A Compounded Problem

A Compounded Problem


The Compound from Studio Entrance
The Compound from Studio Entrance

Bob and Betty Smith (not their real names) are most indicative of the retired to semi retired snow birds who flock to San Carlos to escape northern climes. They first visited Sunny San Carlos in the early 90’s. They had lived on the island of Kauai for a brief time and subsequently lived through Hurricane Iniki, the most devastating hurricane to hit the islands in recorded history. As Bob described to me, “ it was our 9/11”. Luckily the house they lived in survived total devastation and after repairs they sold out of Kauai shipped their vehicle back to the main land and decided to take their first road trip to Mexico, driving the well worn route to Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende with short travel stops in San Carlos.

It wasn’t until September 2nd of 2009 that Bob and Betty made the journey to San Carlos for more than just a sleep stop on the highway. Does that date ring a bell? Hurricane Jimena was ravaging the coast of Sonora as Bob and Betty approached Hermosillo. The subsequent drive from Hermosillo to San Carlos took them a little over 9 hours but they persevered to arrive in a town that had been devastated. They booked a cheesy hotel in Guaymas and the next day drove to the much less devastated Kino Bay.

Over the next three years they would be come regular visitors to San Carlos and rented a lovely studio apartment on a large piece of land, often refereed to as the compound, from a women they met via their daughter in law in Santa Fe. Her name was Mona Van Riper. For those who have been around the block a few times here in San Carlos, Mona and her then, and we stress the then part, husband Ronald Armstead Alexander had purchased the compound from local artist Burke Rutherfield in 1998. Burke a well known sculptor and founder of the local art gallery used the compound as his studio and it was there that he created many beautiful works of art. The small studio apartment that Bob and Betty rented covered about a quarter of the compound and they rented the studio on three different occasions starting in 2009. They became very good friends with a young man named Luis Angel Ramierz Garcia. Luis, the caretaker if you will, was living in the main house of the compound, essentially watching over the place for Mona. Luis and the Smiths hit it off quite well and Bob and Betty treated him like a son.

The Smiths became members of the local church, combed the beaches of San Carlos and frequently visited the Soldado Estuary at the end of the beach by the Pilar Condominiums. Bob complained of the cold and would have preferred a more southern clime but Betty had made a connection with San Carlos, perhaps it was the local church and congregation she enjoyed or maybe the rugged and beautiful interface of desert and sea that has defined the coast of Sonora for eons. What ever it was she loved the area. Luis and the Smiths attended church together and took pictures of Luis’s recent baptism. Luis, and how he ended up at the compound in San Carlos actually, is a complete story all on to its own and perhaps some day we will tell it but to make a long story short at the tender age of 6 Luis and his mother entered the United States illegally from Mexico. They ended up in Telluride Colorado and it was there that Luis and his mom lived until, at the age of 18, Luis was deported to Mexico. Through a stroke of luck his lawyer had a contact in San Carlos and during the 4 week detention and deportation process Kimberly Mcdonald, a local realtor, was contacted and out of the kindness of her heart agreed to give Luis a place to stay at her home while he got himself situated . Kimberly was a long time friend of Mona’s thus after about a month and a half in San Carlos Luis ended up watching the compound for Mona rent free.

On May 31st of 2012 all of the wonderful feelings and good vibes San Carlos had to offer the Smiths changed forever. I can’t say how Betty feels now about San Carlos or Mexico in general for that matter, since I never spoke with her in Person. It was her husband Bob who agreed to speak with me. Betty was so traumatized by the events that would follow she simply refused to speak on record with me about them.   What happened the afternoon of May 31st of 2012 is almost unbelievable, unless of course you have lived in Mexico for any length of time that is. If you have lived here a while then you shrug your shoulders and mumble, good old Mexico all it takes is a little bit of dinero and you can get away with murder. Now it was not in fact murder that was taking place at the compound that Bob and Betty were renting but there is little doubt that it was illegal and certainly immoral. The police nor the commandante here in San Carlos intervened in any way and simply allowed it to happen. Were they paid off to not intervene? We will of course never know if they were.


