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Have an interesting story, whether that be a social injustice, human interest or just plain news that you think residents of San Carlos, Mexican or American should be informed of then please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to get to the truth behind the issue. We have started this independent media project for obvious reasons. So Join with us and give us ideas and tell us what you think!!

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La Mordida: The holiday season is almost upon us so what should a person do if a local cop tries to extort money from you?

As the holiday season approaches I am reminded that the season of La Mordida is truly upon us. The only thing that is different at the moment from past years is that the new Governor, Claudia Pavlovich is all on this anti corruption campaign in Sonora now. She is even reportedly going after the last governor Guillermo Padrés for corruption…..read more

Mexico not ready to implement new justice system

With little more than six months to implement the new adversarial criminal justice system in Mexico, nine out of 10 police officers are not prepared, although they are the first link of its operation.

MV Note: The Mexican Constitution was amended in 2008 to change the trial system from an inquisitorial one–in which prosecution and defense submit evidentiary documents to a judge who decides, in private, on the accused’s guilt or innocence–to an adversarial system of public, oral trials in which prosecution and defense present their respective arguments and witnesses testify. There are no juries. Judges continue to decide cases. By law the adversarial system is to be implemented by June 2016; to date, however, it has been implemented to varying degrees in about half the states. Read more……..

Snake Bite in La Bahia

As November marches on and autumn continues to linger it is worth a quick mention that there are still a lot of rattle snakes out there that have not begun their winter hibernation. A buddy of mine in La Bahia last night, not far from Marine Mart, was grazed by what I believe to be a western diamondback rattle snake as he entered his house. Read more……….



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