Carmen Ordaz Posts Blatant Lie on Viva San Carlos Board

Carmen Ordaz Posts Blatant Lie on Viva San Carlos Board

It has been brought to my attention that Carmelita Ordaz has blatantly posted a lie on the Viva board.  I don’t use Viva San Carlos anymore, I was banned a while ago since the information I posted there was in direct conflict with several of the Sponsors of the board. Getting Kicked off of Viva was actually an honor. It seems that George is a good friend of the Ordaz family so apparently he allows the Ordaz family to post blatantly false material. Here is the post by Carmen Ordaz that someone cut and pasted to me just today.


The Mexican Congress has approved a major change to the law that will become known as a milestone event in the history of legislation regarding property ownership in Mexico.  As of now, the bank trust requirement for foreign ownership of property within 50 kilometers of the coast and 100 kilometers of the border has been removed.  Foreigners can now own residential property with non-lucrative purposes in the area known as the “restricted zone” directly, without putting the property in a bank trust.  

The dragon has been slain.

The parliamentary group, directed by Manlio Fabio Beltrones Rivera and Gloria Elizabeth Núñez Sánchez of the PRI, and Raúl Paz Alonzo of the Pan led this effort.   

We give an enormous Thank You to the group that made this possible.  

In my opinion, this historic change will open the doors to foreign investment, bringing juridic security to the investor.  

The news announcement in Spanish is shown below. This change will be effective the second day after publication in Diario Oficial de la Federacion.  We will try to have an English translation of the news article soon.  

Lic. Carmen Ordaz, Attorney-at-Law
Star Realty 


My question is very simple. How can any forum allow a real estate agent to post such a blatant mistruth? This is another example of how the Viva San Carlos board has done a huge disservice to this community. George and Alex should be utterly ashamed of themselves for allowing this to be posted. This is completely and utterly false. Carmen Ordaz is a liar, it is that simple. You still need a bank trust if you are a gringo and I would take anything posted on Viva from anyone with the last name of Ordaz with a very large grain of salt indeed.

This is a big problem with the sancarlosboard. If you are sponsor it seems you may pretty much post anything you like and the post will not be taken down. I have been informed that several people have repudiated the Ordaz post. I think those who use this board should ask the Moderator why this type of information is allowed to be posted. Thanks to all those who posted against Ordaz and her blatant lie. This is what the community in San Carlos needs. People to step up and dispel the lies!

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  1. I read this same information on other websites and news reports. On a later post she said that it has not been approved but it is in the works. We all know that we need a trust until all the paperwork is sogned

  2. In a recent post George claims that the rattlesnake sisters never advertise on Viva San Carlos but that he would be happy to have them in his house. How nice. How very nice.

    George also claims that he will leave the link to San Carlos TV posted. This is a major departure from the past censorship whenever the truth about the sisters has appeared.

    Thank you George.

    Carry on Vince!

  3. I didn’t see any article from a Guaymas news paper on the subject, is there a link for that?

    There is an initiative to change the law in congress. That is a very very far cry from an actual law change. Just as there has been an initiative to change the fishing laws regarding dorado. That initiative was crushed by the tourism industry. I suspect that the banking industry will spend a boat load of money lobbying against any change in the bank trust laws. This is a fight that is far from over. So again for Carmen Ordaz to post that the law has changed, well that person obviously was not interested in a factual informative thread. It would seem to me that she is using Viva San Carlos to fish for business more than anything.

  4. So many rumors…. I also heard from good source that owner of this website is financed with drug money…

  5. Damn I wish I had some drug money, then I would really be able to have a nicer web site and a web master to boot and I would for sure print the paper in color!!! LOL

  6. What ever happened to the ‘private’ bank trust that Carmen’s sister setup? She convinced people that they did not need a Mexican bank trust but could use her personal company to hold their trust. San Carlos Trust. Maybe Carmen and John are proposing a ‘lead in’ to this fake trust? The papers when translated are actually a contract giving Catalina Ordaz ownership of property.

  7. Yes I heard of this and a very clever way to go ahead and take someone’s property when they die. From what I understand the would convince people that they had their paper work, the people would then go ahead and use the house and then when they died the property was now owned by the Ordaz’s.

  8. Looks like the land ownership criteria will be changing much faster than we thought….. This is a good thing!

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