Before we go into the details of May 31st we need to back track a just a bit. One week earlier Luis had come home from work and found that the compound was not quite the way it was when he left for work that morning. Unfortunately when Luis went to work he forgot to activate the Cyberco alarm system. When he walked into the house he found Ron Armstead, Monas Ex, his wife Frani and Jim Magers, Franias sisters husband in the living room. Ron explained  to Luis that they had just come from the police station where they had fixed the problem with the paperwork on the house and that the police had let them into the property and that basically Luis had to hit the road. The sooner the better. By now the police, Cyberco and Kimberly Macdonald had been summoned to the property apparently by Bob and Betty. Ron told Kimberly in front of the police, Cyberco and possibly while Frania was video taping that he was just here for a few days to pick up some of his things and then he was going to leave.


The most important and telling statement Ron made that day he booted Luis is the one about fixing something with the police, since as we all know the police are not in charge of giving people titles to properties nor are they allowed to break into peoples homes. So did the police really let Ron into the house? Ron certainly wasn’t telling the truth about fixing his paper work problems on the house with the police but did the police really let him in? Maybe he did go to the police and tell them that they were about to take back a property that his ex wife legally owned and to please not interfere. I wonder if they gave the commandante a tip to not interfere? We of course will never be able to answer those questions. Luis not wanting to be in the middle of Ron and Monas now obvious battle over the property packed his belonging and left the compound he had lived in for the last 8 months within 30 minutes.

Mona & Ron were married at the Guaymas court house in October of 2000. When you  tie the knot in Mexico you have two choices on the application form regarding your personal belongings. In other words once you are married every thing you ever owned before during or after the marriage is now either still yours or it is both of yours. Mona and Ron checked the separado box on the form. Mona said “Ron insisted on keeping it separado since he was in the process of acquiring valuable mineral rights claims in Sonora and when they paid off didn’t want to have to share in the profits with me”. So that meant what I purchase in my name is mine and what you purchase in your name is yours. That is how the separado box works when you check it off on the marriage certificate.

Mona had learned the fine art of silver smithing at the tender age of 15. She continues to this day to make a living as a single mom creating fine works of gold and silver at her studio in Santa Fe. Mona also became an accomplished river guide and for much of the late 80’s and early 90’s, before she hooked up with Ron, ran the rapids of Taos Box canyon of the upper Rio Grande as well as the Salt and Arkansas rivers. She also ventured to Vera Cruz to run the Rio Antigua. Ron was importing and processing turquoise from China, Korea and Indonesia during that time as well as running dope. And there in itself was the problem. In 1998 Ron and Mona fled the United States and purchased the compound in an attempt to escape Ron’s misfortunes and troubles with the law. In 1997 Ron was caught with 82 pounds of Marijuana that he was attempting to sell to a buyer. The buyer was working for the feds. Ron was actually lucky, since he might have had significantly more dope on his premisses just hours before he was caught with the 82 pounds. Suffice it to say he was convicted of felony possession of marijuana and fled to Mexico rather than surrender himself to the custody of the United States Marshal. That was June of 1998. The thought of spending years in a federal correctional institution could not hold a candle to the thought of going into the gold and silver mining business in Mexico.


Latter Mona would admit. “I was blind. He said to me, come to Mexico baby and make jewelry on the beach. I was blind and went for it. Not the best of decisions. But at least I got a beautiful son out of the deal.” For the next few years in San Carlos Ron certainly didn’t lay low. He acquired a fake FM2 work visa and went about business. He worked on acquiring mineral rights to several areas throughout Sonora and collected thousand from Investors. Mona received a 10,000 dollar grant from an NGO called Sonora Women’s Group. With that money she purchased 10 jewelry work statins from Guadalajara and started a jewelry maquiladora training local women from Santa Clara and San Jose to produce fine works of art.  It all came crumbling down around the end of October 2001 on Monas 40th birthday non the less when Ron, Mona and their 3 week old son Jason were picked up by Federales. As Mona described it they were forced off the highway just east of the Fiesta hotel by a rather large SUV with dark tinted windows. After forcing them off the road two Federal agents in dark Ray Ban style sunglasses wielding automatic rifles attempted to arrest Ron. Never one to give up a fight easily Ron argued with the Feds claiming he was completely legal to be in Mexico. After hours of stalling at the office of immigration the Mexicans finally realized his paperwork was forged and off towards gringolandia he was. Suffice to say that Mona & Rons relationship ended in divorce in 2006. After extradition Ron spend most of his 2 and a half years in Prison as a guest of the Federal Correctional Institute in Safford Arizona.

The original purchase contract for the compound was in Mona’s name and she still has all the original paper work. While Ron was in Federal prison in Arizona Mona put the compound into the name of their Son to avoid the cost and bureaucratic hassle of the Mexican bank trust. This was a pretty smart thing to do actually. Over the years bank trusts and the misinformation on them has robbed more than one unsuspecting gringo of their property here in San Carlos But by putting the property into the name of their Mexican born child all of the  hassles associated with a bank trust simply disappeared.

