Arrest Warrant fullfilled for Carmen Ordaz yesterday; Scotia Bank goes after Catalina Ordaz

Arrest Warrant fullfilled for Carmen Ordaz yesterday; Scotia Bank goes after Catalina Ordaz

It has been confirmed by various sources that yesterday afternoon Carmen Ordaz was served an arrest warrant by the Ministero Publico in Hermosillo. Also included in the arrest warrant was Javier Ordaz. All this stems from the land deal over at Punta San Antonio that goes by the name of Costa Bella.

Catalina Ordaz may also be under investigation. In the below document Scotia Bank is essentially asking for an investigation. This is undoubtedly related to the on going dispute over at the Fiesta Hotel. As more info comes in we will update these cases. These two cases are just simply the most recent in a string of land fraud and bad real estate deals that have plagued  San Carlos for years. These two cases show very good reasons why San Carlos should be its own Municpio and have its own District Attorney whose mandate would be to aggressively prosecute land and real estate fraud.


Soctia Bank is asking for an investigation regarding Hotel Fiesta
Soctia Bank is asking for an investigation regarding Hotel Fiesta

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  1. Please feel free to leave a comment. I have been advised that a link to this post was put on viva san carlos board and that King George has already frozen it and states that I have been proven wrong on many occasions.

    Of course he mentions no specific time I was ever proven wrong on anything but it is typical non the less of that board. Apparently he froze the thread without bothering to look at the letter that was posted above.

    I can not name the sources who have given me the above letter and who informed me of the Ordaz arrest yesterday because they wish to remain anonymous but as usual Mr George Gadspy has decided that since I can not reveal my sources the information is inaccurate. Before posting the blog this is how we confirmed she was indeed still in jail.

    I spoke with Ricardo Lopez of Radio Visa in Guaymas. After I shared with him this morning the letter from Scotia Bank he called up the MP’s office in Hermosillo and confirmed that both Ordaz sisters are in Hermosillo and if fact in Jail.

    Will be putting together a quick newsletter on the subject since the Ordaz family has been one of the most controversial families to ever live in Guaymas and San Carlos.

    It could very well be that their time has run out on this one!

  2. Quick Update, Ricardo Lopez just called me to tell me he was incorrect about Catalina Ordaz. She is under investigation but is not under arrest. He had been given incorrect information from a reporter in Hermosillo. He also just broadcast his nightly news program and in the program he mentioned that Catalina Ordaz had called up the radio station today and threatened them if they did a report on them. Ricardo not only did the report but he cited the letter posted above to prove that Ordaz was indeed being sued by Scotia Bank.

  3. Justice will catch up to them one day,eventually,hope so… that’s why they only screw over old gringo grandpas & grandmas

  4. Admin… sorry to hear your report was not in Czar George’s best interest !!! you may have been wrong on a few occasions, that doesn’t make you wrong. but the Czar is always wrong…he’s batting 100 in my world….thanks for the report, keep it up, better to be wrong a few times, that all the time…

  5. I think Gadfly’s definition of wrong when it comes to San Carlos TV and me is pretty much anytime we publish anything. I was simply amazed he defended them again on his forum. He locked down the thread, then unlocked it to post some dribble from Catalina’s facebook page and then locked it again stating that it only fair that he post her crap because she doesn’t read the board. That dude has just totally lost it. I mean one guy had his post deleted recently because he posted that he had a good meal at the new Bamboo restaurant and since Bamboo did not advertise no one could post about them. That is asinine! Gabby has totally lost it. Barts site is far better and I think you will see more people move over to it as time goes by.

  6. Anonimo: San Carlos SI PUEDE Y DEBE ser municipio,hay poblacion SUFICIENTE mexicana para poder ser municipio son mas d 4mil mexicanos viviendo en san carlos mas otros 4mil extranjeros por lo menos,de seguro te preguntas y de donde sacaria San Carlos RECURSOS para mantenerce solo? Solo voltea y cuenta el numero de casas y negocios que hay y saca cuentas CUANTO SE RECAUDA EN PREDIALES solamente! Aparte los permisos que otorgaria como municipio SOBRA Y BASTa Para funcionar solo sin guaymenos ya que NOSOTROS SAN CARLOS MANTENEMOS A GUAYMAS!! Todo se va para guaymas o has visto alguna calle pavimentada en san carlos? De perdida una banqueta? Un parque? No hay nada de eso por que TODO lo utiliza guaymenos,no tenemos patrullas la policia de san carlos es un chiste al igual “el comisario”

  7. Si de seguro diras estan construyendo banquetas! Y la fuente chafa pues si pero eso se esta haciendo con dinero de la federacion que bien podria emplearce pa mil cosas mas k faltan NO PARA HACER EL TRABAJO QUE GUAYMAS ESTA OBLIGADO HACER….

  8. To quote Vince “My question is then if not one peso was used for bail what was put up? It must have been properties then since the only way to get out of jail on this indictment would be to put up some kind of collateral. So Richard makes it sound like Carmen got out of jail with out paying anything. I believe she had to put up something even though it was not monetary and if indeed she paid nothing and put up nothing as collateral then their is something seriously wrong with how she got out. ”

    Why the question? It looks like you were wrong again of course. If not one penny or hundreds of thousands of pesos … then what??

    Why don’t you get off your investigative dead ass and go find out? Just seems to me that’s what a INVESTIGATIVE journalist would do rather that relying on hearsay, rumor and hate mongering from the opposition. Sorry Vince. You brought this on yourself. You have been tagged with misrepresentation without facts twice on this one. Time to go to work now.

  9. Wow I just came across this post from Gadfly. And of course I did find out what was the deal with bail. Carmen Ordaz paid 5,002,000 pesos to get out of Jail. And of course that information was posted just two days after this post was made.

    Now of course George is calling the information we posted on bail hear say even though the information has now been published in a major news out let in Sonora.

    So essentially there is nothing that can be posted on this blog that will every satisfy Mr. Gadspy.

    Georges post above is from the forum. He simply cut and pasted one of my comments.

    This is pure Gadspy, I am starting to believe he is on the Ordaz payroll since he does not want to address any of the charges against Ordaz, he simply wishes to insult me as often as possible.

  10. Sever years of this. Enough is enough we bought into Costa Bella and have nothing to show for. I am at my wits end. The property is not finished. I want out. Is there any recourse any where to file complaints? HELP

  11. Have you contacted David Walker and asked him what is going on with the law suit that actually put Carmen Ordaz in jail for that short period of time?

    I would certainly call him up and at least ask him what happened to the law suit.

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