A Dog Named Oso Needs to be Adopted

This year Mexican lawmakers finally enacted cruelty to animals legislation. Anyone who is familiar with recent events in Ayotzinapa realize that in Mexico it is hard to enforce laws that are supposed to protect the human rights of people let alone animals but traditionally under worked and over paid Mexican legislators non the less have passed the new law. Much of the animal rights movement in Mexico got it start via the many Traveling Circus’s that still exist here and the subsequent abuse of animals. Especially the ones that actually traveled with marine mammals. At the moment there is a petition circulating on change.org in Mexico relating to the Miami Circus in Tepic Nayarit and their dolphins in captivity.

Oso fence

Any way we have a family in our neighborhood who simply can not take care of Oso. He is a jumper and can easily jump the fence where he was living which meant he was pretty much living his life tied to the very same fence he easily jumps over. Until yesterday that is when Ines and I decided to try to find him a new home. Oso is now residing at our house until we find him a new home. He is two years old and I will doble check to see if he has his rabies shots, he is currently not spade but there is a free clinic coming up in less than two weeks via the SBPA.

So anyone interested in Oso please contact us, vince@sancarlos.tv, I am giving everyone on our newsletter first shot at this wonderful dog before we put him up on facebook for adoption.

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