By March of 2007 Ron was off parol and could now visit Mexico again. At the time he was doing some kind of lapidary business using cheep prison labor in Nogales Sonora. After getting permission from Mona to take Jason for a week, it seems for what ever reason, Ron went off the deep end. After Ron’s week with Jason was up he refused to return him. Mona then spent the next three weeks of her life with lawyers and police trying to find were Ron had stashed their son. Apparently Jason was moved between the compound and Hermosillo during that time frame and was eventually caught at the compound here in San Carlos.


Between 2007 and 2009 Ron occupied the compound at various times with his girlfriend and then later wife Frania Jazmin Ceja. Then suddenly right before September of 09 he vacated the compound and moved to Tasco in the state of Guerrero. It was then left up to Mona to clean up the compound. She repaired the rain damaged and mold covered walls left over from hurricane Jimena, contracted Cyberco the local home security company and started trying to rent the compound to help pay for her son Jason’s education. It seems Ron was either behind on his child support or not paying.


And that brings us back to the recent past around the 15th of May Luis, Bob and Betty were dining together inside the studio apartment. They were sitting inside the apartment with the front gate to the property unlocked.  Then all of a sudden a couple walked on to the property via the front gate and asked if they could check the place out. That was the first time everyone had the chance to meet. Ron and Frania then proceeded to take out a video camera and start taping. As they walked through the property, video camera rolling, they started pointing out what they claimed was their property and that they were taking inventory, that is why they had the camera out. The stuff they had apparently left years earlier when they had vacated they now seemed to want back. When it became apparent to Bob and Betty that Ron and Frania didn’t plan on leaving anytime in the near future Cyberco was called. Cyberco then called the police and both showed up at the property almost simultaneously.  With Cyberco and the Police there It was some how determined that Mona Van Riper  was the owner of the property that Luis was in fact the care taker of the property and in fact Bob and Betty were renters. At that point Ron and Frania were forced to leave.

Which again finally brings us full circle back to the afternoon of May 31st.  Around 2:30 p.m. Bob heard the unmistakable noise of grinding metal behind his studio apartment. It was apparent that some one was cutting down the metal gate between the main house and the studio apartment and of course by now they had a pretty good idea of who was working the grinder. “When the gate finally came down a strange procession walked into the yard. There was Ron, Mona’s ex-husband then Frania and her daughter as well as Isis, Frania’s sister pushing a baby stroller with her infant in it”, said Bob. What Ron proceeded to do then was open up all the doors gates and garages to the compound in a move to intimidate Bob and Betty so they would leave. At this point Bob and Betty had locked themselves inside the studio worried that Ron might turn violent. Luis had been visiting with Bob & Betty when it all went down and had immediately called a few of his friends for moral support. Bob & Betty stayed inside the studio the whole time while Luis and a few of his friends sat on the studio porch and observed the workings of a man obviously intent on making them leave the property they had been renting on and off for the last three years. The police meanwhile were outside the wall doing nothing. Cyberco was also helpless. After all Ron did cut down the gate but he did it from within the property and no alarm ever went off.


After all doors and gates and garages had been opened Bob and Betty still remained locked inside the studio. Ron then proceeded to the circuit breakers and somehow disconnected the electricity so that it could not be easily turned back on. This was obviously the crescendo of Ron’s invitation to Bob & Betty to vacate the property. At this point the strange procession of invaders, and onlookers adults children and babies along with the police and Cyberco left. Betty decided she had had enough and slept with neighbors. Luis spent the night on the porch as moral support for Bob who slept in the apartment. The next morning Bob and Betty packed their belongings and were on the road by 9 am as Ron stalked the compound.



So what is a bit baffling is that very first time Ron and Frania showed up at the compound they were told by police and Cyberco that they had to leave and a mere two weeks later they successfully kicked out Monas renters. What had changed? In Spanish there is actually a specific term that describes when some one steals your house. It is called despojo. This most likely does not apply perfectly to this situation since Ron is actually the father of the owner of the property. As Father to the owner I am sure in Mexican Law Ron has some kind of rights to the property. But that also applies to Mona as well. Certainly Mona has a right to rent the property. Ron had been out of the picture for years and then he simply shows up out of the blue and within two weeks is back in the property. Clearly within a few weeks of Ron arriving the posture of the police changed. It is very fishy indeed.


