Carnaval 2012 Guaymas Parade

Well I found some time away from working on the Pi#@chi sail boat to go to watch the parade with Ines and the kids. Although I heard on the radio that many people were very disappointed with  this years Carnival the day we went was pretty good and there was plenty of colorful floats, dancing and forgive the pun,… Continue Reading

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  1. You have conveyed the fun of the carnival and it was wonderful to share it at distance. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hola cuñado!!! muy padre el video del carnaval, las tomas muy interesantes, has captado los detalles mas coloridos e interesantes del carnaval felicidades ! saludos a todos

  3. Hi Vince,
    In fact the day we went , the parade was pretty and good too, and I got back again by tree days more to enjoy it. I ‘ve never gone to the Guaymas Carnival, I thought that it is not good…. but this year i like to much, and I danced so much and Muriel enjoyed like enano…
    Thank you for your video…. you have more images?

  4. Great photography! Nice to see the parade and your family. 2012 is the year I am hoping to visit San Carlos. Chuck E,

  5. great video! Wish I’d been there! Looked like a lot of fun was being had by all. Keep up the good work.

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