Another Cartel Shoot Out: This Time right in San Carlos

Another Cartel Shoot Out: This Time right in San Carlos

Balacera San Carlos picThe hit started at almost exactly 7:15 p.m. in front of the first Extra as you come into town, at the turn off for the Athletic Club San Carlos. The subject driving the car, mortally wounded, made it all the way to in front of the Creston Motel where the car swerved off the the road and into a light post. We heard about it almost immediately as a friend of ours text-ed us, as he was hitting the deck while sitting in the bus stop right in front of the Extra.

Looks like all those new assault riffles, Glock’s and Beretta’s,  the Guaymas police force got a few weeks ago isn’t doing much to curb murders here in San Carlos. At least this time nobody dropped an AK 47 on the street!


As a quick update it has been reported that the subject has not died although he is in grave condition in a hospital in Guaymas.


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  1. Most of you know who Little Debbie is who does the home baking goods / selling on Friday mornings in front of Santa Rosa…Debbie was in front of The Ley shopping Market…When this all happened with her daughter in law…Shane,s wife and grand daughter in the van…I have know Debbie since she was 12 years old…COOL / Tough… girl from the hills back in the N.E… All of 99 pounds…She yelled …HIT the floor..HIT the floor…………..A min.,later Sal the Italian chef came along …Not knowing what was going on…??? “Whats going on Debbie”…”There is a shooting or something going on and I am out of here”…Gunning her van WEST…Back in the late 70,s Debbie was living in Texas…Seeing some shooting …No one had to tell her about bullets flying in town…I think that is about 8 people shot dead in the past 12 – 18 months…In Guaymas / GSC…Little did most of want to know or think..There were so many cartel forks in and around GSC…More points down on real estate…

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