At the end of April a half hearted but nearly successful attempt was made by Mona to retake the compound. On April 30th Mona came back to San Carlos. She had been led to believe that Ron and Frania were not in San Carlos. When Mona arrived at the compound she hopped over the fence with her son Jason to find a gal from Zacatecas who worked at the Marina Cantina staying at the studio apartment. This gal informed Mona that Frania was indeed here in San Carlos. Mona later stated, “I would have never come and taken the place back had I known she was still there”. She asked the gal to leave and then immediately called the Police to inform them that she had taken her house back. Someone from the police who spoke English came to the compound and took her statement. By the time she had given a statement to the Police she had  cut off all the old chains that locked the gates and replaced them with new ones from the local hard ware store. She also made a quick trip to the phone company to have the phone turned back on so she should could call Cyberco to have the security system reactivated.


Mona Poster Bank
Mona’s wanted Poster @ Banamex

As she was returning from that trip Frania showed up with her sister and the police and Cesar the local locksmith had also been called. Here is were it gets interesting. The Police tried to get Cesar to cut the locks and let Frania back on to the property. The police had clearly taken sides. Cesar was by now well aware of the fight going on for the property. Frania had contracted him to change the locks after they kicked out Luis from the main house. Frania told Cesar that they had all their paperwork in order that a judge had returned the property to her and Ron. Ceasar didn’t believe it. He did change the locks for Frania and Ron after they had kicked out Luis but he absolutely refused to cut the bolts this time and left the Police, and Frania scratching their heads as to what they should do next. By this time Frania had cut off the power to the property. Then she left. Completely stressed out from the whole ordeal Mona, being heavily lobbied by her son Jason decided to go to the beach. By the time she returned Frania had broken back into the property and reclaimed it once again for herself.


Here it gets really weird. Last December of 2012 Frania produced a wanted poster of Mona and had it disseminated all over San Carlos. Frania even convinced the Comandante in San Carlos to allow the wanted poster to be put on the wall at the Comiseria. A clear violation of Mexican slander laws the wanted poster stated that Mona was “wanted for theft of legal documents and assault”. This is actually very common in Mexico. If you really have no case against someone and no paper work to back up your claims to ownership of a property yet you want to cause as much problems for the real owner as you can what you do is go down to the Ministerio Publico and make up a pack of lies about the person you want to harass. We have reported on this type of action before and it is right out of the Mexican Fraud 101 A hand book. Just watch our South of the Border Land of Disorder video series. 


Not only do you claim that your life has been threatened you also need to throw some assault and battery in as well. And this is what Frania has done. While Mona took back the compound for those few hours Frania claims that Mona beat her robbed her and threatened to kill her and I quote her bastard daughter. I saw the legal paperwork with my own eyes. Frania also claimed that Luis, who Mona had called to the property to help her change the locks, stole diamond jewelry and 7,000 dollars in cash she had in the house. Frania’s witness for all of this is of course non other than her sister Isis. This is one of the most tried and true ways to hassle gringos that have been used by several Mexican families over the years again and again and again. I have seen the official documents from the Ministerio Public (district attorney). You just can’t make this stuff up.

There are now no less that 5 law suits laboring their way through the Mexican judicial system due to the events of May 31st 2012. When Mona arrived in San Carlos to deal with her ex, a full week before Ron intimidated Bob & Betty into leaving she showed local police officials and the Ministerio Público in Guaymas her paper work on the property. There is a clean title in the name of her Mexican born son. The local police nor the Ministerio Público were not the least bit interested in any of Mona’s paper work and simply allowed Mona’s ex husband to first intimidate her caretaker into leaving the property then her renters thus taking the property by questionable force. The Ministerio Publico even refused to take Mona’s statement unless she was accompanied by her lawyer. This is a complete violation of her rights. Contrary to what the Ministerio Público may tell Americans the truth is you do not need a lawyer to make what is called a denuncia or complaint. By law if you show up at the office of the Ministerio Público they are obligated to provide you with a lawyer if you do not have one with you. Why would the Ministerio Público do that? To us here San Carlos TV / San Carlos Wireless it reeks of corruption and that is what is very disturbing about this whole affair. Perhaps if San Carlos was incorporated into its own legal jurisdiction, with its own district attorney, there might be fewer such stories and a bit more justice. Repeated rquests have been made to interview Ron Armstead & Frania Ceja. Hopefully we will have the chance to interview them some time since as we all know there are always two sides to every story.

