on the estero and was a co-administrator for several years, is possibly negotiating with CEDES to develop a plan. I will say that if Mauricio Cervantes does get a contract to develop a management plan for the Estero with CEDES then by law he must hold public forums, something he certainly never did when he was in charge. It would be very important to make sure that who ever develops a managment plan for the area hold the required forums to allow participation by the San Carlos/Guaymas community.

Members of INAH meet with local activist Norma Nunez
Members of INAH meet with local activist Norma Nunez

As far as the zip line is concerned after speaking with some of my contacts at Conanp, Comision Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas, it would seem that the project is almost certainly dead. The fact that the estuary is a Ramsar World Heritage site makes it almost completely impossible for the project to continue as it had been planned. As far as the scaffolding for the bird watching and the enormous holes that have been excavated for the foundations of the zip line towers go it is anyones guess when all that will be dealt with. It may take years before the scaffolding is removed and the holes are filled in. The INAH, Instituto Nacional de Antropologia y Historia has inspected the site and has been trying to get a response in writing from CEDES on the illegal holes they dug.

I know recently Norma Nunez had a meeting out at Bahia Delfin Condos last week that I was unable to attend. Please check out Norma’s Page on face book Salvemos el Estero del Soldado and try to hook up with her. I am sure she will be helping keep track of what is going on out there. It is high time residents of San Carlos and Guaymas demand open public forums on what is going on at the estuary. It is arguably one the most important pieces of real estate in Sonora and with out doubt in San Carlos.


5 Responses to Estero el Soldado: Interview Annette & Joy

  1. Wonderful, love to get involved! Someone who lives in San Carlos has to head this up. I know of lots of people who are Snow Birds – are
    there from October to March. I have been coming to San Carlos for 20 plus years but do not know two gals – and should. We are all singing from the same song sheet. We feel we should not interfer in Mexico’s business.
    Those birds are everyones birds, as are the dolphins.

  2. Great job, thanks Vince….will pass this on to all in Tucson and beyond……I have been coming down since 1974……the estuary needs the support of everyone!

  3. thanks for that Patty, what is really needed is for the snooty Biologist’s and administrators who have been in charge over the years to understand that they are totally ignoring a vast resource that is sitting righting under their noses. The community that utilizes the resource more than any other group, the condo owners out there. Joy and Annette are perfect examples of that.

  4. Vince:

    Those “snooty biologists” that you mentioned with disdain have been hard at work in the background trying to save the estuary from destruction by the State of Sonora. Many people, both Mexican and American, are quietly involved. Until certain things happen, it has to remain quiet. But, little by little, it is happening. Just because you don’t know about it doesn’t mean it is bad. It would be best for all if you just don’t say anything until you know the facts. Your habit of offering “half facts” is not constructive.

  5. I am a little confused on how remaining quiet will somehow help stop the state from destroying the estuary. As you must have noticed Bill the Zipline is being completed. So that stay quiet strategy does not seem to be paying off.

    The fact of the matter remains that at no time has any one every reached out to the community of users of the estuary to involve them in any matter. There have been no public forums over the estuary what so ever. Now when I interviewed Mauricio about his tenure out there he gave me a very interesting stat that I mentioned in the blog post. He told me that almost one million dollars was invested within the estuary. Now I find it hard to believe that the building out there cost a cool million so what was done with all that money? Where did it go? It didn’t go to a management plan, that is for sure. I believe Mauricio got another contract to write one up but I am not sure, I will start checking on all this again since it is obvious the state is going to try to finish what it started. I doubt construction of a zip line would have been in the plan and I wonder who wrote up the environmental impact study for the construction of the zip lines.

    Last week they were working on the zip line towers so obviously the project has gone ahead. Explain to me exactly what the hard working biologists have done to stop the construction of the zip line and the plan for monetization that the state has come up with? I will stick with the word snooty, it fits the description of the actions of those administrators and some of the biologist’s well from my point of view. Mauricio was paid to do a job out there. Did he do a good job? Well some think he did and some think he did not. Clearly when he was out there the visitor center had information on the flora and fauna of the estuary and a working biologist who could give you information. CEDES under it’s current administration has clearly done a worse job than the last administration. Is CEDES a snooty governmental organization. I would have to say that under Tellez it was undoubtedly so. They have taken federal money and used it to come up with a business plan not a plan for conservation.

    Please tell me what the “half facts” are since I got the facts from interviewing the players involved in this. Perhaps you would like to clue us in to the other half of the facts. Or I guess we just shouldn’t know what the rest of the facts are?

    Who is being snooty now?

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4 Responses to Caminata por la vida Cancer Walk in San Carlos

  1. Como puedo participar en la proxima caminata …yo soy sobreviviente de cancer y me encantaria participar.Por favor notifiqueme e mail : egunsauley@gmail

  2. Buena noche, nada más para informale a Elvia Gunsauley que soy Vice Presidenta de Agrupación George Papanicolaou de Guaymas y en coordinación con las Damas Voluntarias de San CArlos se organizó dicha caminata para el próximo 17 de febrero 2013, la publicidad será a partir de enero y ya se les informará por Radio, T.V. Prensa, Boletines, etc. de la mecánica. Nos encantaria contar con su presencia y estoy a sus órdenes. Saludos cordiales.

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Carnaval 2012 Guaymas Parade

Well I found some time away from working on the Pi#@chi sail boat to go to watch the parade with Ines and the kids. Although I heard on the radio that many people were very disappointed with  this years Carnival the day we went was pretty good and there was plenty of colorful floats, dancing and forgive the pun, a carnival like atmosphere. So enjoy the images of carnival!



13 Responses to Carnaval 2012 Guaymas Parade

  1. You have conveyed the fun of the carnival and it was wonderful to share it at distance. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hola cuñado!!! muy padre el video del carnaval, las tomas muy interesantes, has captado los detalles mas coloridos e interesantes del carnaval felicidades ! saludos a todos

  3. Hi Vince,
    In fact the day we went , the parade was pretty and good too, and I got back again by tree days more to enjoy it. I ‘ve never gone to the Guaymas Carnival, I thought that it is not good…. but this year i like to much, and I danced so much and Muriel enjoyed like enano…
    Thank you for your video…. you have more images?

  4. Great photography! Nice to see the parade and your family. 2012 is the year I am hoping to visit San Carlos. Chuck E,

  5. great video! Wish I’d been there! Looked like a lot of fun was being had by all. Keep up the good work.

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One Response to 7th Annual Yellow Tail Spear Fishing Tournament

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13 Responses to 2011 Noche Buena Boat Parade of Lights


  2. Thank you Vince! I appreciate your efforts in making this video for those of us who
    could not be in San Carlos during the holidays. It looks like a good turnout of boats this year. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. What a beautiful sight it was! Many thanks to my parent, David and Kathy Rodgers for the chance to participate in such a fun endeavor. San Carlos is beautiful and we can’t wait to come back next Christmas!!!

  4. Very delightful and the boats were beautiful. Thanks to the Yacht Club for getting so many boats. Hopefully more next year. Thanks Vince for the vidio.

  5. Gracias Vince!!
    Que padre poder verlo en video porke no estuve en San Carlos para Christmas, Aun despues de un…pero me encanta.
    Happy New Year and I wish the best best best in your new adventure, to you and Ines…. ilvu both

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