Carmen/Catalina Ordaz Bail is set to go higher; 30 million pesos in cash or 90 million in land

Carmen/Catalina Ordaz Bail is set to go higher; 30 million pesos in cash or 90 million in land

Carmen Ordaz Mug Shot newerSources close to the case (Sea Escape S.A. de C.V. vs Carmen Ordaz) have confirmed to us that the bail for Carmen Ordaz on the charges of falsification of documents is set to go much higher. The initial bail for Carmen Ordaz was 2 million pesos, not the previously reported 5 million pesos. A piece of land valued at 7 million pesos was put up. This payment in Spanish is called a “primera caución (garantía de pago del daño económico)” and the payment was; “fue fijada por la jueza penal en la cantidad de 2 millones de pesos, y fue otorgada por medio de hipoteca sobre un terreno de Catalina con valor de 7 millones de pesos (según la ley, debe ser valor 3 a 1 si no es en efectivo)” ordered by a penal court system judge, said our confidential source.

The legal team that opposes Ordaz was clearly not happy with the original bail. The amount of money and economic damage that has been caused to Sea Escape S.A. de C.V. , assuming the charges of fraud against Ordaz are true and she is convicted, would certainly be more that 2 million pesos. With that in mind it would seem that the Lawyers for Sea Escape were able to convince a judge that the initial bail was set far to low.

So here is the new scenario. The new bail has now been set at 30 million pesos, yes that is million with a capital M. If a cash payment can not be paid then a piece of land and or properties can be used for bail. The properties would have to be worth at least 90 million pesos, which is close to 7 million dollars. The law stipulates that when cash is not paid for bail then the properties in question must be worth 3 times the amount of the bail.

This will make things very interesting for the defendants. It would be hard pressed to believe that Star Realty or Snowbird Realty would own properties in excess of 90 million pesos. Does that mean that Carmen and Catalina Ordaz will soon be behind bars until the case is completely resolved?

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  1. “Sources close to the case” LOL… Those sources were wrong before over and over again. Where’s the retraction? Where’s the apology? Where are the facts and the documents?

  2. Apologize to whom? The only thing that was off was the amount of money she paid to get out of jail, Now they will have to pay more. Sources want to remain anonymous, I guess you just don’t understand the word Gadfly!

  3. Has the old adage “birds of a feather” ever been more appropriately applied, than when referring to gadsby and ordaz?

  4. Has Gadfly had a come to Jesus moment? His posting on his own blog, have almost come to a halt, and when he does he almost seems human. Or perhaps he has left the area, as many have suggested. Anyway, much less is better for our community.

  5. I have been out of town and working on the CEA story and the sailing school. I suspect not much has changed within that mans mind set though.

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