13 Responses to A Compounded Problem

  1. It is amazing to me that someone who has a local business here (Isis) Marina Cantina…would perjure herself for her sister.(perjury os one of the few crimes you can commit and not get an Amparo to protect you ) From what many around town have told me, is that the entire family (Frania and Isis) have their problems dealing with reality. For someone to be so aggresive and threatening when they are on the wrong side of the law, feeling (abpve the law) because they have money to throw around, and buy people, just makes me sick. With enough money, you can buy whatever you like. (or so it seems). Ron has made no attempt at all to see his son in over four years, yet took the compound claiming it was to protect his son, who he owes many years of back child support for. The comandante (our current one) who has been here for over 1 and a half years, even posted the wanted poster on his bulletin board, and then lied to Mona’s lawyers about it, saying he had no idea. (idea of what? She wasn’t wanted, yet he permitted it to be posted inside the police station, giving it some validity. Very scary thought indeed. This is the man who is in charge?

  2. First of all, this thing that you have constructed and placed into orbit on the worldwide web is for the most part a blatant falsehood.
    Trotting out this old pot conviction once again?? Please..
    In my opinion this constitutes actionable slander and I do intend to pursue it with my lawyer.
    As to your culpability in this matter Vincent Im not certain.
    I have never spoken to you about this, although I did try to contact you pre- publication by phone but the girl who answered told me you were not home.
    Clearly this is a personal matter and I take great offense in the fact that you have brought it into the public domain, however, now that you have done so I think it would be a good idea for us to meet and discuss this.
    I would like to take the opportunity of this writing to clarify a few points.
    !. I have joint legal custody of my son, Jason Alexander.
    2. I am in full compliance with my child support through the Child Support Enforcement Division of the state of New Mexico, case # 293461.
    3. I have been denied access to my son by his mother Mona Van Ripper in direct violation of our divorce agreement.
    4.I have never at any time acted in violation of the law in regards to the property in question ( the compound). The civil code of the State of Sonora speaks clearly to this issue.
    5. Mon Van Rippers constant assertions to me and many others over a period of eight years that she legally owns the compound by virtue of the escuratura and the way in which we were married in Mexico are false, as well as her contention that I posses no legal rights over the property.
    6. Mona Van Ripper and Kimberly Mc Donald have conspired to defraud me of my rights to this property and more importantly my son Jason.
    Mona and Kimberly have placed the property on the market for sale.
    I asked Kimberly to remove the for sale signs in the presence of a police officer and she refused while being videotaped.
    I removed the signs myself and now would like to state for the record that this property is not for sale.
    If Kimberly or anyone else claims to have the right to sell this property they are committing fraud.
    7. My rights being well established under the law do not require me to “pay off the police” and neither myself or my wife Frania have ever done so.
    Kimberlys constant rantings about us corrupting everyone with payoffs are just that, Rantings.
    Over the years I have heard a constant stream of lies, distortions and all manner of venom proceed from the mouth of Kimberly Mc Donald, and now this?
    Come on Kimberly, give it a rest. So, now Im a forger as well? Thrown out of Mexico for having a fake FM3. good lord.


    Since I have now been lured into making statements on the record that I can be held to account for let me say a bit more about the status of this property.
    The property we are speaking of belongs to my son Jason Thomas Alexander.
    I will do all within my power as his father to preserve this property until he is of legal age to make his own decisions in the matter.
    Jasons ownership is a fact, it does not require any litigation.
    The fact that I made all of the payments to purchase this property except the last one and that I have paid for all of the meaningful improvements on the property does not matter.
    It also does not matter that Mona and her co-consirator drew up the escuratura in a failed attempt to de fraud me of my rights.
    None of that matters, its Jasons and thats that.
    Ron Alexander

  3. I don’t believe I have slandered you Ron but I am glad you have commented since I know there are always two sides to every story as I stated in the piece. Please tell me specifically what part of the piece is in your opinion slander? I have been trying to contact you since the end of January. Unfortunately I never got the phone message that you called. I am just getting ready to migrate this site to another server so the site might go down this evening but I would be happy to interview you over the matter. Thanks for commenting!

  4. For the record Ron, I never once commented on your FM status, nor do I care. It is none of my business, so please do not accuse me (once again) of things I have not done. As far as the video camera in my face while I was being accused of many things that were fabricated by you and yours, in front of the police, I did not refuse to take my signs down. Put the video on this site, for all of us to see.
    In reference to “Kimberly’s constant rantings.”..There are no rantings. I do not care about you , or your divorce, or the lies that I had to read at the ministeria Publica, when I had to go down there ( after hiring a lawyer to protect myself) and make a statement, because I was falsely being accused by your new wife . I do not spend my time thinking about you or talking about you.
    From my mouth (over the years) you have heard all sorts of lies, distortions and venum. Please clarify. I have no recall of such. Like I stated before, I do not care about you, but do not appreciate the wanted posters that you and your wife posted all over town, concerning the mother of your son (who you are so concerned about), Mona was not wanted, and it was very cruel of you to do such a thing, and mention on it that I was a known associate of hers. Then once again to drag me into your drama, making false accusations, when I wasn’t even in town.
    In the current law suit you and Frania have against Mona and myself, it is claimed that you and Frania have been living in the compound for the past five years. It must be a difficult commute from the other two states you live in. It also claims that you have been married for five years, both are already proven to be lies, with registered documents. The law suit also claims that Mona beat up your new wife, but when the police came to the property (after this was to have taken place) she failed to mention this to the police yet claims afterwards, that she had to seek urgent medical care, when she was never even touched. SO many inventions in the law suit, I found it difficult to follow. Telling blatant lies is still against the law in Mexico. They call it perjury.
    Removing renters by force, not very nice. Leave me out of your drama. It is too tiring.

  5. The only reason there is a Case # in New Mexico, is that ron alexander choose not to pay any child support
    for his son for 2 years…After 2 years of non payment the State of New Mexico finally found ron…
    ron is only in compliance with our Divorce agreement
    because the State of New Mexico Child Support Enforment Divison has ordered you to make his payments…

    I have never refused ron alexander visitation of Jason as he hasn’t asked….So how could I have refused him if he hasn’t
    asked for any time with his son???It has been almost
    5 years that ron hasn’t made any effort to see his
    only son or be apart of his life….

    What Sonoran Civil code??? Why all the big talk???

    How is it in Jason’s best interests to run off the
    nice grandparents that were renting the studio, which
    was paying the matience on the whole property???They
    have been renting the Studio for the last 3 winters…
    They fell in love with the place and were very happy
    there untill ron alexander attacked them with the help of the San Carlos police…..This kind of
    good people are an important part of the community and they need to feel safe….ron alexander terriorized this kind couple, ran them off and out
    of Mexico…How is this good for anyone???

    Oh brother! Fradulent, home made Wanted posters of me with your wife’s personal cell phone # on it???
    How is this legal…It took alot of effort and money
    to make me look bad & plaster the town of San Carlos with wanter posters….How is this
    good for our son Jason??? I did go through the effort
    of checking all the agencies that might print this
    kind of poster and was told that I am not a “wanted”
    person….All that was accomplished was upsetting
    the whole community of San Carlos…I am turely
    embarressed that my bad relationship with ron alexander has caused any grief….
    I love San Carlos, my son Jason was born there and
    it is our home….

    What about the case ron alexander and his wife frania
    made against me and my friend…Who is only gulity by
    association…In this case at the Ministerio Publico,
    ron states that he and frania have been married for
    the last 5 years and been living in the compound for the last 5 years?????
    How is this??? I found thier marriage certificate from Littleton Colorad’s County clerks office, dated August 8th, 2011…That’s only a year and a half ago…Not 5 years ago…..I also have ALL the maintaice records and original utility reciepts…
    I also have a contract with Cyber Co dated 4 years ago…How did I have a contract with cyber co if you were there???
    If you were in residence at the compound for the last 5 years why did you terriorize and run off the nice
    renters in the studio???? They did nothing to you but
    help maintain the compound…The caretaker was also
    run off at the same time…Why would I have a caretaker in residence if you were living there???
    Isn’t it Purgury even in Mexico to make false statements to the Ministerio Publico…I know it’s very illegal thing to do in the states…

    ron alexander took the compound by force with
    the threat of the local San Carlos police helping…
    For the good of his son Jason….How does this action
    give Jason any benifit??? The Escritura is in Jason’s
    name so why take it???

    Why did ron remove the main large
    electic gate and move it to the other side of the
    compound? ron made the main enterance into the compound on someone else’s property and added a new
    wall to enlarge the propery? this all seems illegal.. Ron removed a steel 4 car parking sombra, that was alot of work…then added a tennis court and swimming pool…But doesn’t feel the need to pay his 2 years of back child support….What’s wrong with this picture???

    I find it really grasping for attention that frania
    says I attacked her…Her sister Isis was there plus
    half of the San Carlos police…If I had done anything
    to frania the police would have been able to arrest me on the spot…The police had everyone leave including themselves this would have never happened if I had done anything to your wife….

    So how does all this benift Jason???
    You don’t even know him anymore….What are his interests and activities? Do you even know what really great thing he has just accomplished?
    Jason got 2 gold medals this last weekend and is
    ranked nationally in his sport….

  6. The truth Kimberly? What would you or Mona know of the truth other that it is that thing that must be gotten around or twisted in order to achieve your goal?
    I have the truth and you both know it and think you are afraid of it.
    It is absolutely unbelievable what you and Mona have done out of greed. You both should be ashamed of what you have done to my son.
    I cant discuss it with him now due to his age but there will come a time when he will hear the whole truth of what you both have done to us.
    I say without hesitation that you Kimberly and Mona Turner Van Ripper are liars.
    I also stand ready to present all of the documentary evidence supporting this.
    Ron Alexander

  7. If we are gonna call people liars lets be specific about the charges. I don’t want this discussion to fall into some kind of bad version of a viva san carlos he said she said post.

    Mona and Kimberly both are very specific about the law suits that have been filed. I have seen those law suits. In the law suits it is indeed stated by Frania that she has been living in the compound for 5 years ex cetera. Those are specific claims that are backed up in writing.

    This last Post of yours Ron some how seems to accuse Mona and Kimberly of child abuse. What have they done specifically to your son? If they have some how abused your son then you should take those claims to the nearest authorities.

    I think at this point you guys should all leave Jason out of this. Mona also mentioned to me once that she was willing to do some kind of arbitration over the compound. I think that is what would be best for everyone.

  8. Im compeled to say few few more things for clarification.
    No one tracked me down for child support. I began paying on my own when I was able to financially and have the canceled checks to prove it.
    I then began paying the maximum the law requires on the back child support and continue to this day to do so faithfully.
    Now, why did I fall behind for two years?
    In December of 2009 we were dealt a death blow by Mona and her San Carlos gang.
    In 2009 Mona agreed with me on my proposal to subdivide the compound to avoid all this kind of nonsense.
    I got an appraisal of the property an she did as well and we began discussing this new approach.
    I was running my factory in the cereso in Nogales and had about fifty workers at that time. My project in the prison was not for cheap labor, it was my passion to give these guys a chance to learn a trade so as not to repeat the mistakes that put them in.
    At that time the market was shrinking and we were struggling to survive so we decided to open a store in Taxco.
    We went to Taxco and left Franias Mother to care for the property until we returned.
    While in Taxco we saw the Storm hit San Carlos so we returned to access the damage from Jimmena to the compound and My turquoise processing plant in Santa Clara.
    We were schocked to find my plant, the heart of our business completely destroyed.
    We spent the next few days cleaning up the compound the traveled to the U.S to try to find help to survive this horrible disaster.
    I made a deal to partner with another person in the turquoise market, a big one.
    I told Mona that I was moving my plant to Tucson and I was excited to be closer to Jason.
    Then disaster struck again. MONA!
    On my way back from the U.S I received a call that Mona was at the compound with dump trucks hauling away all my stuff to the dump.
    We rushed with our new partner to S.C to find Cyberco signs on the property.
    We were told by Cyberco that Mona instructed them that I was not allowed in the property and if I tried to get in I was to be arrested. A woman named Georgia Carter hired by Mona told me the same thing.
    During this time my prospective partner was asking around S.C and was told by Monas friends that I did not have joint custody of my son and I was a liar and a bad guy. I ended up losing this partnership over these statements.
    I finally was allowed by Georgia to enter one bodega to take out some things.
    We left S.C in complete despair.
    Mona had robbed us of jewelry,stones gold and art in excess of $50.000.00 U.S.D.
    Manny thousand more were throw in the dump and given away including restaurant equip from the Marina Cantina.
    We were not allowed in the house so we didn’t know what was there.
    We drove to Santa Fe and went straight to the police who said there was nothing they could do as it was international.
    We went to Denver and tried to restart there but the economy was shot so we just had to survive until we got back on our feet.
    We lost the cereso project and all my investment apron $200.000 U.S.D
    I have much more to say about the HELL we were in but, no space here.
    Finally two years later Frania inherited some money from her mothers passing.
    Frania agreed to help by paying the back child support so I contacted Able, Monas brother and began making the payments. Mona could not be dealt with once again.
    Finally her brother dropped out of the effort.
    We went back to S.C to go to a wedding and stopped by the compound because we saw lights. I politely approached the nice grandparents and told them who I was.
    OH! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Mona had lied to these people about us and they were completely hostile.
    I told them I was not there to kick them out. I just wanted to look for our stolen property. The yelling started and the threats and Kimberly called the police.
    The police came and heard my story and agreed with my position.
    Over the next few days the the Nice Grandparents would not let us in the two bodegas to look for our property finally I crawled through a small window and opened the gate.
    I found a microwave from the Marina Cantina but nothing else.
    Yes Everyone finally left after receiving no help from Mona. I was asking that Mona come to deal with this and she was in town but hiding as always. Mona used these poor people.
    At that time we wanted to return to the U.S but needed a Birth Certificate for our daughter after a long struggle we pulled strings in D.F and got it, finally.
    I was in the U.S and received a call from my wife that Mona had attached once again but this time had stolen all of our paperwork including the new birth cert.
    ( Mona came across our marriage licence ?????).
    Ironically we were now stuck in S.C.
    Frania was so distraught by all of this after years of dealing with Mona’s insanity that she decided to invest a large part of her inheritance in fixing up the now decaying compound. Frania and I are both sick to death of Monas criminal acts and we decided that we would compensate the real victim in this Jason.
    Now Mona, you need to face reality. I exist on this planet even though you have spent years acting like I don’t. I love my son and want him with me.
    If you need to get professional help then do it but I continue to do what I do with honor.
    Ron Alexander

  9. Ok I get it so you are the victim and Mona had done criminal acts. So you did to her what se did to you? Where is the problem then? I guess the second you guys leave the property she can pop right back in there and take it over. The law of the jungle. Why didn’t you hire the lawyer back then?

    Now since you believe Mona committed criminal acts I guess that gives you the justification as well I understand and so you did go to the police and tell them your story and they choose sides. Just as I described in the article. Interesting indeed.

    Now obviously you and Mona have major issues and no one but both of you can get through those issues but there is at one point a line that needs to be drawn here so I am gonna draw it out for the both of you. First off what ever Mona may have done in the past is relevant but what I am fairly sure she did not do was go down to the Ministerio Publico and give blatantly false statements to them. That is called perjury by the way. I do not believe that she has done that but if she has and you can prove to me that she has I would by all means in the name of transparency publish that information.

    I have read the statements that Frania has made to the Ministerio Publico. Here are some of the big ones

    Mona assaulted her with kicks and punches then threatened to kill her and her bastard daughter
    Frania states you have been married for 5 years but the marriage license states other wise
    You guys claim to have been living in the compound continuously for 5 years but that is obviously impossible and you admit here that you indeed have not been living there for all those years and did in fact leave.

    Now one good lie deserves another but there are degrees of lies. When you go down to the ministrio publico and put your hand on the bible then I think the line is drawn. I have seen this kind of thing before in San Carlos and it really is right out of the 101A Mex fraud hand book. Especially the part about the threat to life. That lie has been used over and over again, just watch my video on Javier Ordaz. He told the same bullshit to the Ministerio Publico about Susan Caneli.

    I would suggest that the improvements you guys did on the house, the tennis court the pool, is part of a strategy others have used to get a property in their name. By improving the property and then continually living in it many people after 5 years claim the rights to the property. I don’t know if that is truly what you have in mind but if you are really going to give the property back to you son when he is 18 then you are to be commended because you most likely and truly did improve the property. Now if you are not going to give it back to him when he turns 18 then the improvements make sense in the form of greater reason for a judge to turn it over to your wife. To me that is why you guys told the lies in the statement to the Ministerio Publico but again only you guys truly know why you put so much money into a property that you readily admit belongs to your son.

    As I mentioned before there are always two versions of the story but there is only one version of the truth. When you make statements that are verifiably false to public officials you open yourself up to question and you draw a line.

    The wanted posters of Mona all over town I think was a huge tactical mistake. That case may well cost you and the fact that the Commandante allowed that poster to put up on the wall of the Comisaria truly was illegal. That one might have been a bit over the top and it was what got me involved in this. I saw the posters and started looking into it.

    I do appreciate the dialog. In the end these kind of deals are what give San Carlos a very bad reputation indeed.

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